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Well, not that interestingly, the bluff in Sherlock’s first episode that Mark Gatiss was Moriarty didn’t land with me because of how 70’s Bond villain he was. “Oh, he’s very Bond villa…he ‘s Mycroft isn’t he?” Actually came out of mouth as I was struck by Christopher Lee and Charles Gray being the two most prolific Mycrofts at the time.


She would do that with great skill and vigour. Perhaps they’ve played that card with Marceau, but that was a seductress damsel in distress. Carter could do far more than that with the trope if the writing allows.

As Jim so eloquently illustrated above in his wonderfully witty Death To Spies, Boyle’s big idea will apparently address #metoo.

So, how about after Jim’s great PTS the central plot is Death To MALE Spies?

…Bonham-Carter is at the helm of a blackmail, assassination and terrorism campaign designed to remove all male threats to her notion of ‘feminism’ and top of her list is of course 007.

Like Drax and Stromberg before her, Carter’s villain has pioneered a maguffin-biological breakthrough: Female-only procreation. She plans to eradicate men entirely - a new ‘Eden’, but without the need for Adam.

Bond’s mission is to save Man-kind…!


Can I shoot down the Boyle has a great idea inspired by #metoo now.

Boyle has never said this. He has said he had an idea that him and Hodge discussed when the Olympics segment was made. When EON asked if he was interested in Bond 25, he first said no because he was put off big films by The Beach but then changed his mind after discussing it with Hodge, on the condition he could use Hodge with the idea they came up with in 2012. EON said yes, provided they liked it. I agree, at this point, with what SAF said when this was rumoured, the script would need to have been a total train wreck for them to say no, knowing how many changes WILL be made to that script between pitch and premiere. The #metoo thing came from a “journalist” asking Boyle if his script would reflect it. Boyle responded with “You acknowledge the legacy of the world [of Bond] and you write in the world — but you also write in the modern world as well.” the metoo thing (which is rather disgustingly being confused with sexist attitudes rather than what it actually - the protection of women from sexual assault) is all the “journalist” from the independent. No-one actually making the film has claimed Boyle came to them with a ground breaking idea or that it will be all about #Metoo. That stuff is entirely a bored journalist creation.


No-one actually making the film has claimed Boyle came to them with a ground breaking idea or that it will be all about #Metoo. That stuff is entirely a bored journalist creation.

Quite. They’re just filling a void.

I suspect that comment’s not in terribly good taste.


Not until they read Jim’s excellent PTS above… :wink:


The Spy Who Loved #Metoo


Well, something in all of this may just be a crumb. With all the talk about, maybe that’s the hook in this. The villain will be a woman. Aside from femme’ fatales, there’s never been a female main/master villain. Maybe that was Boyle’s pitch. He and his writer(s) have come up with an incredible villainess. Regardless of gender, a good character is a good character.

Just a thought.


Elektra King.


That’s superb :rofl:


Put that together with them having come up with the idea during the olympics shoot… could the villain be Queen Liz with a pack of killer corgi’s? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually makes me wonder if they could get the Queen, or at least a royal, to do a cameo… or film in Buckingham Palace… if anybody could break that ground it would be Bond…


I wouldn’t be surprised if the plot somehow involves the Royals, or Buckingham palace.

I think the biggest clue we have right now as to the plot is that they got the idea while shooting that olympics short.

So, alternatively it could involve an event such as the olympics.


IGN has latched onto the Helena Bonham-Carter rumor.


As people said, it’s not unreasonable…


The Angelina Jolie one is more unreasonable. Shed have made a good addition to the Bond franchise…in 2002.


Perhaps IGN were prowling this thread yeasterday for a Bond story :sunglasses:


Not unlikely either.

I actually hope it‘s true.


Well, right now is the time where they would reach out to the actors on their wish list, send first scripts out to interest them for parts and so on. Claims X or Y is considered for part Z in the next Bond film carry a different weight now than they would in mid-2016 during the silly season.


I’m sure Debbie McWilliams is pouring through binders of actors for her shortlists as we type.