News on BOND 25


Yes, it is! Great isn’t it :grinning:


I’m hoping for a gratuitous naval officers uniform shot


And finally getting to use the ejector seat.


Is it wierd that they could remake Octopussy, word for word, and it would be considered a commentary on today’s society?



Was Craig’s Bond in the Navy? I’ve always assumed he was, but has it ever been brought up?


They do call him Commander don’t they?


I can’t think of any off the top of my head.


Only in the (I assume non-canon) biography that was posted on the 007 site at the time of CR. It said he was in the SBS.


Exactly my thinking. They made it pretty clear in Skyfall.


The circus set piece is pure Brexit.


I’d trust Moore in a clown suit more than Theresa May not to reignite my countries sectarian violence.


I had totally forgotten Dench typing out the YOLT obituary. Must re-watch that film.


He was also referred to as “Commander Bond”, in the video game Blood Stone. Granted, that may not necessarily be canon.


Yes, he was described as ex-SAS in Casino Royale documentation but also by Vesper on the train. “Former SAS types with easy smiles and expensive watches…”


Bond’s Military record from his dossier on the old CR movie website:

Admiral Griffin Reports:

Attached are summaries of Commander Bond’s military service. They are viewable by section:

Commander Bond excelled in all areas of training. He seemed to come into his own upon his entrance into the service. Cdr. Bond matriculated from his coursework at BRNC with passable marks. He excelled. However, whilst excelling at athletic competitions, strategic operations,and counter-intelligence courses, but his unconventional approach to his education, his diffident attitude to certain of his superiors, and a lack of respect for curfew drew him many demerits. On more than one occasion, a fellow candidate was strongly suspected of lying to protect Cdr. Bond from punishment.

Cdr. Bond conducted his year of Sea Service with high recommendations from his Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers. He applied for and was uniformly recommended for work in Naval Intelligence.

Bond served as an intelligence officer on HMS Exeter both before and during Operation Granby, and later was able to transfer to submarine service, touring on the HMS Turbulent. His natural abilities, mental quickness and confidence impressed his commanding officers. Within the year of being assigned to HMS Turbulent, it became apparent that Bond was not being sufficiently challenged with his duties. Cdr. Bond volunteered for Special Boat Service.

Cdr. Bond excelled at SC3 and Underwater and Aquatic Warfare training. He constantly equaled or bested his superior officers and instructors in all areas after nominal experience. Cdr. Bond earned the distinction of being the only candidate to entirely escape detection during the night limpet placement operation at Plymouth. There was some doubt as to whether Bond had actually accomplished the mission per the assignment until he demonstrated his rather ingenious method of eluding the underwater infra-red cameras and sonar systems in-place. His techniques were rapidly included in future training.

Upon completion of UAW training, Cdr. Bond commenced Advanced Commando Parachute training at Brize Norton. Attached is a report from his instructor (name omitted):

Lieutenant Bond participated in the first group freefall exercise today, where the following incident occurred: At 900m 3rd jumper Lt. Cameron’s ripcord pin shearedpins jammed causing the main shoot to malfunction, and he panicked… 4th jumper Lt. Bond spotted Cameron, and at great personal risk, repositioned himself to aerially intercept Lt. Cameron at approx. 450m, and deploy Lt. Cameron’s chute… Lt. Bond deployed at 250m. Lt. Cameron shattered his hip upon landing, although Lt. Bond escaped without serious injury.

Bond’s record with training earned him placement with the 030 Special Forces Unit, rather than deployment as a swimmer-canoeist with the standard SBS Units in Poole.During further training with 030 SFU, Cmd. Bond earned certifications for the operation of assault helicopters, Harrier-class jets, fixed wing aircraft, hovercrafts, marine assault vessels, armored vehicles, and other crafts.

Cdr. Bond served with distinction in the 030 Special Forces Unit. He proved adept at training other candidates, initiating athletic competitions, and fostering a creative environment. During his three-year tenure with the 030 SFU, Cmd. Bond rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He saw covert service in Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Libya, and active service in Bosnia. Upon completion of his duties in Bosnia’where Bond was credited with saving the lives of nearly 100 men from a Serbian militia in one village’Bond was recruited by the RNR Defence Intelligence Group and awarded the rank of Commander.

Cmd. Bond’s work with the Defence Intelligence Group at Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, Chicksands, proved highly satisfactory, although his fellow officers noted Bond’s rather casual attitude toward command structure and protocol. Cmd. Bond’s work provided vital intelligence during key moments with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Indonesia, China (during the Hong Kong handover) and North Korea. In Libya, Bond was able to secure detailed assessments of the status of the Libyan government’s reputed financial ties to numerous terrorist organizations, as well as crucial information related to the settlement of issues related to the Pan Am 103 case. In Iraq, Cmd. Bond was able to monitor Iraqi counter-moves to the UNSCOM (now UNMOVIC) inspections process during one key period. Cmd. Bond undertook a particularly hazardous mission into Afghanistan to rescue a researcher deemed important to Her Majesty’s government who was being imprisoned by the Taliban government. During the S-300 missile crisis in Cyprus, Cmd. Bond helped undermine the Republic of Cyprus government’s confidence, and, it is felt, helped bring a peaceful resolution to the matter. During his tenure at the DI Group RNR, Bond attended specialized courses at Cambridge (where he achieved a first in Oriental Languages), Oxford and other institutions. Bond left the DI Group RNR after recruitment by the MI6.


That dossier was excellent. Love the 30 assault unit reference.


Well that reads like the pitch for TV series chronicling his progress from birth to MI6!

Could be a limited series, but it has scope to keep going and going with the almost endless permutations of missions and dilemmas etc that could be invented.

Of course it would jeopardise the brand if done on the cheap, or rushed, or attempted with the wrong partners and for those reasons i’ve always been against the notion. But imagine this co-opted with HBO, or Showtime? I’d certainly warm to it.

And with so may Bond 7 candidates that wouldn’t quite cut it on the big screen - a few would be ideal on the ‘small screen’.


I would not be surprised if this actually were on EON´s mind. And maybe, between the movies, there is opportunity for a well-made, respectable show there.

On the other hand, it would, I think, endanger the appeal of the movies. They are coming so rarely now that they are always an event. If the show tanked it would likely impact the interest in the movies.

And how would one actually pursue that kind of tv Bond? Without all the big costly stunts, of course. But that is what made “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” such a problem - it just wasn’t Indy enough. Bond without all the big screen extravaganza would be not Bond enough.

So… I guess… no?


My thoughts, too.


A Bond TV series would have to be something radically different from the current films to succeed on a larger scale. It would probably have to be so unusual people wouldn’t even recognise it as Bond and get a little shock each time the protagonist is called ‘007’.

On top of that, we mustn’t forget there’s currently no shortage of spy series, some of them even outstanding and successful enough to see off grandfather trespassing on their home turf. Since the days of Alias and 24 spies have been more or less constantly present on channels and streaming services, occupying every nuance of the genre from would-be realistic to self parody. Throwing Bond into the mix would likely just result in running him against a wall.