News on BOND 25


Difficult to say. What about all the other hundteds of crewmembers? Can we be sure their behaviour is beyond reproach?

And can you watch a Connery film without thinking about his infamous Interview about women?


Can’t say for certain. Nobody’s saying anything about them. I’m not knowingly going to contribute my money to someone like that, though.

Nope. It usually pops to mind on the rare occasion I put on a Connery film these days. I’ve become less a fan the more I’ve listened to him speak off screen.


I see. I myself find it inreasingly difficult to watch a Woody Allen film, despite having been a huge admirer before.

But with a script polish done by Haggis and most probably many other writers I would not worry. And BB would not tolerate any abuse, I‘m sure.


It’s not something I’m going to waste a lot of time dwelling on. Either he worked on the film or not. The rest of it will take care of itself in the courts.

The Bond franchise has been teetering on losing me for quite a while anyway, so I doubt very much that Barbara will miss my $12 slice of the enormous $800 million-plus that she stands to earn from this next film.


Sorry to hear that.


I would be very surprised if Barbara Broccoli of all people would hire someone guilty of sexual assault. ‘Accused’, not so much.

It would certainly test her nerve, but imo she’d come out fighting against popularism and employ whom the hell she wants, unless theyre actually found guilty in court. Sure she may have a gender stake in metoo, but she also has a gender stake in the origin of the euphemism ‘witch hunt’ and if Haggis is subsequently found innocent a small slice of history will see his experience as just that.

I really don’t mean to be personal at all and hope you’ll see my point when I say, ‘And so cries the mob

You’re absolutely right that if he turns out to be guilty it’s a bad day for Eon, particularly with a valentine day release. And I appreciate why you wouldn’t be pleased with Eon taking that risk.

But I’m proud of Eon if they take that risk; if he’s guilty then they did no wrong in employing a man whom at the time was defending his case. They’re not contributing anything towards any wrong doing and are not guilty by association.

However, if Haggis is found innocent, then Eon denying him work because of untried accusations would indeed make them part of the problem in which opportunists try to capitalizte on the truly horrible situations that others have suffered from the likes of Weinstein (which in stark contrast to Haggis does seem to have an insurmountable deluge of testimony). It means there’s a price to pay if the accused doesn’t pay the accuser’s price and quick - even if they’re innocent.

But, but but but but… if the buzz scares BB off, then I guess it’s understandable.

It’s certainly interesting to read expressions of moral transparency and the absolutes therein on a website devoted to a character who inhabits a highly morally ambiguous profession. Of course it’s just movies and there need be no constinacy with one’s real life. But interesting nonetheless.


Completely agree with the immediate above.


Therefore… time for detailed news, as soon as the winter holidays end next week.


I’m so focused on the start date in March I forget that casting and other bits of new will likely break before then. I can’t wait.

Since the film will be out on Valentine’s Day I would look for the first teaser trailer in August (6 months out from the release date) although they could have one ready by July for the back half of summer films. The full trailer would probably be in November for the holiday films.


I wonder when we can expect a title?


Traditionally they announce it at a press conference not long after filming starts.


There could be something to this one I reckon


Here’s hoping.


I’ll be surprised if he’s the main villain. Given that this is said to be wrapping up the Craig storyline, I would have to think that Blofeld would be the big bad of this film. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Irma Bunt made an appearance as well, so it’s possible I guess that we could be looking at a somewhat crowded field of villains.


Reading the headline is enough for me. I don’t remember any actor to “tease he could play the next Bond villain” who ended up being in the movie.

It’s the most gulshangroverful time of the year… :stuck_out_tongue:


The unveiling i remember is “Mads Mikkelsen’s father has been telling passengers in his taxi that his son is in the next Bond film.”


My fear too! Trying to keep the continuity, while including a Largo-esque villain du Jour.

In trying to please everyone, they risk pleasing no one.


It could all be just a rumour - or a deliberate smokescreen to then reveal that Waltz indeed is coming back. And the other villain is just a henchman or someone trying to take over from Blofeld.

Which, by the way, would be an interesting dynamic. Of course, with Blofeld in jail, someone will want to fill that power vacuum, and Blofeld will not be amused about that. Therefore he will try to use to outmaneuver that guy by using Bond (without him knowing that he is, again, doing what Blofeld wants him to do). In the end, Bond, of course, uses the other villain to entrap Blofeld and gets rid of them both.


Or even, continuing on from Max Denbigh, a true believer in Blofeld and SPECTRE, and is trying to garner Blofeld’s attention by attacking Bond and Madeline.


I also believe we will see Irma Bunt in this one, but I don’t understand the need for it. It’s just another nod and a wink to the past (like Sterling in QOS), and most cinema-goers will not even get the reference, so why not have new names for villains?