News on BOND 25


Maybe it’s just me, but the angles and the way it’s painted make it look like the whole things is held together with duct tape.


Absolutely hideous!


Looks like something they would come up with on the Internet…


Going through that - everything about their marketing suggests they are working hard to make people associate their (frankly ugly) vehicle with Bond. Would be astounded if it actually appeared in a film in 2 years time.


I seem to recall some misguided soul relentlessly - and aggressively - assuring us that Bond was going to be driving a Fiat Panda throughout Casino Royale. What goes around…

The only lesson one learns from history is that no-one learns any lessons from history. So claims one of my offspring on GCSE results day, anyway.


I’m very much convinced that we won’t see this thing anywhere near a Bond movie.

Back in 2005, we had confirmation after confirmation (unfortunately, none of them was official) that Bond would be driving a Fiat Panda in CR. One member (damn, Jim beat me to it) even claimed that she heard it directly from Lapo Elkann (then Fiat’s head of marketing and brand management).

How many Pandas are in CR?



Well, Ms Green does overdo her mascara a bit.


Shes not THAT pale


Well with a two year window to throw bricks at, some desperate-for-product-placement-in-a-Bond-film types will be collecting stones. The Fiat Panda…I remember that one. One of the gems in the rumor compost pile. Get ready for some more. Bond will be drinking Fanta, Bond film will lense key scenes in Peoria town hall, Bond girls wardrobe to be exclusively provided by Hot Topic, Bond villain to have fleet of classic Yugo automobiles, Donald Trump will have cameo in new Bond film…

As M once said: “The list is endless.”


Yes, no particularly looking forward to this during the production!


Come to think of it, it may be preferable to SPECTRE’s production when lots of interna were dragged into the public. I can deal with a little Punto silliness or this ride for a blind pimp they are trying to sell us now…


Agreed! The badmouthing after the hacking was a killjoy. Unfounded rumours and silly ideas, however, are kind of traditional!

And we´ll get two years of it!

I´m still wondering - why not to release the film next year? What´s keeping them from going to work if it´s NOT “Purity”?


Well the two things left to be announced that are needed are director and studio. They must have a studio they can’t announce yet if they have firm enough dates to book when Craig needs to film (as we learnt when Purity was delayed for it) as well as a US release date, and I’d assume know which director for the same reason (unless they’re being REALLY overconfident that a desired director will be free)

To be optimistic, I’m going to say that b25’s director has an upcoming film for the same studio and they’re waiting to announce it then, like how Craig announced himself just as he started his press run on Logan Lucky. Pessimist in me says director negotiations havn’t been finalised.


Interesting if true…


Interesting…May of '18. Food for thought. Seems far early given the release date obviously. Unless it’s preproduction stuff. On QOS, the race in Seville was covered by the 2nd unit well prior to production. Maybe there’s some major event somewhere that takes place particularly that date. Off the top of my head, the Monaco Grand Prix is always in May. Certainly a suitable background setting for a PTS but it was already used as a set piece in Iron Man 2. Anything perhaps celebrating a milestone anniversary then?

Anyway, another grain of salt for the pile.

As to some speculation on studio and directors, I concur that a studio is set in place already that could be where the director has a deal or potential deal in place. Could be we get the announcement of both at the same time. I’d expect some word before the end of the year but hopefully sooner. Then we can get to wild speculation about title and story… That is, more so than we already are. :thinking::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So let’s suppose there’s already a studio - which is only reasonable since making that announcement without even a studio would be bloody lunacy - and let’s further suppose there’s already a director willing to go the 007 route; either with that studio or with another. If these first two suppositions are true, then the logical third one would be the massive delay is due to that director currently working on another film (most likely) or theatre production (not as likely perhaps, but past experience shows it’s possible Eon wait for a director to finish his other work first).

So who is currently in the middle of a production and could possibly be free around May - or maybe a bit later, depending on schedules - and would be a possible candidate?


The rumoured directors seem to be free much earlier, as long as they do not have other projects shrouded in secrecy.

But what if they wait for a particular actor? A true heavyweight? Wasn’t Meryl Streep rumoured for a villain part years ago?

Maybe EON also just do not want a production which is as time pressured as before, maybe they build in more time for editing - something that was crucially lacking during the Craig era according to all directors.


This seems the most likely to me.

Or perhaps more time to get the script just right (not saying it will definitely help, but after the SP debacle, I could see why EON may want to have some more breathing room with drafting a script).


Apologies, but I cannot resist passing on more (probably) unfounded rumours…


Well, we’ll certainly see about that.