News on BOND 25


Interestingly, the comics from Dynamite have touched on it several times. Its been well done each time, but it comes across as jarring to see it in a Bond story, given how the films, and the books for that matter, have mostly gone out of their way to not make political commentary.


Obvoiusly since boyle’s olympics film involved a parachute jump in central London, this must be key to his quoted idea for a Bond movie. However, I was hoping there was more to his idea than simply a stunt/set piece.

I’d imagine such a set piece would be in the finale, but more likely the PTS. I’d guess that he’s infiltrating the building, rather than landing on it by chance.

It’s worth bearing in mind that using this building doesn’t nessisarily mean it’s set in london - it could be standing in for another city, London being a more convenient location to shoot in.

On another note, what if Boyle were conflating elements of 2 of his past projects - the olympics Bond short and 28 days later? How about London having been evacuated due to a nuke/chemical threat in the centrepoint building; recreating boyle’s eerie opening scenes from 28 days later with an empty London. Cue Bond ‘chuting’ in to save the day!


That sounds cool​:clap::clap::clap:


Please god, not another London set finale.


Art Director Neal Callow, who worked on Craig’s previous films, confirms he is working on Bond 25.


Good to hear. I imagine many of EON’s in house will be used, though i imagine Jon Harris and Anthony Dod Mantle are also shoe ins. I’m not 100% that Rick Smith will be sole composer as Trance is the only solo composition work he’s done and John Murphy isn’t really the style you’d want for Bond (though the man is master of guitar composition), whilst Boyle has worked with David Arnold as composer before so he may just stick with EON’s go-to on that front.

Entirely speculation but almost definitely the costume designer


Confirmation also here - plus a nice info on that Bond museum:


Looks like Boyle is going with the established Bond crew and not bringing in his own people…


Mendes used the same crew. Craig’s other 3 directors did, tbh I think it’s only the director of photography, editor and one or two others a director is likely to bring with them rather than the ones EON recommend. Mendes only insisted for his DOP, composer and production designer, and since Gassner is EON’s go-to anyway…


Not saying other directors didn’t - just saying it’s good to see Boyle continuing down that path.


Well, Boyle does strike me as the sort of director who, when he says he wants to make a Bond, actually wants to make a Bond film rather than a Danny Boyle film that happens to have James Bond in it.


Maybe that means Craig will finally have suits that fit him.


I don’t know - judging from any interview and his career he definitely focuses on films he wants to make the way he wants to make them. Being burnt by “The Beach” it will be important for him to not be drawn into the abyss of big blockbuster filmmaking again.

Good luck with that on a Bond film…

As for the crew, I guess he will just have to compromise using many established artists from the Bond family (during the long prep needed Boyle will be absent shooting the Curtis-comedy) and rely on their expertise instead of bringing on people new to this kind of endeavor, since he cannot guide them.

But the key personnel will be his director of photography and his editor. And those he will definitely handpick.

As for Arnold - a score is a very prominent factor in every film, and in Boyle films as well. He could choose someone completely left field for that, just to give this Bond film a totally different feel. But he could also stick with someone who already knows how to score Bond. That’s the advantage Arnold has: he already has offered many different styles for Bond and will be willing to explore something new again.


I wouldn’t rule Arnold out of doing the score given their history with the Olympics, but I personally believe that the score is an area where Boyle will want to put his own stamp onto the series. I expect something new and daring while remaining within established parameters, similar to what Serra did for Goldeneye. I’m not saying stylistically similar, but something new and decidedly different while still retaining DNA to what has come before.


I think it depends on the fashion. I’ve really liked Craig’s look in all 4 of his films, whilst I HATED Brosnan’s look in his films, but that’s because I’ve never liked the 90’s baggy cut. Just really down to your personal tastes really.

I don’t think EON have had a preference for those 2 since 80’s (Stuart Baird maybe being the closest, but I seem to recall he was a Campbell choosing) I’m thinking he’ll keep it as in-house as possible so he can focus on the core of the film, not having to look over the shoulders of every department, just choosing the ones who he’ll be partners with at each stage - his writer, followed by his DOP then finishing with his editor.

It’s actually the trying not to loose control over a big film issue that makes me think Arnold will return, he obviously knows what he’s doing on a Bond film, but also already has a working relationship with Boyle, two big ticks in the pro column.


Again why I think Arnold is a shoe in - it would his third collaboration with Boyle, both times before being when he was looking for something more orchestral.


While I am not the biggest fan of Arnold overall, I would not be upset to see his return as it would guarantee a strong connection to the familiar, which is not a bad thing where the scores are concerned. My favorite of his is QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

I was quite the fan of Newman’s SKYFALL score, though I was beyond disappointed with the rehash that was SPECTRE.


Absolutely. Bond will always wear what is considered hot at that particular time.

And I’m sure in a few years people will laugh at Craig´s suits the way we smirk now in regard to safari jackets.


That’s true. It is hard to watch Moore in his chest high pants and I dont like Brosnan’s 3 piece suits.


What about Craig’s 3 piece suits? The first one was the same maker as Brosnan’s…