News on BOND 25


Maybe, it’s a big area nowadays. It’s not the main house though.


ok thanks


De nada :wink:

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Someone did mention a while back that goldeneye was unavailable for a couple days. Wonder it’ll it was today? Can’t remember


That won’t be Goldeneye as the house sits atop a cliff edge. There is some height to the gardens.


Well if its just a couple of tourists there and not the production, aren’t they the lucky ones? :wink:


The feed just disappeared on me. Did it happen to anyone else?


I’m still getting the count down via


Nop, still got it.


ok here


My browser refreshed and it was replaced with a 404 not found message. Your link works for me, though. Thanks.


You’re welcome, old friend. Glad we’re in this together again. Brilliant times.


15 minutes


Wow, and I have to leave home in 45 minutes…

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You can blame traffic


Cast only.


Been doing this since DAD and still giddy as a schoolboy :crazy_face:


Setting myself up to be disappointed. I don’t really care about the cast really, I want the title too.


You were never giddy, even when you were a schoolboy! :wink:

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2 minutes