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I will say that Steve “Frosty” Weinthraub is considered a reporter/editor that industry members feel confident with, although he tends to get a little fan-boyish at times. He may have misunderstood Sandgren, but his reports are typically accurate.


This is what the Spanish Fan Club published on Sunday:
(already posted by @univex on Sunday, but it went a bit under the radar somehow)

Bond 25 kicks off at Pinewood

Craig’s in London and there’s talk of Italy and Jamaica?

As far as Archivo 007 has known from London, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are already in the English capital because Craig’s work on the production of Bond 25 begins this Monday, February 4.

Script reading, rehearsals and meetings start next week in Pinewood, where the main sets are already built and even the second unit could already shoot something for the film from this Wednesday.

If it were shot in Cadiz, it would appear as another country, probably Tunisia.

The official press conference will arrive in the last two weeks of February.

On the other hand, the Italian press publishes today that Bond 25 will be partially shot in Matera, Italy, in March or April.

Even a local newspaper dares to say that it is “likely” that Emma Stone and Dakota Johnson are the Bond girls.

As if that weren’t enough, another source in the world of cinema confirms that Gregg Wilson, son of Michael, producer of Bond 25, is currently in Jamaica with the outdoor localization team.

Will we see the real Goldeneye, where Ian Fleming wrote all the Bond novels, in the cinema?

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The plot thickens…


Excellent Stromberg! “Thank you for bringing it to my attention…” - Gen. Oroumov “Goldeneye” :grinning:


Just me who’d love for Bond to be retired at Goldeneye at the beginning of the movie?


My guess is that’s what we’ll get, followed swiftly by the offing of Madeleine.


Thanks, @stromberg Excellent translation! :wink:


Not my own translation, unfortunately. It was done by a machine.

Myself, I don’t speak much more castellano than “Una cerveza por favor” :beer:


From CBn’s main page (yes, it still exists):

BOND 25 – A Winter Sleep’s Tale…


‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’



Relaunch a studio…no pressure commander…


'bout bleeding time. I never cared to see the MGM logo preface our beloved series - especially on the back catalogue entries which they had nothing to do with.


Yep… I wouldn’t be surprised if it begins with the sound of type keys hitting the ink ribbon, as Ex-007 tries to fill his time with a novel/authorised bio. Becoming annoyed as he removes the paper and begins again, but everything he tries to write is still an official secret. It’s an impossible task…

“Sod this, I’m going for a swim, Maddy!”

He fixes his snorkel and dives into the Carribean’s colourful subterranean world and glides among the tropical fish. When an octopus catches his attention - perhaps stirring a memory - he fails to notice the long black spines of an eagerly opening sea urchin and gets stung in the hand.

Bond walks from the surf, rubbing his palm, unable to remove the embedded spine. Like the memory the octopus stirred its too deep.

Tragically upon his return to the house he finds Maddy snuffed out. And there’s a calling card with only an octopus printed on it.

Cue colourful, tropical, underwater themed PTS in which many of the beutiful creatures prove deadly; spines, fangs, teeth and long, multi coloured octopus arms.


I, and the staff of the Hard Rock Café in London, can vouch for that. :wink:


Or perhaps this…


United Artists is 100 years old today (February 5).

D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin (seated) and Douglas Fairbanks at the signing of the contract establishing the United Artists motion-picture studio in 1919. Lawyers Albert Banzhaf (left) and Dennis F. O’Brien (right) stand in the background.


Isn’t having a scene at the “Goldeneye” house just another pointless reference for fans, but something most cinema-goers wouldn’t get?


Tbh it’s more often than not, if they’re using a location, going to somewhere they already have a connection with, is often cheaper, due to already established relationships and the mutually beneficial relationship, thus allowing the budget to be used in other areas. It’s like the amount of times we’ve seen the same forest in Bond movies - it’s not a reference to FRWL, it’s because you can hit it if you throw a stone from the 007 stage at Pinewood. That tid bit doesn’t sound fun in trivia, so it’s uses in other films will be drawn on.

Repeated use of other things they’d normally spend through the nose to use are the same, Aston Martin for example “it’s a Bond tradition” sounds better in PR than “Aston was cheaper and they’d let us actually design a car because it’s a good ad for them”


Not sure if this is supposed to be a disappointment…

But, isn’t that kinda the point? A little nod to those who know and care. And for those who don’t and don’t, nothing to get in the way of a story.

Anyway, nowhere is it yet confirmed IF in Jamaica, nor What, if in Jamaica.