NO TIME TO DIE first trailer (spoiler-free discussion) - Poll added

No, I just found them nitefinders.

I think the reason for moving them behind the headlights is just the Gatling gun design. The originals used to be just tubing with some smoke/lights effect hidden behind the blinkers. The revolving barrels obviously need more space.

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I think the reason for putting Anything behind the headlights was to make it more cinematic.

Hereafter, the bonnet/hood will elevate and canons will appear.

Bond 26?

Didn’t we have something like that in DAD already?

Yeah, I know.

I was just illustrating how might the DB5 be regenerated.

As indeed are all the Bonds regenerated from films’ past… No?

Yes, they come out the top. You can shoot AND maintain light in dark situations :wink:

Looks amazing. Some great stunts, the Bond girls look cool, the bad guys menacing. My only concern is Blofeld still going on about how Bond is feeling, and maybe a character change for Madeleine, but otherwise I am so excited for April. How good does Italy look in this snippet???

I was getting a distinct Dr No / LALD vibe.


I find you are usually a good barometer with Bond. Glad you liked the trailer.


Welcome back, 007!


I always respect your opinion too


So, obviously, SPECTRE now will feel like an exposition film for this conclusion!

Can’t wait. Have to, though.


It does seem like, once Boyle left, they went back to what they intended Bond 25 to be even before Spectre.

The car started with a gadget that would do more damage to the driver than the enemy it was used on. I don’t think Q-Branch cares about the longevity of 00 section.

And a warm welcome to you, archer. Thanks for signing up. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the film as the months progress.

Very interesting interview with EON:

And the first Heineken trailer - pretty funny:

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Thanks! Very interesting indeed.

From all I read, my only fear is the way they emphasize on the “emotionally engaging film” thing… I fear we might yet again get another “psycho issues” Bond with which I’m seriously growing fed-up.

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Awesome heineken clip :slight_smile: I think mastercard did one just like it but wirh Pierce Brosnan :grin:

This better.