News on BOND 25


It was there for shock value. Especially as it was Dame Judi who said it.


Well, clearly…


It almost certainly isn’t. And this is also the line that is going to come back to haunt EON if/when BOND 25 underperforms at the box office. People are going to go in expecting this new, potentially radical take on Bond in Craig’s final outing only to be given yet another by-the-numbers, revenge-driven, Bond-goes-rogue tale of a personal vendetta that threatens to destabilize things.


Yes, because the general audience believes a phrase so far only said by tabloids who have been successfully sued for lying.

The way this thread seems determined to go btw

Here’s a video for those getting annoyed at it.


I enjoy the Muppet Show and Monty Python. And it´s a valid point to discredit tabloid stories.

But on message boards it is not only allowed but encouraged to discuss everything about the subject this website was created for.

Disagreeing is also not only allowed but encouraged. We celebrate opinions here as long as they are not offensive and cruel.

In that regard, this thread - opened to discuss News on Bond 25 - will continue discussing those news and their implications.

A lot of it will be based on personal speculations and hearsay.

If anybody does not like it feel free to express it or concentrate on other threads.


Oh by all means discuss it, but it is getting very circular to extremes and confusing those speculative interpretations based upon Tabloid speculations with stone facts. This has led to these forums seemingly believing Spectre was a heavens gate level bomb with the reviews of Batman & Robin. It wasn’t. It did very well critically and financially, just not as well as Skyfall - but then Skyfall’s 22 predecessors didn’t either. until a sense of perspective returns to discussions, those of us who don’t want to join in with that kind of attitude are going to find it like those two sketches, but without any form of self aware humour.


We definitely should be working on the humor…


I should say now, I don’t expect Monty Python or Muppets level of humor or humour as my I-pad is insisting. That seems a highly unobtainable benchmark.


Your I-pad appears to be very demanding.


It is. The amount of time I spend arguing with it on spelling or the word I meant is ludicrous.


Completely agree.


No one ever said SPECTRE was a “Heaven´s Gate” level bomb, nor that the reviews were as bad as for “Batman & Robin”.

Yes, it did get good reviews, too. Yes, it did rake in a very substantial amount of money.

But there was also a substantial part of fandom and critics who felt let down by it and saw many flaws in that film.

Heck, even Daniel Craig said that he wanted to go out on a high - meaning not SPECTRE.

And in a business which needs box office returns to go up and not down, SPECTRE was viewed as underperforming.

That’s all.

Of course, I love many films, Bond films, too, which were underperforming at the box office or considered weak by critics.

I defend those films if I feel the need. Doesn’t mean others don’t have a point.


This is indeed very needed. Then again, I also understand the more jaded perspectives. We’ve been discussing here for over a decade all manner of developments of this series. Many of which, on screen and behind scenes, resembled a veritable rollercoaster.

Mind you, this isn’t exactly new; it’s been going this way for fans almost from day one of DR NO and went on helter skelter through Connery’s farewell, return, farewell, return, the Moore years, the Dalton episode, the gap - or rather gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap - the Brosnan years. And finally Craig’s arrival, which was seemingly one big neverending series of scandals: the Blond-Scandal! The Life-Jacket-Scandal! The Gearshift-Scandal! The Quantum-Oxfam-Scandal! The Craig-Is-Still-Bond-Scandal! The Goldfinger-Aston-Scandal! The Three-Year-Scandal! The Blofeld-Scandal! The Only-for-the-Money-Scandal! *

Some of these originated solely on the pages of the less savoury print media, some resonated heavily with the fanbase. Meanwhile the series does go on. I wouldn’t necessarily use the term ‘unfazed’ but at least it does go on.

*I leave out the most obvious one until Gillette pays their ticket for a slasher reference…


Is it substantial, or just loud? Like the Iron Man 3 audience who wanted “the real mandarin” or Star Wars audience that didn’t like so many women with prominent roles?”


Loud is enough for a debate here.

And while I personally loved the “fake mandarin” and the many prominent female roles in the new Star Wars films I would not want to silence different opinions.


I can relate to this.

I feel the criticisms of Spectre revolving around the ‘step brother’ plot are a little misguided. Had the movie not ended with such a abominably written final act (all of the London stuff) I think fans would be a little less harsh regarding Blofeld’s reveal.

And for the record I absolutely love the way Shane Black wrote Manderin and worship the way genius Kingsley portrayed him (his best work since Sexy Beast imo).

Canon should always be the servant of the screenwriter, not the master if one is to avoid a by-the-numbers script.

And imo Shane Black has proven himself a master.


It is enough to raise debate, i quibble when opinion is confused for fact - for example the continued push for 3D every 30 years is evidence enough for me that people don’t really want it but the studio system is going to push it anyway showing they don’t give a toss about box office receipts, reviews or audience approval if they’ve told themselves it’s a good idea, but I know this can be countered by mammoth success of Avataar and James Cameron’s many, many interviews on the format.

And I loved Trevor and the increased use of women in Star Wars as well.


30 years is plenty for it to be new to that generation. They’re ripe for the business to sell them the notion that its the great new thing.

Then of course they come to realise it’s just the emperors new clothes and the exploitation of that particular gimmick slowly fizzles out for another few decades.

Such inexplicable cycles of repeating mistakes are part of the human condition.


There’s a fable about predestination and inevitability in there somewhere…


Perhaps Cameron can make a 3D movie about it :wink: