News on BOND 25


I totally agree. I guess Mendes wanted to include more lighthearted Bond here - but Bond seemed to be more interested in Moneypenny´s sleeping mate than in saving his own life. I much prefer the funeral scene with Bond waving at the goons and the wonderful dialogue: “Can’t you see I’m grieving?” - “No.”


Just everything EON created for Blofeld. It was clearly a middle finger to McClory, who wanted to wring the rights for Thunderball for all he could. Cubby clearly decided to demonstrate;

  1. all the things the audience thinks of regarding Blofeld (Bald, tan suit, white cat) are EON’s, not Fleming, so they could show him without saying his name, and there’d be no doubt in the viewers mind who that was

  2. unlike McClory, EON didn’t need the character.


Y’see, I love that bit, the juxtaposition between what is normal for Bond and what is normal for everyone else, with Bond not getting it “At this time of night?”

Which, if Bond 25 starts the way I suspect it will, might be VERY relevant.


So, Bond really is Moneypenny‘s father?


I was referring to Bond not understanding a normal life, but…


It Would explain the look on Morty’s face…image


Oh, indeed! That’s why i could never hate SP; what an amazingly powerful, yet cool as hell scene. That along with the Monica Belucci hitmen scene puts SP in my top 10, maybe 5, despite it’s heinous failings.

Edit: It’s scenes like the funeral that will make really miss Tom Newman.


Well, “non-assistance of a person in danger” could earn him a notch on his PPK. I’m not a lawyer, but according to Wikipedia “a duty to rescue arises where a person creates a hazardous situation. If another person then falls into peril because of this hazardous situation, the creator of the hazard – who may not necessarily have been a negligent tortfeasor has a duty to rescue the individual in peril.” which clearly is the case here.

But then again “the rescuers need not endanger themselves in conducting the rescue”

Seems to be manslaughter, not murder. The question is: would it count as one of two proper kills to gain a double-O license?

Any pettifoggers in the house?


Okay, so, by that definition, Dr No was killed by Bond because he over heated the reactor, but Goldfinger he didn’t because it was Goldfinger who brought in a loaded gun and shot a window out in-flight.

So Connery’s Bond, through inaction, killed one main villain.


Fighting on the rod platform, Dr. No falls down and tries to get up before becoming immersed. Bond stamps on his chest, forcing him down again, ergo Bond was directly responsible for Dr. No dying (rather like the difference between Bond kicking Loque’s car hard enough to dislodge it, and throwing the dove pin in - which was how Moore wanted to play it).

BTW, how could Dr. No sink in a sealed radiation suit? The ventilator panel was right in front of his face.

“Show don’t tell” is the difference between:
M: “[Zorin] speaks at least five languages with no accent”
Zorin: “Moah! Moah powah!” (AVTAK)
Necros: “Pardon me sir!” “Watch it mate!” “Green four to base” “Balloon, mein herr?” etc. (TLD)


I totally forgot about the stamping, must watch Dr No again, clearly been too long.

Small aside; Isn’t Brosnan the only Bond to kill all his own main villains?

Obviously we’ve just discussed Connery. He killed 1.

Lazenby; Blofeld gets away in OHMSS,

Moore; Kristatos and Orlov are killed by others

Dalton; Koskov walks off to be dealt with by the KGB,

Brosnan; kills all 4 of his films villains

Craig; Mr White kills Le Chiffre then Bond refuses to kill Blofeld



Good news coming in with some frequency these days! I like it!


I personally think 2nd unit work on CR, SF, and SP were outstanding, so I would have been disappointed in any other choice. I wish they’d go ahead and spill the beans on the composer. It’s not like it’s a huge spoiler or anything, but obviously a passion with many of us.


I imagine that we’ll be hearing pretty soon about who Cary’s choice of composer is. Fingers crossed that he’s a David Arnold fan. :sunglasses:


Although I would be thrilled with Arnold, I’m prepared for Lorne Balfe or Joe Kraemer. My guess is, both composers hit it out of the park with their respective MI scores, so one will be given a shot at Bond.


Seems odd of Q to assume he’s not in it. He didn’t say ‘no’ for definite so there’s still a chance.
Also, I’m not sure I’d call two films ‘a good run’. He’s the second longest serving Q (Cleese was technically only Q for one film) but still.


It is an odd response. Typically, actors will hint that they have “kept the dates open” in anticipation of getting official news, but rarely do they play the “I’m not even sure I’m in it?” response unless there is truly a question. But I find the timing odd, especially after we’ve already heard from the director/writer that he hopes to include all the iconic characters. One possibility: Whishaw has been so busy with Mary Poppin’s interviews he has no clue of what Fukunaga has said.


Probably a polite reminder that Eon should confirm that pencil they have him on.


Why would it be such a big secret that Whishaw as Q could be part of BOND 25? Why would EON want it to be that closely guarded? It really makes no sense.

My take: Either Whishaw was bored and played this game for his own amusement. Or he will be replaced.

I would be fine with someone else taking over. I liked Whishaw as Q. But another take on that character would be welcome. And Whishaw is too good and in demand to return to that small role.

In fact, I would love Q to be a woman. Why does it always have to be a man who is the science wiz? And with a female Q the dynamic with Bond would automatically be much more interesting.


I know we probably won’t get the title until filming commences but I would love for it to leak right now. I wonder if the title had be decided on when Danny Boyle was still directing and they were aiming for December 3rd start date or if it was still up in the air. If they had decided on a title is it STILL the title or are they going with something else that fits the new script.