News on BOND 25


I stayed for a week at the resort there in December 2017. It’s a cool spot. No one was staying in Ian’s villa at the time so they let me walk through it and sit at his desk which was pretty wild. It’d be cool if they filmed there.


Matera is definitely an interesting place, however… as much as I love Italy, there are 193 other countries in the world, for God’s sake.
Anyway, rumoured countries so far: Norway, Canada, Italy, Jamaica. United Kingdom for sure. Did I miss anything?


Cadiz, Spain.


Back in 1989, after a summer of working in New York (I’m British), I went on a week long holiday to Jamaica. Before this place became a resort, it was just Blackwell’s home. No signage, no fanfare.

In fact, it was actually quite difficult to locate, but locate we did and I just snuck in to the grounds, and went for a wander. I took photos of the house, and then went through the undergrowth to the coast to see the gazebo and little private beach.

Definitely an amazing experience.

I cant imagine what it must be like now…! The resort website images notwithstanding.


Craig’s Bond does love himself some Italy it would seem.


It’s all getting exciting !


A return to Jamaica would be cool. But I’m afraid Italy will return for the millionth time.


There’s always the chance it’s standing in for another location.


Kind of like the Doctor who can travel anywhere throughout time and space and yet spends 90% of his time in present day London.


That only happened under RTD but, hey, why let the fact he left the series over 10 years ago, and his replacement has been replaced, get in the way of a bitchy comment.


Prove me wrong. Obviously 90% is an exaggeration, but the Doctor does disproportionately spend a lot of time In present day London.


He is friendly with the BBC budget department


Italy? Again?? Ffs sick to death of seeing it in a Bond film. Doesn’t even look good cinematography-wise. Pass.


Irony doesnot translate easily on the internet.


And so it begins…

The article itself says “It’s to be taken with a huge pinch of salt at this point: the publication doesn’t cite its sources and it’s unclear if the throwaway reference stems from official details to do with the filming arrangements, or is just hearsay.” so it probably won’t come to anything.

For what it’s worth I hope it turns out to be false. I think Bond girls work better when they’re lesser know/ up and coming actors and not big stars. Plus Johnson carries the stigma of that other franchise, although I have heard she’s good in other things.


Damn, it just turned up in my news feed today and I thought I’d get to break the news (although in this case I use the term loosely) this time.


Well, i missed it earlier, so thanks for doubling down :slight_smile:

Even if they’re making it up, there’s a plausibility to both names.

Although Dakota Johnson’s chops appeared to be dire in the 50 Shades trailers (no way am i sitting through the actual movies), she was very good in Bad Times at The El Royale. She’s an up an coming and i can see BB taken a punt on her.

Stone seemed to be having a great time in her many facetted role in CJF’s Maniac so i can definitely see her wanted to work with him again and visa versa. Stone is a great actress and would make a superb foil for Craig, being his equal in chops.

But i hope neither of them are to be Craig’s love interest; at 29 and 30 it’s a step too far.

As Roger put it, “Why, I think you’re wonderful, Bibi… But I don’t think your uncle Aris would approve.”


Matera, Italy, looks like a beautiful location


Sorry, just had to do that.


Expect the “this is a completely different Bond girl than you’re used to” quote in 3, 2, 1…