News on BOND 25


I like the idea of unknowns when it comes to roles whether Bond girl, villain, henchmen or even Bond himself. George was certainly unknown, and as for Daniel and Timothy, being in the USA myself, I had to do some digging but by the time Daniel came about, it was far easier to get a feel for him.

Remember when a Bond film made someone a star? Granted, it is nice that major talent and award winners want to do Bond but I don’t think it always has to be the case.


Interesting, I did miss the Ajak Deng rumour. It could well be fabricated, promoting yourself as a Bond girl is a great way to get free press.

I did wonder if Lupita Nyong’o pointed towards a Bond girl from Africa or African decent. However if anyone remembers Non-Stop (plane hijack thriller with Liam Neeson) then you’ll also know that she’s capable of a British accent so could theoretically be up for the British agent character.


Interestingly, Rami Malek’s parents are from Egypt (he was born in LA) and Ajak Deng is from Sudan, which is right next to Egypt. The first Spectre script had Blofeld as an African warlord - maybe they’re circling back to unused ideas?


There does appear to be a strong African connection running through this latest batch of news and rumours. At least as far as the casting goes, I don’t recall hearing Africa mentioned as a location.


Over the last films going back to SF and even TWINE there were always a lot of rumors about South Africa and Johannesburg that kept popping up. I always took them to be reports confusing the continuation novels with the films.


Yes. Me too.

I do think the Eon crew do unleash some (to me and perhaps us, at least) some true gems from the ‘unknown’.

The star power has some sort of attraction to the immediate and the one-time viewers. I am sure this is what drives MGM et al to the Denise Richards and Halle Berry allure.

But for those who watch and re-watch, the unknown is a real treat. Berenice Marlohe, for example?


Even going back to Danny Boyle and the rumor of Saïd Taghmaoui (b. Morocco) - same part of the world. There is a thread here…


And yet, there have as yet been no indications of African locations…?

Norway, Jamaica, Canada, Greece, Italy… have all been mentioned.


Well, sure - because people don’t stay in the country they’re from, especially in a Bond film. Le Chiffre was never seen in Albania, or Greene in France, or Silva (Tiago Rodriguez) in Spain, etc…


Purvis and Wade said this in January 2017:

Each time, you’ve got to say something about Bond’s place in the world, which is Britain’s place in the world.

So if there’s an African thread, could it have something to do with human trafficking/the European migrant crisis? Just like terrorism was a subplot in CR. Or is that too political for a Bond film?


As for the possibility of a blind villain, I’ll just say Chirrut from Rogue One, while a heroic character, is easily my favourite Force user from the Star Wars saga. There’s a philosophical and deep manner about him which I’d love to see for Bond. Blind physically, but mentally still being a skilled threat.


So still NO United Arab Emirates for Bond. When will that ever happen. Mission Impossible already did that with Ghost Protocol and how many years ago was that? Why is that Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli might want African. What could be the happening in Africa, unless it only just part of the story.


Goldeneye Reloaded has a level in Dubai.


I remember that, South Africa was one of the locations considered for the pre-title sequence before they settled on Turkey. I think that one came down to money/ budget more than any creative reasons.


Good catch! Certainly wouldn’t be the first time an old idea was dusted off and used.


I could definitely see that being a thread at the very least. All writers need human interest in their stories - something the audience can relate to. Often that’s a hard sell in action movies about spy betraying one another, hacking, shadowy organisations and global surveillance systems.

They tried to make it more relatable with the water plot in QoS, but a few GVs of thirsty looking Bolivians didn’t quite cut it. Human trafficking is a very emotive subject that, if served prepoerly could deliver far more relatable jeopardy than we’re used to in Bond. I can see Craig, CJF and any writer being very open to that.


Fair point indeed!


Namibia was reportedly location scouted prior to Boyle’s departure.


While I’d like to see them tackle such a topic, it would again be a reminder of the missed opportunity of using it in Casino Royale. Tackling the human trafficking issue then, instead of issue of terrorism that had already more than saturated the entertainment landscape by the time 2006 rolled around, would have allowed EON to make a much more faithful adaptation of Fleming’s novel.


I can see Craig, CJF and any writer being very open to that.

Especially CJF. His first feature film, Sin Nombre, was an adventure thriller about illegal immigration. And let’s not forget Beasts of No Nation, a film about an African warlord.