NO TIME TO DIE Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

Yeah, I don’t see anything concrete there with the streaming answer. Not ruling anything out is vague, effectively saying “who knows? We’ll see what happens.” The concrete answer is that the big screen is still their number one place right now.

It’s time this gets passed on to their children then

That’s already underway for a time now; David G Wilson has been working on Bond and Angelica Zollo is also working in films.

That said, it’s one thing to be involved in the family business - and another to be entirely and 100 percent THE Bond producers. The current Broccoli-Wilson chemistry has developed over decades into a fairly ideal factory for the Bond brand. It’s not a given that the next generation will be equally involved, talented or even interested in 007.

Nor can you expect them to have the same chemistry and work as a unit to move these huge projects with a firm hand through troubled waters. A director walking out of a production does not always merely result in a couple of months delay. And that’s not even talking about the studio situation yet…






You can’t give a declarative answer to a subjective medium.


What’s a Bond film?

Choose whichever you like.

Ive started to see a bit of criticism of Bond is a man from BB on twitter etc… which is unsurprising but in general pretty unfair - I think BB is on a thin line between evolution and tradition and so far is hitting the mark for the most part - and of course producing films like The Rhythm Section and Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool separate to Bond (and spearheading the failed Jynx spin off) - I think MGW and BB saying Bond can be any colour and pointing to the diversity of Britain and the Commonwealth was a good sign.

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They can go In to the fray energised and full of hope.

But they are allowed to be tired at the end of it. As anyone would be.


Here’s one to take with a grain of salt of course but…Universal Pictures Russia is giving exhibitors an estimated runtime of…174 minutes


A bloody big grain.

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I hope not. Hard to imagine it being tight at that length. Also my bladder is not as young as it used to be.:disappointed:


Lol, that’s my sole reason for waiting to watch the longer movies (I’m looking at you Tarantino) at home.

Bring back the intermission :persevere:

2 hours 54 minutes? For the last ever Craig film I wouldn’t be complaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s shorter than that, but for me, the longer the better. Lots of juicy material they could explore with some of these themes.

It would all certainly explain the clapperboards with scene numbers almost at 250…

Perhaps the first cut came in at 174 minutes. I just don’t see the distributors agreeing to that length. But, what do I know?

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I doubt it’ll be that long, but who knows? The Avengers films certainly did quite a bit to mainstream super long movies. And Avengers: Endgame certainly doesn’t feel 3 hours long. I wouldn’t mind more Craig Bond especially if it’s his last.

Well, if Disney let Endgame be 3 hours…and just later this year, 170 for It Chapter 2 from WB…

Remember that the distributors basically do what EON wants, and if EON wants three hours they’ll get it.

I doubt there is a run time this far in advance. Aren’t they still editing?

Sure. But then they ought to have a target corridor where they expect to end up in. But this long is really stretching it, I should think.

Marvel fans probably tend to be a bit younger, with stronger bladders.

For a predominantly young audience, or a prestige movie maybe, but for a franchise like Bond, now we’ll used to looking forward to big returns I just don’t see it coming in at 3 hrs.

More’s the pity!