News on BOND 25


I think the crew cut and the stubble were to make him look older.


I’m surprised. I thought that his sexual harassment accusations would be the end of his career.


Would have thought EON would have better business sense than to do collaborate with him again.


That’s genuinely surprising.


Take with bucket of salt. It’s source is not the most reputable, it’s “exclusives” are all of the nature that can never be verified (They are often based around ideas and scripts that will never see the light of day) I think this is little more than click-bait - as I notice it tags in everything you could search for regarding Bond 25 so it’ll turn up high on google searches, throw in a name that already appears on MeToo searches and you have a flood of site traffic on something that is unlikely to be proven either way.


It´s obvious that Haggis had a good working relationship with EON, so they asked him back. And as I understand Haggis was not proven guilty or even accused in court - so why not hiring him again?


just for the sake of argument…

What if it had been Haggis who was given the SP script to doctor when the studios demanded a bigger ending? And what if he’d turned in something that left us all saying SP was the greatest Bond movie ever made - perhaps it even finally got an Oscar for script or film, or both…

Should BB surrender all of that because he’d been accused of sexual misconduct? Would we be willing to give it up on heresay? Has he been found guilty of anything yet?

It a conundrum! A gamble… A tricky position for BB to find herself in.

According to Haggis’ lawyers it’s not only the usual issue of the media complicating the path to truth, but also disreputable law firms capitalising on the metoo movement:

Mr. Haggis denies these anonymous claims in whole.
In a society where one of a person’s fundamental rights is the ability to confront an accuser, that right has now been eviscerated when it comes to anyone being charged in the press with any sort of sexual misconduct.
Notably, no one has reached out to anyone on Mr. Haggis’ team other than the press to report this.
He views the fact that these reports appear to be spearheaded from the law-firm representing Ms. Breest, as a further tactic to try to harm him and continue their effort to obtain money.
Mr. Haggis also questions whether Scientology has any role here, which he notes has been attacking him for years with false accusations.
We reiterate our claim against Ms. Breest, and note again that we initiated the legal proceedings, not Ms. Breest.

Doesn’t seem to be an open and shut case. So can it be misogynistic to employ someone who hasn’t been found guilty? Have we insidiously transitioned into an Orwellian society in which those accused are now guilty until proven innocent?

Unless Haggis has indeed been found guilty of these crimes then i think I’d applaud Eon if they were at this point willing to take the risk of employing someone whose status remains ‘innocent’ and be grateful that we have an Oscar winning writer with experience writing Bond (the best in the franchise for many) reshaping Bond 25.

Of course they’ll face a potential backlash if Haggis is then found guilty, so it’s a gamble. But BB has proven herself capable of acting autominously in spite of a perceived public backlash if she believes in the talent (ie casting Craig). So I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumour has a grain of truth to it.

EDIT: Ah, you posted this while I was composing my long winded rant:

So much more concise and makes the point just as well, darn it :wink:


Blockquote secretagentfan
It´s obvious that Haggis had a good working relationship with EON, so they asked him back. And as I understand Haggis was not proven guilty or even accused in court - so why not hiring him again?

There were suggestions that the accusations were a Scientology smear campaign. He was formerly a member, and now a very out spoken critic.

Either way, it seems his good work on CR could be over shadowed by either of these things, whether there is any truth to them or not.


And either way, it will not distract from the reception of BOND 25.

Let’s take this rumor just as a good sign that things are moving towards a start date of principal photography, with everybody involved trying to do their best work and make a movie we can all enjoy.


This is not the type of news I was hoping would start off the new year. Hopefully something will break soon that is more encouraging, like a composer announcement for instance.


It could be just that: a rumor, bound to stir up internet activity.

But as you said so well yourself: this or any message board is not the place to decide on the guilt of any person. That discussion would be just based on second- or third rate knowledge and therefore be pointless.

Restraint is a virtue, especially these days. As are logic and fact-based thinking.

For us fans here there is only one thing of interest: the process of getting the script to the finish line. Haggis might have been involved or not. And whatever is left of his possible contribution is rather unlikely to be discovered by us anyway.

Yes, that did not keep people from deciding that all the good parts of CR were written by Haggis and not P&W. But, you know…


I’m not a federal prosecutor, I am not the intestigating officer, I would not by on the jury. This makes any opinion I may have on Haggis’ guilt or innocence irrelevant.

Though - on a related note. One of the articles on the sight claiming exclusive knowledge is

From the same “writer” as the Haggis article.

Which today has been proven wrong by Smith tweeting what he was doing yesterday. You don’t book filming space for February when don’t even start coming up with a script till January.


Well, first of all, I would say that a site like geeks world wide is not exactly the sort of source I would believe anyway. Those sites are depending on traffic. Getting clicks with whatever they can offer is their business. Getting clicks through Bond? Of course, easy.

Interestingly, the Bond article does not even offer a source. The Kevin Smith article at least notes a source, however reliable that is.

But, hey, GWW has already reached their goal: we all clicked on their site and debated those “news”.


Quite. That’s what I said when I first saw it.


If EON has indeed sought his help in BOND 25, they’d better hope that his case turns out in a positive way in 2019. It would be a very bad look for them should he be convicted of it this year with BOND 25 coming to theaters on Valentine’s Day 2020. I’ll reserve my judgment on Haggis until a jury renders theirs, but I’m not pleased that EON would associate themselves with a situation like this when there are plenty of decent writers out there that could do the job. If Haggis does turn out to be guilty, EON won’t be getting my money for BOND 25.


If the script is already done, and all departments are fully aware of EVRYTHING for them to know exactly what they need to book studio space and locations, not to mention accomodation and food for the full cast and crew, you’d call it late stages in pre-production, not pre-pre-production. Basically you need the full crew to have the full film completed in their heads and on paper, right down to costs for you to know what it is you’re booking. You dont book space and locations for 6 weeks then hope for the best.


That article you posted is dated a month before the other “exclusive” reveal…wierd.

But going by what Mewes says there, what exactly are they doing in pre-production? If cast, crew, locations and their medical test for insurance is done…what is left to do?


One thing that’s undeniable is that P&W and Haggis worked on a script that turned out great. Whatever the alchemy or pecking order it’d be great to have the same for B25 (the judicial aspects aside).


I meant when the article was posted. That Mewes interview stuff was posted a month before the “exclusive” reveal. Adding exact dates doesn’t really make it new…

But, yes, back to Bond 25. I think that was just posted to get views on a (for obvious reasons) slow news day. Calling bull.


Until the Hollywood Trade papers (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc.) confirm the Haggis rumor I would take it with a grain of salt. I would be very surprise if Barbara Broccoli of all people would hire someone accused of sexual assault. In the #MeToo era it’s a bad look regardless of Haggis’ innocence or guilt.