News on BOND 25


Check out the 007 Instagram page. Funny stuff.


Not sure there’s a salt shaker big enough for these killing off Bond stories. Not in a million years would EON go in that direction.


Super pissed that my fan art logo has gone viral and Barbara Broccoli autographed it without no one acknowledging where it originated from.


Hey, you can walk around knowing you hold a unique place in Bond history. A story to tell the grandkids or friends over a beer (or the grandkids over a beer if you’re cool). That’s more than a lot of fans can say right now…


True. Just frustrating because I’ve always hoped that EON was seeing my work.


You never know Gobi. You might get an email one day from Eon. Of course they’d probably have you agree to a NDA, but then you’d truly be recognized. Be thrilled that your work has been noticed.


I can see why you’re frustrated.

If I were in charge, you’d be making the official film posters.




Next thing you know they’ll be making Bond blonde :wink:


Don’t say such a thing!


Gobi, I’ll re-iterate what others have said- if it were up to me, you’d design all the posters.

Most of the latest official offerings have been total garbage (especially the Skyfall ones, good lord ) . All of yours are a breath of fresh air.


Yes, Gobi’s have been good. Not sure if it was the same chap but there was a teaser poster I think for SPECTRE which was a cat’s eye. Also good.

And yes, the designs by Empire Design have been beyond woeful. They are capable of decent imagery as I believe they design Oblivion posters - they were superb. But just sticking Craig in the middle of a poster is devoid of all effort. They over lit ones for Skyfall were an embarrassment and as MGW is a renowned photographer, and interested in such, I am surprised he didn’t wade in with impressions.


Think so, too. And I understand EON is absolutely involved in the PR campaign - so they must have liked those posters.

Lowest common denominator thinking, I guess. Despite Bond selling anyway, opting for a bland “Craig in the middle poster” instead of a subtle, evocative design strikes me as a missed opportunity.


True of modern posters in general though no?


Not really modern posters in general, but those designed by Empire Design. They’re all done the same way: big “something” in the middle, usually a person or two, sometimes a silhouette, rarely much more. Lots of space, most of the time a single colored background (white in most cases).

A modular system that some people mistake for “style” :roll_eyes:


Yup, exactly.

They recently redid their site so seem to no longer be able to search or see all of their designs. But around the time of SPECTRE, one could see more of their output. I checked basically all of it and yes, man in middle and, well, not much else really.

It did make me wonder just how much they charge for such ‘designs’… And if it’s any more than a buck ninety-five, someone’s being shaken down.


I’ve liked the teaser posters (well, teaser image in Spectre’s case, the teaser poster was less than inspiring) but in their actual purpose of teasing the film. The main posters since LTK have been more than somewhat phoned in.


I agree that the teaser posters have been good. It’s the final one sheet posters that need more. They’re basically just another variation of a teaser poster.

*I may be getting my US and UK release posters mixed up but these are the posters I saw in theaters the day the films came out. I think all of them are fine and they would all be good teaser posters but the final one sheet needs to have much more going on.


The CR main poster is IMO the best (and only good one of these), although it looks put together rather than finely crafted. At least it evokes the central conflict of the film.

QUANTUM is just brute Bond with a big gun. SKYFALL tries something different but has nothing to do with the movie (unless one wants to over-interpret “Bond has fallen down and can still shoot”). SPECTRE really makes little sense. If the spectre of death looms behind Bond they should have used the SPECTRE-octopus, not Bond´s own disguise during the PTS (unless one wants to over-interpret “Bond is his own worst enemy”, which the film doesn’t support, however).

I hope the poster for BOND 25 will dare to be different.


This will always be my favorite. If you’re not going to do the old style poster that is filled from top to bottom with glorious images then go to the other end of the spectrum and keep it stark and simple.