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Other than Jaws, are any Bond villains first defined by their physical appearance rather than their actions?


I was going to say Oddjob, but he knocks out Bond before we see him properly.


Tee Hee maybe? But I think the rest, you see their actions first. Very fond of hiding faces is Bond.


I´d say: Dr.No, Oddjob, Largo, Pleasance-Blofeld, Wint/Kidd, TeeHee, NickNack, Jaws - the list is endless…


Dr No is heard first and has killed both Strangways and Quarrel as well as attempted murdering Bond with a spider, and we see MANY of his actions throughout the film before he comes on screen. Odd Job is shown silhouette and with music cue first and, indeed, no has physical deformities, he’s mute. Blofeld his voice and many murders first only his face in the final act, Wint/Kidd have no physical deformities, Nick Nack is immediately shown paying a gangster to try and kill his boss. So, Tee Hee and Jaws. The rest are shown doing things in the case of the main villains LONG before we see their faces.

As for Largo - his first appearance is a SPECTRE staff meeting. It’s not like he was there to take the minutes.


That´s all true - but their physical traits are definitely there to signal: BADDIE ahead!


Who else but the Bond fan community should know how these things go. We had it over a decade ago: Craignotbond. The origin of this was a group of not more than maybe a dozen people (or less) who knew exactly how to play the game. And until this very day, you happen to read in articles that “most fans” didn’t like Craig in the beginning. When I look at things going on around the interweb and its impact on the daily news, I still feel reminded of that bunch of wankers. It all follows the same pattern.


So true. And to think how much trouble the press gave him at that first conference, reinforcing the idea because he wore an obligatory life jacket.


It’s been a pretty grotty day at work today so thank you for making me chuckle with this one!!:clap::joy:



Personally I couldn’t care less what the BFI thinks regarding Bond, nor the click-bait backlash. But I do find it tiresome that almost every villain needs a physical issue. Craig’s encountered blood tears, phantom of the cyanide opera and another eye issue post helicopter crash.

Do we really need another villain who’s ocularly challenged?

Isn’t good dialogue, direction and performance enough?


It certainly is one trope I would not miss.


How about the henchmen? I could never understand Hinx’s silver thumbnails. What he did to the guy at the meeting really didn’t need any appliances to help a guy his strength do what he did.


They make him even cooler!!! Best henchperson since Xenia Onatop


Judge me not by the derangement of my eye but by the content of my character.


Deadline says Rami Malek close to a deal but also says no to Lupita Nyong’o


Probably for the best regarding Lupita Nyong’o. I feel like I keep saying this but I believe roles like that are better suited to lesser known actors. Lupita Nyong’o already has an Oscar as well as roles in Black Panther and Star Wars (even if that was motion capture). A role like this could be a great opportunity for someone new.

I’m wondering what we can learn from Lupita Nyong’o consideration though? It’ll be interesting to see what other names come up in the next few week.


Well, there is the Ajak Deng rumour. The African-Australian model looks a bit like Nyong’o, and if it’s true that she auditioned for a role, it could mean they’re specifically looking for an actress with a body type that is commonly found in East Africa. Deng has roots in South Sudan, Nyong’o has roots in the neighbouring Kenya. But it’s a big IF, because the article about Denk’s audition sounds a bit too much like self-promoting.


Here is the original interview with Ajak Deng from November 2017:

Screen test: Melbourne model Ajak Deng auditioned for Bond girl role

MELBOURNE model Ajak Deng has had a Bond girl moment, revealing she went for a role in the yet-to-be-released new James Bond film.

The statuesque beauty, who made a whistlestop visit back to Australia from her New York base last week, revealed she tested for a role in the yet to be released new James Bond film.

“I am studying acting and have gone to castings for some amazing roles,” she said.

“I tested for one of the Bond girls for the new James Bond movie, but … they told me I was too pretty for the role. It was so good just to have that experience.


How diplomatic of them :wink: