News on BOND 25


I don’t think Bond fails in SKYFALL. He stops Silva. M‘s death is collateral damage, just as the fate of all the agents she sends out on their missions.


Which is why SPECTRE is the best Craig film. The dual threats posed by a) an increasing surveillance society and b) the deepening connection between government and the private sector (criminal and otherwise) are credible, can be conveyed in filmic shorthand, and will resonate for much of the audience. If viewers are interested in more information they can turn to works such as “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” by Shoshana Zuboff or my forthcoming “The Solex Agitator: From Drawing Board to World Domination in Easy Fourteen Stages.”


We’ll have to agree to disagree on this. As far as I’m concerned, not only is Spectre Craig’s weakest effort, it’s the worst film in the franchise.


I know. And I think your explanation about the ending being Bond’s dream as he was tortured was brilliant, and I am sure it will enhance my next viewing of the film.


Oh? More info, please!


I’m looking that up now. Will definitely check out yours, just give deets.


How do I find this post re: the ending being a dream? I’d love to read it.


Which is why my favorite Daniel Craig Bond films are Casino Royale and SPECTRE. And his Bond character seems to be enjoying himself more in those films than in Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall. SPECTRE may have its issues, but it brought the fun back to 007, which really hadn’t been seen in nearly 10 years!!!


The announced release date seems to have been for the US. In the U.K. it’ll open a lilttle earlier on the 3rd April…

The question is, considering the all the missteps thus far should it be opening 2 days before the 3rd :wink:

But seriously, sort of, according to a fan who claims to have grilled Wishaw after seeing him the V&A museum, London, the wiery thesp is indeed signed up for Bond 25.

Really great news, if true. His performance have been a highlight of the reboot imo and his acting chops making him a great foil to Craig. He’s given the writers scope to make far more of his scenes than the usual tropes.

Wishaw’s intro scene in The National Gallary is one of my favourite Bond scenes. The dialogue crackles with a wit not realised had a lessor actor filled Qs shoes.


The one I’m curious about is Rory Kinnear as Tanner. The man is a fantastic actor.


escapism implies an idea of fantasy unrelated to the real world and that has in my opinion never really been the case - there is always an element of the real world inspiring the larger than life story in one way or another be that geopolitical/military tensions, weapon threats, new technology, sexual politics, race relations, corruption etc etc… Its a little disingenuous to write off everything in 007 as pure fantasy. Just because they are fun, blockbuster movies doesn’t mean they have no basis in our reality - 007 films and Fleming/Gardner etc… have always taken a real world story or element of it, set “slightly in the future” and taken to super spy extremes (gadgets, explosions, villainous schemes). It is timeless in that regard as it rarely takes the real world 1-1, but it certainly deals with reality in its own way - it is escapist in its approach and presentation but the stories are most definitely rooted in reality before being taken the 007 level.

Off the top of my head, TMWTGG uses energy stability as the basis and puts it into a story about dueling spies, OHMSS deals with emerging bio terrorism threats, The World Is Not Enough certainly revolves around oil and nuclear disarmament etc etc…


It remains to be seen if we get a new MI6 crew with a new Bond, but in any case, Wishaw has been perfectly cast as Q. He’s taken something that so strongly belonged to Desmond (and still does) but managed to make it his own.


It doesn’t. It refers to mood and intention. Bond films are escapism because they take ideas and topics from the real word but only use them to tell basically an adventure story about an invincible guy who always wins in the end.


Sure - i take your point. that said, you could say its using the real world to tell an invincible adventure story and I can easily say it uses an invincible adventure story to talk about the real world - perhaps its become more of the latter as time goes on (certainly post Moore, I’d say they’ve become inarguably less escapist)

The dictionary definition is “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” - to me, the fact that the films engage in the unpleasant reality to tell their stories makes me think they are not pure escapism and usually have some sort of commentary on the world to offer. So to me, they are in some kind of middle ground between escapism and something else, if you get what I mean


Escapism has to be defined by that which we wish to escape. This emotional, intellectual, geopolitical ‘prison’ is no doubt different and particular to each individual. But the constant is that we all turn to fiction to excise the stresses of the things we can’t change.

To this extent all fiction is escapism unless it’s either Documentary, or perfectly mirrors out experience of reality. Bond will always be escapism because it will never (intentionally) accomplish either of these two criteria.

In that context, no matter how fanciful a story’s subject it could be said that those stories which don’t make sense - the ones that don’t answer questions in their resolution - the ones that in the final act make an inexplicable hairpin turn out of nowhere, causing audiences to hate it - they are realism and all else is escapism.

We enjoy stories because they impart the fantasy of meaning, or resolution lacking in our real lives. Bond, incorruptible, ultimately foils the villain and gets the girl. Pure escapism no matter how politically relevant or emotionally true it attempts to be.


You make valid points, of course.

I just think that there has never been a Bond film which actually dealt with a topic - they just pick one as a starting point.

The Craig films actually are not more courageous than the previous films, their topics just are naturally of more recent concern.

But I actually do not need a Bond film to try to tackle a serious problem with detailed seriousness. I like them the way they dance around it.


Oh sure I think they do it in a way that is accessible and makes it possible to be ignored if you so wish - I actually think dealing with these issues in a fantastical kinda way actually helps some people to think about the real world equivalent better than being a realistic and serious portrayal of an issue which can turn people off. I’m not advocating Bond loses what makes it special - just saying its basis in reality and acknowledgement of these issues gives them more layers than other films and to me saying its pure escapism kind of undermines one of the things that’s great about 007


That’s an interesting idea; surely both directions would work. Though the statements of, say, Fowl’s Moving Castle or Lord of the Rings about the real world differ from those DIE ANOTHER DAY makes about our fantasies.

But I would tend to follow Kingsley Amis’ point about escapism: it needs a basis, however small, in reality to work in the desired way. And Bond films are patently not depicting anything like our reality. They mirror only shiny surfaces, everything is styled to the tiniest detail according to a design vocabulary that befits the marketing partners. Even the elements meant to be repulsive are done in a stylised manner that we would never see in real life outside an advertisement.

There are no supermarkets in Bond films, no soiled toilets, no used preservatives. And it’s not just that these things are not shown - the characters haven’t seen them either because they don’t exist in their world.


Welp…according to Barbara Broccoli, the title will NOT be “Shatterhand”… :sunglasses:


I was hoping for something, anything to ease this agonizing wait, and then that…
Can’t say I’m surprised, but a slight bit disappointed. Guess all the The Death Collector and Sparrow’s Tears and other guesses will commence again.