News on BOND 25


Never one to resist the opportunity to name drop - she glided past me in a deli in queens park, london this afternoon. Very, very petit and very cute :crazy_face:


My god I want her


Thinking of whom Boyle might cast in terms of previous collaboatations…

Apart from the obvious and mentioned McGregor…

Maybe Mark Strong (sunshine). Marks also a friend of Craig’s.

Vincent Cassell (trance) Probably too obvious as the main villain, but perhaps another role.

James McAvoy (trance) would be a good villain or fellow 00.

Kate winslet, Jeff Daniels (Steve Jobbs), or even Fassbender as the villain? That’d be a shocker!

Paterson Joseph (Babylon)is a fantastic actor who’d make a great villain (great anything for that matter)

Ewen bremner or Jonny lee miller (trainspotting) in some capacity. Or Kevin McKidd - a great villain or henchman (superb in Rome and Game of Thrones)


Fassbender would be a great villain. Though I’m holding out hope that the villain of Bond 25 will be a woman.


Villain: “I’m going to enjoy killing you, Mr. Bond.”

(Bond shoots her)

Bond: “#metoo


I feel like there #metoo would pretty much apply to every woman in the Bond canon…


Craig/Boyle/Hodge/Filming Date all confirmed!!! Well… Yippee-ky-ee-aye buck-a-roos.

And this…


(Sorry folks. I am just re-emerging from a birthday weekend combined with an American Holiday weekend :wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer:)


Fantastic that news is starting to come. Can feel it building all over again.



Bond has never been an employer who forced himself on an employee and threatened to ruin her or blacklisted her on the job market for resisting his sexual advances.

That is what the #metoo and #timesup movement is fighting against. Not men flirting with women.

(It is weird that this misunderstanding has become so common, it resembles the gun control debate in the USA which often gets misunderstood as “taking away the second amendment”.)

Of course, the way Bond flirts with women reflects the manners of the times in which the films were produced.

Those manners are often repugnant. But Bond has never been a predator. He actually risks his life again and again to protect and rescue women. He basically is the archetype of the knight in shining armor.


Indeed. Now is actually the best time. Because once a new Bond film premieres, it usually signals the beginning of a new drought.


Indeed on the final Craig Bond being a classic, stand alone. Much like GF. It was the third time around and after DN/FRWL, let’s give SPECTRE a break. Let Bond go up against a baddie of comparable means to SPECTRE or Smersh yet still posing enough of a threat to the world as a whole regardless of personal gain. Good old school megalomania. I also want a battle royale with Bond and an allied team charging in with the clock ticking 'ala OHMSS or FYEO. Just my hope/wish.


Shades of Connery towards the end.


Interesting thing to note about the Heineken ad…

He’s wearing a wedding ring…


Intriguing! so the question is; Craig’s or Bond’s



That indeed is an interesting detail.

Usually, personal wedding bands are taken off when actors shoot a scene. They are playing a character after all. And even if they were so giddy showing off their personal relationship status, it would be most surprising that Craig playing Bond even only in an ad for a beer company would insist on keeping the ring on his finger for that.

So… is that the great, innovative idea here?

Bond has married, probably Madeleine, and then he gets back into service because…

Damn, this could only mean the PTS is the ending of OHMSS.

Or does the whole film take place in London, with Bond going home everyday to talk shop with his wife?


And it’s right next to a new Omega on a leather strap…


Or EONs to product placement


Hate to say I told you so :wink:

(And that flirtation with hubris no doubt means it won’t happen!)


What hubris? We´re dissecting hard cold facts on a message board.



In that spirit, apparently the last time a brown watchstrap was used by 007 was … Doctor No… Could we be off to Jamaica?