News on BOND 25


…I’m sure it’ll be quite the visual spectacular.


I find 3D to be as convincing as a pop-up book and slightly less engaging.


Same, it also me a SPLITTING migraine. I admit my distaste for it may just be through accidental negative conditioning.


I’m the same way. Within 60secs I can feel this weird straining in the area behind my eyes then a couple minutes later it’s a full blown migraine. I’m not one prone to headaches, either.


Aha, have we descovered a neorological aboration that predetermines a Bond Fan?


Well, at least we can conclude from all rumors we had so far that BOND 25 will NOT be in 3D.


F> The Telegraph

Danny Boyle promises his Bond girl will reflect the MeToo era
Danny Boyle says he’s working on the script for the next James Bond movie – and it will reflect the new wave of awareness sweeping Hollywood and beyond in the wake of #MeToo.


GUNBARREL: (For ‘tis the law)

SCENE 1: EXT. DAY. A beach in New Zealand. Hugely expensive helicopter shot establishing the same. As more detail comes into view, we can see a lone figure running along the shoreline. He is running, running for his life. If only because he’s over 50 now and these films don’t get any easier nor the roast swan any less tasty. This is JAMES BOND. And he is A MAN (boo).

He has been jogging for some time and looks pained, but then he always looks pained. He is topless and the camera spends a good few seconds leering, because this is ALLOWED and it makes up for, I dunno, Dink or something.

He reaches the far cliff and turns to start back down the beach again. The camera rises behind him and over his shoulder we can see ahead of him, a hundred yards or so, a young (but not too young, it would be embarrassing) woman - GALA BRAND - in a red swimming costume walking from the sea. She definitely wasn’t there before.

BOND looks curious. A number of persons have been saying that since 2005.

BOND continues to run towards her. OH GOD.

Subverting expectations – GOT YOU, YOU BADTHINK SCUM – BOND does not slow down but runs on past her. GALA appears to pay him no attention as he does so. Camera moves past her, following BOND. Then, inevitably…

Good morning, Mr Bond.

BOND stops, and turns. GALA is aiming a harpoon gun (don’t ask where she was hiding it) at his groin. BOND raises his hands. Just his hands.

(Casually appraising her. The presumptive bastard)
Never had better.

What a disgrace. He’ll need to be brought down a peg or two and no mistake. Cue the next two and a bit hours of this.

(Casually appraising him. See? Progress)
I hope that’s a gun in your pocket; you shouldn’t be pleased to see me.

We see BOND’s little gun dropped to the ground, where it is washed over with fishy sea spume. This is HUGELY SYMBOLIC.

On your knees, Commander.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Who sent you?

BOND kneels, and as he does so, we see that ANOTHER MAN has been standing behind him (don’t ask where she was hiding him). He is smartly suited, official-looking. And they’re the worst, tbh. This is TANNER.

She’s with me.

Inappropriately possessive, so he’s going to have to die. BOND does not turn to face him, but lowers his hands, resignedly.

Pity. You took your time, Tanner.

Hard man to find.

I was tired of being an easy one to lose.

We want you back, 007.



Luring me in with a girl in a bikini? I thought we were beyond that sort of thing.

(Here we go)
Me too.

Well, it was her or me.

… Fair enough.

Continues like this, seemingly forever, BECAUSE IT MUST.


I knew we would get a leak sooner or later.


Extra credit for using Gala Brand.image


Well played Jim. :joy:


Risking execution by weaponised right-on trolls, hey?

(fortunately they’re thin on the ground in this forum)

Bravo, Sir!


I’m deducting a mark for the deeply scarring mental image of Rory Kinnear in a bathing costume( in fairness I’m in an alcoholic stupor and may have mixed Tanner / Brands)


I’ve seen Black Mirror episode 1. Nothing Kinnear does can scare me now.


I see it’s already been mentioned in the tabloid trash thread but this rumour about Angelina Jolie or possibly Helena Bonham Carter being cast as the villain won’t go away, will it?


They just pull that out of the ‘Bond’ drawer whenever they need a Bond piece. Bonham Carter since about the time of SWEENY TODD and the Potter films where she was a villain. Jolie might be a little longer in the works.

It’s not to say it’s a bad idea per se, just not a very inspired one. But many fans had hopes Bellucci would turn out as a villain, maybe even Blofeld. Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett also get regularly mentioned as would-be/could-be/should-be.

For the time being just clickbait and rumour-pimping.


While I always prefer a not famous actor in a villain role, Bonham-Carter could easily pull this off - she is a fantastic actress, IMO, and will add more attention to her impressive career by starring in the next season of THE CROWN.

Jolie is not my favorite actress, Blanchett is overexposed and acts too forced for my taste.

Swinton, of course, would be terrific simply because she is unpredictable and fearless.


I couldn’t agree more! The detail in her performances is easy to take for granted, but it’s what makes all of her roles feel so real and genuine, rather than contrived.

For me she is by far the best choice for Doctor Who - a role that would have suited her eccentric details - not just because they’ve finally cast a woman, but better than any other actor i can think of.

As a Bond villain she’d really excel imo.

Swinton is indeed an unpredictable actress - her take on Snowpiercer was left field, but perfect and she somehow managed to transcend the whitewash of her casting in Doctor Strange. She’d make a fine Bond villain.

But personally i’m in the Bonham-Carter camp. Swinton always brings a sense of artifice to her larger than life roles, such as those i just mentioned and this would probably be true of a Bond villain. And although she can certainly do menace without the artifice, with Swinton this is usually a 2-dimensional ‘cold, ruthless individual’.

Whereas Carter, while also no stranger to artifice has a better range when not relying on hair/make-up/accent tricks of the trade. If she approached her Bond villain like so, without the ‘panto crutches’ that would suit Craig’s style - his grounded realism. I think these two actors would bounce off each other with greater spontaneity and that’s always a more interesting scenario imo - human vs. human, rather than human vs. monster.


I agree. She is blatantly the inspiration for how Gallifreyan tech behaves - look at Billie Pipers The Moment and Suranne Jones The TARDIS

Have long thought Bonham-Carter and Chiwetel Eijofor are actors tailor made to be The Doctor yet, alas, probably never will be.


Bonham-Carter could wonderfully play the charming “protect me”-gal who lures CraigBond into her arms only to then feed him to the dogs, grinning coldly and mischievously.


It’s funny, i’ve been echoing this every time they’ve cast the Doctor since the reboot.

After seeing Eijofor in Stephen Frears Dirty Pretty Things at the cinema i’ve been hailing him as the best actor Britain has produced since Day-Lewis (now i’d add Hardy and Jack O’Connell).

I’ve also been a longtime pub conversation bore with my insistance that Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, while being very different characters, can be played by the same actors.

Rathbone, Brett and Cumbersquatch would make great Doctors.

Equally Pertwee, Eccleston, Smith etc. would all make a great Holmes.

In fact Baker played Holmes…

And to some extent i’d take the connection further to include Bond villains. It’s up for debate what the archetypal similarities are (if any). But for me they are present and if so, then trying to cast for one might be aided in looking at those cast for the others and what did and didn’t work. This widens the gene pool for candidates ever so slightly.

Question is does that help avoid casting cliches, or encourage them…? Hmm.