News on BOND 25


Or Bond´s mission is to use Felix as a double agent.


Or maybe Felix’s mission is to use Bond as a double agent; Bond being trustworthy because he’s been retired since the mcguffin is began.



Bondman vs. Agent America: Dawn of Just Us


Rogue Two: A Solo Bond Story


An interesting twist on the played out rogue element. Bond plays it completely straight this time, but Felix is the one to go rogue. :wink:

Or, what the heck, they both go rogue. Double the rogue, double the fun. They could get the Doublemint gum brand as the film’s main sponsor. Move over Heineken and Aston Martin. :wink:


I really like the idea that Felix is in some kind of trouble, and the CIA solicits Bond’s help. A plot I could see Boyle having in his hip pocket back in 2012 when he worked with Craig for the Olympics spot. I DON’T see anything Trump related, as this idea was spawned well before the man entered politics.


I would love too see Felix back and have him and the CIA play a large role in the film. Just don’t turn Felix into an enemy like they did to Jim Phelps in the first Mission: Impossible film.


I hope not. Any business should be looking to attract the widest possible customer base. It would be a mistake for the producers to pick a side and assume everybody thinks the same on these issues. Every single thing doesn’t have to be a political statement. It’s tiring. Just give me a good Bond movie.


Maybe word of my proposed treatment “Beam of Darkness” (available for viewing elsewhere on these fora) leaked…


Why would Daniel Craig or any stars that play James Bond either visit CIA or British SIS headquarter. Should have really really done that for Amazon series Jack Ryan or any Jack Ryan movie. Since Jack Ryan is consider a realistic spy and the novels and movies realistic spy thriller. Why James Bond when he not even that and the movie series. James Bond has always been a super spy(aka super hero type spy) and the start of the Super Spy formula. Without James Bond there would not be other super spies like The Man From UNCLE, Mission Impossible, Our Man Flint, Nick Fury, Kingsman and Johnny English. So what now, is Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli trying mix the both the realistic spy formula and super spy formula together in the James Bond movies now? Just like it have been done in Salt and the Bourne movies. James Bond was NEVER Jack Ryan, John Clark, George Smiley and Alec Leamas or in that area.


It’s just a marketing thing for the CIA on the difference between fictional spies and real work in the field. The cast of The Americans were there a few weeks ago. Craig has been asked because of Bond still being the go to example for fictional spies.


I second that. This visit was more a promo and goodwill affair for the CIA than for Bond. Like any intelligence gathering service working in a liberal democracy they have to show a halfway friendly public persona. The best way to achieve this is with solid PR campaigns involving popular figures who are trusted by the audience. It’s a win/win situation where the entertainment branch can gain a shred of authenticity and the spooks an improved public standing.


I also think this is a red herring and that perhaps the real question: is Craig in the US for something Bond related? I don’t see him jetting over there just for the CIA gig.

Maybe it’s a showtime meeting regarding the Purity delay! Or perhaps they’ve got a star so big (and busy) to play the villain or Bond girl, or both that he needs to go there in order to test with them for chemistry!

I know that’s a stretch but news is slow…


Him and Weisz have a home in New York, so I think it’s just a case of being the nearest person contracted. I imagine Fiennes , Harris or Whishaw would’ve gone if they where in the US.


Fair enough :slight_smile:


It was just a coincidence. He was taking some overdue holiday. :wink:


All true as to the reasons for DC’s visit.

Unless of course, the CIA have developed an invisible car…


Wouldn’t they invite Brosnan for that?


Brosnan can tell them to piss off. Craig can’t whilst he’s part of the firm. Well, Craig could say it, but he’d still have to go.


He could threaten to slit his wrists!