News on BOND 25


It’s been so long since i’ve managed to watch that trainwreck i can’t remember, but she was briefed by M (not that that makes her a 00).

But that’s my point - if she wasn’t a 00, then there’s that much more room for a Bond vs. 00(s) plot.


When they are fiercely kissing she moans “I can’t, you’re a double-oh” to Bond.

She definitely wasn’t.


I bow to your superior powers of recollection!


According to the translation of this reporter’s tweet, Jodie Foster has been cast in a key role.
Could she be Irma Bunt? I’m guessing possibly…


More tabloid trash.


Well, she does fit the bill


Geezus, the options are wide open, aren’t they? Now that M is a dude, and we have the double padded leather door to his office, Moneypenny and Q are in place; can we not just get on with a woop-a** assignment with never-before-seen locations, a really evil bad guy, and some serious musical score? Hmmm? Oh! Wait! That just happened, didn’t it?

Moving on…


Probably just another wild rumor. Then again - Jodie Foster would be a very interesting choice for a villain. I would love to see her go against CraigBond.


If it’s a #metoo inspired story then she’d be an obvious choice as a ‘man-hater’.

Not saying Foster’s a man-hater, just that her often icy gravitas and sometimes macho-esque, ball busting roles would make it easy for the public to accept her as such a villain.


“Icy gravitas”… I like that!


The reporter completely miss read this article:

She has nothing to do with Bond 25.


Good find!

And you’re absolutely right. Wow, entertainment journalism at its dumbest…


My mother, who taught journalism at a Texas high school, rolls in her grave from today’s “so-called” journalists. The art of vetting sources and maintaining absolute accuracy has long been thrown to the wayside, with the focus on obtaining the almighty “click numbers”- all at the cost of what we grew up calling journalistic integrity That’s not to say there aren’t competent journalists out there, there are, but those are sadly disappearing daily. It is good to know, though, that this site has a number of members who live and breath the truth, and make it a point to alert us when something is inaccurate. I for one appreciate them.



Jeffrey Wright back as Felix? Warning, may contain spoilers for Westworld.


I won’t read it, as I’m yet to see the finale and I want to go in knowing nothing, but I do hope Felix is back, Wright has been brilliant in the role. I always like to think that it’s Felix who texts Bond about Patrice in Skyfall.


Nothing much to read anyway, he just says “it’s possible” when asked.

I couldn’t get into Westworld, didn’t even make it to the end of season 1!


I would welcome Felix Leiter to be part of CraigBond´s final outing.


I hope he’s back - he’s a class act!

When the actors are this good it can elevate an incidental scene to the point of being a highlight.

Any Bond’s first meeting with his Q is usually treated as an incidental diversion played for laughs.

However Craig and wishaw (along with great dialogue and direction) made their first meeting one of the best scenes in the whole franchise, imo.

It crackled with wit and depth that only actors of that calibre can deliver. Hopefully Wright with be given and equally great scene with Craig in B25.


Odd_ j - couldn’t agree more. With all the talk of directors getting to much freedom or producers wanting more prestige for the series, what has got lost for the last decade plus has been the fact that the films are now attracting - and trying to give scripts worthy of (not saying they always pull it off but no-one’s settling for "assembly-line Bond anymore) - the best in the business. How many times have we debated the likes of Denise Richards-as Christmas Jones, yet the reality now is that level of “talent” are not getting in the team, so-to-speak.

Twenty years ago, the equivalents of Bardem/Wright/Waltz weren’t interested. Now, we’re in a different time. Poor old Brozza, who was always banging on about how we’d “had conversations with Anthony Hopkins” for GE. Yet the reality was, that calibre weren’t giving EON a second look.
That the franchise is now in a different place, I for one, will forever be thankful.