News on BOND 25


Could even be part of a joke of some kind - Q gives Bond the car (listing its green credentials) and Bond wonders if the battery will remain charged long enough while he’s out in the field. Bond doesn’t have to be completely on board with the idea. Could be fun.


Being very quiet, an electric Aston could be seen as a real world version of DADs invisible Aston with the ability to sneak around with little more than a soft buzz.

Also there was talk quite a while ago of using Tesla as inspiration for a Bond villain. Might that have been realised in some way with this electric Aston Martin rumour?


Sounds great. And really, why not? Bond becoming a trendsetter by using a cutting edge tech car - I love it!

To badmouth this as “PC” is exactly what’s wrong in our world today.



I hate PC as much (probably more) than the next MAN:wink:

An electric car isn’t PC, it’s ‘high-tech’.


“It’s not politically correct”

Hate that phrase, can people who use it legitimately not conceive of showing kindness and empathy to others without personal gain?

If you add that phrase to excuse yourself from saying something racist, sexist or xenophobic, you should probably seek professional help.

More inhumanity has been done by man himself than any other of nature’s causes. - that Quote is from 1673 and yet still applies


Remember Craig’s Bond drove a hydrogen car in QoS and Mr. Hinx drove a hybrid during the Rome chase, so this isn’t exactly groundbreaking territory for these films…


But that also and often even more applies to people ridiculing something as “politically correct” when they just don’t want their bad behavior pointed out.

In other words: that newspaper calling Fukunaga a tree hugger and Bond driving an electric AM as PC just does not get it or or does not want to understand.


That latter.


More from Sassi Live.

Does anyone speak Italian? Google Translate really struggled with this one.

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So, does anyone know of a press conference scheduled April 1st? Seems that would help steer the legitimacy of this article, if there is any.


April 1st…


How fitting!


Since we’re between news and rumours right now I’d like to throw something out there:
A while back I suggested Gemma Chan for a Bond girl role, specifically as another agent.

The latest rumours suggest that one of the leading ladies will indeed be an Mi6 agent so I’d like to reiterate my suggestion of Chan. Not only is she beautiful and talented but her star is on the rise after roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Captain Marvel so she’d be a great addition to the franchise. On top of that her role in Captain Marvel required her to learned kickboxing and go to sniper school so she can definitely handle the action scenes.


One advantage (maybe the only one) to the delay is the fact they’ll be filming through the summer for the first time in decades, so we might get more of that sunny, blue-sky atmosphere of the earlier movies.


Good point.


Well, depends on where they are in the summer.


Also very good in the UK’s Channel 4’s Humans. And what little I saw of her in Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan movie.


The northern hem’s summer being the southern’s winter.


It’ll also depend on whether they opt for those awful filters that they used in Spectre as well. Here’s hoping that Bond 25 doesn’t look as though it was dumped in a vat of mustard before being released to the cinemas.