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Phoebe Waller-Bridge confirmed by Variety:


I think it should be pointed out to tabloids in HOW the information is given makes the exact same news move from “this seems like total bull” to “makes sense” - adding blatantly untrue things around it like being flown in for Craig’s approval when demanded it, and leaving out facts, like the producers of her one woman show being Bond’s lead producer and the films American distributor…


Still, Variety apparently has asked a reliable source here. And those sentences are most interesting to me:

“A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed that the British writer was indeed taking a pass through the script and that director [Cary Fukunaga] was fully aware of the decision. The source said production remained on track to begin at the end of April.”

So it is a dialogue polish, probably, and I do applaud the idea to add more humour to a Bond film again.

I don’t know about Waller-Bridge bringing what is needed but I remain hopeful.

I find it hilarious that the source said Fukunaga was “fully aware of the decision”. That does not sound like he wanted someone to do a polish and add humour. It sounds like: Oh, yeah, the big star told me he would bring in flavor of the month and who am I to say no, especially since Waller-Bridge has a relationship with EON.

In any event: big nervousness there on Mr. Craig´s part.

First: I want a name director. Get DANNY BOYLE for me!

Then: What the fuck is Boyle doing? Its too funny!

Then: That script is shit! Pay Burns to rewrite it! What do I care if he’s only available for a month? He’s a genius!

Now: It´s just not funny enough. But I saw this tv show - and Barbara says Phoebe is great, too. So let her give me more one-liners because I can do comedy much better than everybody says - I just need the right writer for that!


And ‘caustic wit’ surmounts entirely gems like, “Ooh er, bet he’s in a hurry to get 'ome.”


Getting PWB is a knee-jerk predictable move; they love themselves a bit of zeitgeist. Though in PWB’s case she’s good writer, so i don’t blame them.

As i’ve said, my big reservation is that however good she might be, this ‘many chefs’ approach usually delivers tonal inconsistency; her lines may be superb, but stick out a mile.

But, then they’ve had so many mishaps, so many voices on this they probably ask themselves what damage can one more do? In for a penny…


I’d be very wary of the new writer(s), already the media is spinning the news. Talking about how Bond 25 will appeal to progressives and bringing Bond into the eras of social justice and ‘metoo’.

Im not sure what’s coming down the line, but I’ve already started to get nervous about 25 going along the route of Last Jedi and Captain Marvel.


Becoming hugely successful, you mean?


On the other hand, one might point to Bond history which is full of scripts that went through myriads of writers who went uncredited.

But I agree: one writer alone can bring out a clear vision. To doubt that is just typical Hollywood bullshit. Imagine doing this to other professions: nah, let´s bring in a few more directors for that scene - or let also try out different actors to play Bond in that moment.

Hello, “Casino Royale 1967”…

When or if cameras start finally rolling everything may turn out fine. If not the whole project begins to feel a bit like “Indiana Jones 5”. Which was supposed to get a rewrite last year, wasn´t it? And now it has been put on the backburner with no news in sight.


To me, as a son of someone who taught journalism, there are some key words in that article: “the SOURCE said production REMAINED ON TRACK to begin at the end of April” - not that this polish effort had delayed a start we all have been convinced was the beginning of the month. Perhaps it has always been scheduled to begin after Easter all along.


In fact, filming has already started as we all know…


Very possible and hopefully likely.

Although, that explanation (“It was always scheduled to begin later.”) will stop to work at some point…


Second Unit, in stop-and-go fashion. Not principal photography.


As of this moment we have 1 more writer on this script than CR and Skyfall were credited with (though both had more, Skyfall having at least 2 others through the course of its production)

Should also point out P&W are still the only writers confirmed. The closest we have confirmed with Burns and PWB is Variety saying it, and the articles talking about them doubt they’ll be credited.


I don’t worry about that; this whole ‘Bond goes metoo’ shtick goes through the headlines for months already.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that the usual suspects will want to pull their agenda-driven odious campaigns again; unavoidable like that soft and fragrant substance in the gutter. But that’s exactly where such campaigns are going to end up. As fans we need not be concerned about outside campaigning - we’ve got plenty of entertainment from the production itself already…


IMHO, it can be too easy to overplay the “too many writers” = trouble. From what we know and can guess (that the Hodge-Boyle stuff was jettisoned), you’ve got P&W doing a first draft, a director doing a go-over, Scott Burns (who in limited time did who knows how much) and now Waller-Bridge. Based on Hollywood SOP, this doesn’t strike me as too many chefs. If anything this is how business has always been done, with numerous writers doing un-credited work - the only difference is that in the internet age, any name is immediately public. I’d offer that fifteen years ago, we would not have known about say, Burns’ involvement and we’d be saying that Waller-Bridge was this films Haggis or Logan.

Look at CR - P&W adapted, and Haggis got a lot of credit for his involvement. But in the time EON worked on that project, should we really believe that that script didn’t get any other eyes on it, for an adjustment, a rewrite there, a “hey read this, what do you think? Oh yeah, you’ve got a good one there, I wouldn’t change a thing”? (sorry, big unwieldy sentence there - maybe I should be re-written!).

The rules of the game have always specified who gets credit, but everyone knows that credit and work done, are two very different things.

Anyway, TSWLM and TND went through crowds of writers. They turned out ok…


TSWLM, yes. :sunglasses:


It would probably not strike me as odd if the start of production were not delayed so often. With the previous films there was a clearer path to the start of principal photography - so every writer who got drafted to polish or re-write was just one element of the whole package. This time, pre-production seems to get longer and longer with no clear (or announced) end in sight.


Now that was funny!


Don’t go giving them ideas!

It’s worked for Theresa May :wink:

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Absolutely! If PWB has been hired then it’s to punch up the dialogue in general and anything else she can think of because she a very witty writer. It’s pretty condescending of the press to suggest that a women is only hired to make it more female.

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