News on BOND 25


If the news about Gassner are true it is a sign that EON now really value directors more than their established family.

While it may prove refreshing it is also a change in doing business.

Yes, I do not like directors firing veterans and replacing them with their friends.


I’ve got no idea really. That’s why I put the ‘supposedly’ up there - it’s quite a plausible move but strange how this is not yet more widely reported.


Oh good, you had the same notion I did - info sounds more believable than the source.


I thought Gassner was confirmed some time back🤔 If true, this is a shame as he brought a flavour of Ken Adam back to Bond after the Peter Lamont blandness years.


Gassner himself said he’d do his next Bond - but this was apparently before Boyle came on board. Frankly, I cannot say if this is legit but it sounds quite plausible. Perhaps the industry media is trying to dig a bit deeper before they break their own stories about it.


You think they’ve had the same thought we have?


I think they will want to add a line of background or two about it. That is provided they can wrangle a comment out of Eon house or Gassner.


Ah thanks, that makes sense: still a shame though :frowning:


It isn’t the greatest that they are losing important people with 007 experience. However, some areas it could help in, in particular screenwriting and music.


Yes, damn those multi award winning Thomas Newman, John Logan and Paul Haggis…


Had he been hired for 25? If not he’s not been fired.


Can’t be bothered either way about this, to be honest. At the end of the day, I’d rather the director have who he/she wants in the various spots behind the camera.

What I’m most waiting for is the announcement of who will take over for Hoytema as DP. Bond 24 has to look better than Spectre, not that that’s a huge hurdle to clear. I’m really hoping for a colorful and vibrant look to the film this time around, which would be a welcome change after Mendes’ two outings.


Give me a multiple Oscar-nominated Thomas Newman being brought in over David Arnold any day. Fresh blood is good.


Alexander Witt did 2nd unit on both Mendes-directed Bond films, CR’06 and Avengers: Infinity War.

Bond 24 is Spectre. :smiley: No doubt you meant Bond 25.


Completely agree. Beaches, jungle…that kind of thing.


I know. But if Mendes´ quote (from EMPIRE, I remember) is to be believed he was insisting on filming 2nd unit stuff anyway.

I just think that if Peter Jackson hands over 2nd and 3rd unit stuff to others and even let Fran Walsh direct all the Gollum scenes, it is proof that delegating work will not necessarily result in an uneven film.



I’m going to guess Anthony Dod Mantle (127 Hours, 28 Days Later, Oscar-winner for Slumdog Millionaire) or Alwin Kuchler (Sunshine, Steve Jobs) for DP.


Out of the 2 I’d prefer Mantle. Sure Sunshine has great spectacle, but the kinetic energy and vibrant imagery of Slumdog would bring something excitingly new to Bond.


I’d prefer Kuchler. Bond films - and the Craig era in particular - need a grounded realism at the foundation of whatever the final style is. Sunshine and Steve Jobs have a really classy but gritty realism, imho. Mantle’s work is great, striking but visually too… outlandish for Bond, if that makes sense.