NO TIME TO DIE Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

Here’s one to take with a grain of salt of course but…Universal Pictures Russia is giving exhibitors an estimated runtime of…174 minutes


A bloody big grain.

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I hope not. Hard to imagine it being tight at that length. Also my bladder is not as young as it used to be.:disappointed:


Lol, that’s my sole reason for waiting to watch the longer movies (I’m looking at you Tarantino) at home.

Bring back the intermission :persevere:

2 hours 54 minutes? For the last ever Craig film I wouldn’t be complaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s shorter than that, but for me, the longer the better. Lots of juicy material they could explore with some of these themes.

It would all certainly explain the clapperboards with scene numbers almost at 250…

Perhaps the first cut came in at 174 minutes. I just don’t see the distributors agreeing to that length. But, what do I know?

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I doubt it’ll be that long, but who knows? The Avengers films certainly did quite a bit to mainstream super long movies. And Avengers: Endgame certainly doesn’t feel 3 hours long. I wouldn’t mind more Craig Bond especially if it’s his last.

Well, if Disney let Endgame be 3 hours…and just later this year, 170 for It Chapter 2 from WB…

Remember that the distributors basically do what EON wants, and if EON wants three hours they’ll get it.

I doubt there is a run time this far in advance. Aren’t they still editing?

Sure. But then they ought to have a target corridor where they expect to end up in. But this long is really stretching it, I should think.

Marvel fans probably tend to be a bit younger, with stronger bladders.

For a predominantly young audience, or a prestige movie maybe, but for a franchise like Bond, now we’ll used to looking forward to big returns I just don’t see it coming in at 3 hrs.

More’s the pity!

Spectre was 2h40m, Skyfall was 2h20 - doesnt seem like a huge change or leap to me as an estimate - I’d expect NTTD to be about the same

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SP was actually 2h28m (I also found the erroneous 2h40m on Google), so almost another half hour is definitely a leap.

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I am a huge Marr / Smiths fan, so obviously I’m delighted at this news, although I suspect many on here (mainly non-UK) might not be too familiar with him.


Very cool! Thank god it’s the good part of The Smiths…


Pleased, but not surprised, given he played the, intentionally, Bondesque lead guitar for Zimmers Inception score.

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Indeed, this is very awesome news. Zimmer and Marr were absolutely fantastic on Inception, which is my favourite score from Hans. The thought of that style of guitar playing the Bond Theme, or any type of spy ambience, is thrilling. Really excited about this.


Very exciting news!