News on BOND 25


The last time he wore a brown strap was the last time we saw him - the last scene in Spectre :sunglasses:

EDIT - I stand corrected, it was black leather…


Its a leather nato strap by the looks of it (the way it doubles back on itself look like the way you place excess band) dont often see those.


It´s all connected. The beer ad is part of the new extended Bond-universe!


New? Does this mean the previous ads weren’t cannon?!?!?!?


I think you are correct.

The reason I think it’s important in this context is they obviously know attention will be paid (a close up?) to that hand because Omega will have paid for that placement, so I’m convinced that ring is there on purpose…


We have to review all ads again immediately - just to determine which hidden meaning this will unlock and spoil BOND 25 completely!


Maybe he’s living in Goldeneye with Maddy in the pre-titles, writing his memoirs. Then she gets bumped-off, dragging him back into play!


Living in Goldeneye… writing a novel… using the pseudonym Ian Fleming… :tired_face:


I was thinking he was keeping bee’s on the sussex downs…

Or teaching mountain climbing when not teaching new agents the ropes of imf…i mean MI6


They’ll have to call it The Hilderbrand Rarity.

Perhaps maddy is killed by Rosa while bonds snorkelling with said fish!


If he finds himself married and there’s also a female villain, and they really reflect the #metoo stuff, “Property of a Lady” would be perfect.


Madeline IS Blofeld…


In the same way as the ruination of The Dark Knight Rises, in which we find out that the main villain (bane) whom we’ve invested in over the course of a movie is merely a pawn for a less impressive villain.


It would make sense yet ridicule the whole narrative of SPECTRE. And it would make a fool of Bond, falling for her, maybe even marrying her.

Also, I get the feeling that Léa Sedoux could not pull of a menacing villain convincingly enough.

But… wait a minute… what if Madeleine was Bloferhauser´s sister? Therefore Bond´s kind of step-sister. And he would have married her!

Gee, it´s a bit like “Arrested Development”.


Vesper, anyone :wink:


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…


A fool cant be fooled again.


Do we really think they’d put major plot details in a beer advert - one in which Bond will appear for bout 10 seconds max?


I think Craig just not taking his wedding band off yet is slightly more likely.




Honestly? I think it’s equally likely that they wouldn’t want to show James Bond with a wedding ring on (if there wasn’t a reason to) when you know the hand wearing the Omega is bound to be seen prominently, especially when all he has to do it slip it off. That he’s wearing it would have been given away during filming months prior, anyway.

We can’t assume that 10 second thing, either. We have no idea what they’re shooting. Advertising takes so many forms these days…