News on BOND 25


Much like Bond of the Fleming’s, when he’s on location and where the action is and checks the Beretta or Walther and takes a drink in his hotel, his blood gets going for the job at hand. Much like now for all of us. These are the times we relish and rightfully so. Bond 25 is in gear and the machine is primed. To Hell with all this languishing melancholy. On we go!


I don’t think this is pessimism, as such. It’s just realism. We’re all looking forward to the film, but we’re also interested in some of the business which goes along with it.


The Force Awakens and Avengers Age of Ultron?


:+1:t2: Indeed.


Assumptions based on subjective views is not realism.


Call it speculation, then. There’s nothing wrong with it.


Indeed there is not. Was the use of the word realism I was questioning.


I was trying to find a more accurate term than “pessimism”.


Given its been an audience qualm about Bond since 1968 that “the new kids aren’t going to for it” let’s call it “a speculative going concern”


With Universal marketing Bond 25, hopefully there will be better posters.

Danny Boyle gives me a Marc Forster / Michael Apted vibe though. I can’t imagine his big idea is anything groundbreaking or something someone else (maybe even here) hasn’t thought of before. Madeleine as Blofeld? John Gardner did that with Nena in For Special Services. Bond has a child?
Read Raymond Benson’s short story Blast from the Past. Just so long as his ideas’s not “Blofeld is Bond’s brother!” And I’d rather see an updated YOLT adaptation than a new idea or a standalone. Bring on Dr. Shatterhand (even if it’s not Ernst.)

As for the villain plot, most of today’s geo-political stories have already been covered. North Korea? Die Another Day. Russian meddling? Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only. China? Tomorrow Never Dies. Cyber hacking and surveillance were already heavily covered in Skyfall and SPECTRE (and to much better effect in The Winter Soldier.)

Still, I’m looking forward to Bond 25 whatever it is. Maybe we’ll get the title December 3rd. And glad they’re sticking to the November 2019 release date. Marvel’s MCU has release dates for November 2020 and 2021, but not 2022 yet. So we could see Bond 26 by then as well.


Didn‘t want to appear ageist nor pessimistic. As our splendid 003 puts it: this is a time to enjoy.

Still, if people forget the Marvel Films quickly, Bond films will only be remembered by us fans at best.

And within the industry there is the growing concern about Bond films remaining relevant for the - yes - teenage target audience.


My issue with it, is that concept is 50 years old - Lazenby’s agent cited it to him as to why he should leave it. These same people are also convinced the superhero bubble will burst any second and Star Wars will become over-saturated and the audience will bore, talk I’ve heard more since Solo didn’t open as “THE BIGGEST MOVIE EVER MADE SELLING LOADS OF TOYS BRO!!!”

Yes, those words were actually said to me.

Point is, it’s paranoia at best and fatalism at worst, as box office receipts and selling of merchandise so far show no proof of it. Bond is actually in a stronger position than it’s been since Moonraker in regards to how it’s selling and how it’s being received critically.

Also given the bulk of Bond’s merchandising has been tailored towards full grown adults - razors, alcohol, luxury watches, luxury cars and a series of perfumes and aftershaves - does EON seem like they’ve been targeting teenagers?


I think this is a very relevant observation, the Bond films since Craig started aim now for the most part for an adult audience. When my generation was introduced to Bond the hottest thing about him used to be the totally übercool toys, back then a rarity with the toy market.

Eon‘s Bond hardly competes in that market any more, toys are collectors items and I doubt they feature prominently with most kids who are now used to a vast array of Transformers merchandise. Looking at the films since CASINO ROYALE it seems they are now tailored - for the most part at least - to appeal to young adults who have just packed away their toys and now pursue other things in life.

So yes, in a way Bond now appears to fetch his first timers where the Marvel films leave them, slightly undernourished on plot and character, yet still crammed with CGI-action fodder. Bond is now trying to cater to both, the action diet and the appetite for more than cardboard figures.



It will be interesting to see how Universal will market the next one. And whether focussing on the more adult group can generate that billion dollars. Or if they will suggest: we need to appeal to the kids more.


Or make the brave decision of Bond 25 being a 15 certificate. Boyle might insist on it (he won’t) .

It would sink the franchise, but I’d love to see a dark as hell Bond flick. LTK was fantastic. More please!


Casino Royale and Goldeneye are 15 on their blu-ray release. I think they’re ok.


Deadpool can pull off an R.

If they dared that…

Then again - 1 Billion?


EON are masters of playing the ratings at this point. In a film that joyfully glamorises sex, gambling and drinking, they got a graphic torture scene, involving the lead naked, tied to a chair and having his genitals hit with a knotted rope, and still got a PG13/12. I don’t see what else they could do that wouldn’t be gratuitous.


I’m still surprised Eon threw a “f**k” into Skyfall. If they’re fine with that, who knows…


That bit surprised me too. Weirdly opposed to swearing as a series. Strange that it’s always been their line.