News on BOND 25


I imagine we’ll get a wave of likely sounding rumour along with an ocean of tabloid trash about August to the point where come official announcement in December we’ll know here already but Daily Mail readers will say “I though Ivanka Trump was in this?”


As henchwoman Irma bunt in Goldhair


Good theory on this as we do have an understanding of the schedule of events almost as good as Eon. I concur with the time frame based on past production. With the distribution issue settled, we’re back on track. As to locations, the lovely but absent Miss Gala Brand is taking her summer holidays in Croatia and has promised to put her ear to the ground and does have a contact in their film industry. She cited several locations herself that would lend itself to Bond. One she’s been to that was also up on our radar was a large cove/bay with three large abandoned hotel resorts. Let us recall that Piz Gloria was only about 70% completed when Cubby and Harry found it and took up the slack.

All speculation at this point of course, but a good location is a good location. At least we’ve got one of our own looking into it.


If we do have a female villain, might they use “The Property of a Lady” as the title? Or is it possible that “Quantum of Solace” could’ve made them wary of titles longer than one or two words, and we’ll see shorter titles as an actual trend beyond just the last two films?


“Quantum of Solace” should at least have made them wary of titles that almost nobody understands . . .


That just makes me feel pity for the happily ignorant. image


I’m hoping for “Garden of Death.”


“Universal Export”, albeit that’s a bit knowing.


“Shatterhand.” Although that would be three single-word “S” titles in a row.


Maybe they could tweak the title to avoid another ‘S’…

How about Chatterhand, with a villain that talks his enemies to death via his bowler hatted ventriloquist dummy named Little Jobby?


Ha!! Or “Hatinhand” – Blofeld has had so many billion-dollar hideouts destroyed that he’s now having to beg for money from other criminal organizations.


If this is Craig´s LOGAN it will probably called just “BOND”.


Part of me thinks that’s brilliant, but it lacks Fleming’s turn of phrase. I like “Shatterhand” too, but as I read somewhere, there’s a Gerrman copyright on that character name.

“Garden of Death” is Fleming. It leads you one way, as a garden cultivates life, but then turns another. Like “Live and Let Die”, or “You Only Live Twice.” True, it’s not a proper title like “The Property of a Lady”, but it is a Fleming phrase like “The World Is Not Enough.” Also, as another CBN poster wrote, Craig’s 1st and 3rd movies referenced locations (Casino Royale and Skyfall), while his 2nd and 4th referred to organizations. The fifth title being a location fits the pattern.

Of course, this may have nothing to do with Boyle’s idea and may be impossible to shoehorn into it, but it sounds more Bondian than Die Another Day or Tomorrow Never Dies.


“Old Shatterhand” is the name of a Karl May character, Winnetou´s caucasian friend. In Germany it would be hard not to think of this childhood hero (played by Lex Barker).

Then again, in Germany “Moonraker” got the additional title “For your eyes only” - which created a problem when the next film indeed was called “For your eyes only” and therefore had be retitled as “On a deadly mission”.

Yeah, the greatness of German titles…

They would probably find a “suitable” new title if “Shatterhand” were chosen for BOND 25. However, Blofeld´s alias “Shatterhand” would have to be renamed in Germany then, too.

Well, if it is just a German problem…


I’m not sure Shatterhand would really pose a problem nowadays. It did back when You Only Live Twice was published in Germany, therefore Blofeld’s cover name in the book’s first translation used to be Guntram Martell. Which actually makes a lot more sense than Shatterhand for a man with a Swiss passport, but some commentators suggest it’s one of Fleming’s excursions into meta-fiction and may indeed have been meant as a nod to Karl May, another popular writer largely reporting from the land of make-believe.

However, I dare say today Shatterhand would be a good deal less obtrusive as a character’s name, at least for people under the age of 30. The films of the sixties are shown much less regularly on tv, if at all. A copyright issue? I don’t really see it, the May originals are in the common domain since 1963 (that’s why the films were made) so there shouldn’t be legal hurdles.


Was the name Guntram Martell used in the rest of the world, too? I can’t recall…


I kind of like how Die Another Day is actually cleverer than it sounds like it is.


Not that I would know of; I think there was no reason to change Shatterhand to Martell - except in German speaking countries.

The intriguing thing about Shatterhand is that, throughout You Only Live Twice, in spite of its angles of race and nationality, nobody seems to question the Swiss doctor’s background, or that of his wife Emmy Shatterhand, née de Bedon. Even a high-quality fake passport is still fake, and one should rightfully expect that someone drawing such major attention to himself - as Blofeld does here - is found out rather sooner.

But no, not at all. If it wasn’t for Bond Shatterhand would have died and Blofeld would have remained on some obscure most-wanted list until other people took his place, with nobody making the connection. The whole book is full of bizarre and downright spooky elements (the Ama Guardians briefly nod and both Kissy and Bond see it), but that a central character goes by a most unlikely name, a fact that ordinarily would attract Bond’s curiosity, as it did with Goldfinger, is entirely ignored.

This and the fact that Karl May’s wife actually was named Emma point strongly towards intentional use of this particular name.


How so - all i get is the literal, as not dying just yet. Is there a deeper meaning that i’ve totally missed?


Tbh, i think this could be a distinct possibility. Although i don’t see Eon killing off Craig’s Bond, it’s certainly on the cards that they’d want to piggy back Logan’s kudos with a gritty, one-last-mission story for Craig.