News on BOND 25


Clearly, somebody knows something I don’t…:wink:


So, are they taking the DAD credits to the next level? Designing a large portion of the film around a hallucination? That could be fascinating, and a way to explore a lot of fun things that otherwise would be out of the question.


It also could be something as straightforward as “flashback” scenes. Which to be fair (and feel free in the spirit of the season to pile on if I’m wrong) is not a device that the series has ever used over 24 films.


It was just a rumour , guys. Shouldn‘t have brought it up, sorry!


Ben Whishaw is returning, just not as Q.



I interpreted it that way too.


Me too, no question.


You guys are probably spot on. It would make sense for him to say this if he considers it weird to not know something concrete at this point (3 months before filming).



Exactly, having watched the interview, it is him saying how weird the secrecy and specifically interest and n him returning is. He also uses weird as a filler word quite regularly.


Is there a link online somewhere?



BBC Iplayer is region locked as I recall.


I love having something to look forward to. A fifth Craig film is a blessing!


Tis locked to region


Naomie Harris has confirmed her return via a post on Instagram.


The support is a little wooden



Love Naomie, glad she’ll be back. Roll on 2019.


I’m stumped by what you mean…



Awesome news. I know this just reiterates what we already know, but I’m glad that Bond 25 chatter has been increasing recently.