No Time to Die theme song

It‘s just a matter of perspective.

At first I was hoping for a big voice, belting out a traditional tune, too.

But really, wouldn’t that feel anachronistic now? Times have changed, Bond has to change with them, otherwise he will become an irrelevant relic.

And frankly, when McCartney wrote LALD the traditionalists were appalled, too.

Embrace change. That‘s the only way to open oneself for new experiences. It might be disappointing but it might also be exciting!



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And stay young at heart


Could it be called an algorithm that Eon so astutely employ? Away from the big voice - the big orchestra - every few films and then back to it.

Nancy Sinatra, Carly simon, sheryl crow, all sprinkled across the franchise to stop us getting bored of the anachronism. The more things change the more they… …

But they’ll never abandon it! More than likely the next one will be a belting Ballard from a great big anachronistic voice :slight_smile:

I do expect the song to include the usual florishes…

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Every Bond song should have at least 1 flourish.

Knowing full well that I’m opening myself up to criticism, I just have to say that I just don’t get the hype surrounding Eilish as an artist. That said, I don’t wish her any ill will or hope that she’s not successful or anything like that, as it’s clear that there are many out there that’s she’s obviously found a way to speak to in order to be as successful as she’s been, and likewise I’m sure that there are artists and other forms of entertainment that I like that others would be equally confused by. But at the end of the day, I just don’t see this working out for a Bond film.


It’ll be fine.

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Who knows maybe the Movie will get you in touch with your emotional side :wink:


She’s quirky for sure, but with lush Bondesque orchestration, I can see this working


Seems like Zimmer and Eilish are working together somewhat…

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I think what we are witnessing here isn’t simply a case of we’re-too-old-to-know-the-kid, at least not just. This is also the result of the market fragmentation, the compartmentalisation that comes with streaming and the internet. Airplay charts are no longer indicative what people actually listen to; the streaming services provide us with everything we want to hear, everything we like - in fact only what we like. We need not listen to anything else any more, why should we?

Consequently, you can be interested in music, follow events and styles and people and newcomers - and still not be aware of Eilish’s existence or significance within the market if you don’t happen to be industry-related yourself. Your music stream plays the artists the algorithm tells it to, you buy the things Amazon - on the basis of algorithms - pitches you. And you go to the clubs and pubs where they play the stuff you and your friends like. Just as you, if you still listen to radio, pick stations with that same program.

Eilish singing a Bond song is perhaps one of the few occasions where people outside her bubble get to listen to something outside their bubble.


The song is something I’m genuinely not that bothered about. It is what it is. The melodies are usually strong enough, even for Writing’s On The Wall, and Kleinman is an old pro. There’ll be something there for me to enjoy regardless. And there’s a whole film to take place afterwards anyway.


Exactly. We’re not going to a music video premiere.

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Very true!

I think it’s an issue across society, with Brexit, Trump and the recent uk election, there’s large numbers of people and commentators shocked by the outcomes. There’s an awful lot of bubbles!

Whether the way we consume media and entertainment via the tech advances has caused this acutely blinkered scenario, or simply exacerbated it is anyone’s guess.

So it’s always a good thing when we’re forced look beyond our bubbles, however fleeting, or whimsical the reason.


Where over a third of the respective countries didn’t vote at all? The second of which actually did vote for the other but they have a system so that your vote is worthless unless everyone agrees or you live in a specific state? Or perhaps the third where only 2 of the 4 districts are able to have a say in the ruling parties?

Or perhaps 2 flawed democracies arn’t the best representation of how audiences relate to art forms.

So no one was surprised by these results? I must’ve been watching fake news on the telly, then!

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Brexit was flip of a coin, so that I’ll give you was a surprise. The other 2? No, disappointing, but, unfortunately, uttterly predictable, thanks to unjust voting systems, disenfranchisement in the political system and heavy use of negative propaganda, not just when polls were open, but consistently.

My original point wasn’t whether you personally were surprised - kudos for having worked it all out. I’m talking about the surprise portrayed heavily by the media and reflected in many friends and colleagues.

The point being bubbles = bad so Eilish = Good (within the ageing-bondfan’s most unscientific and non-intellectually rigorous bubble)

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Oh, fair enough, totally agreed on that.

Bubbles = bad.

Back to the topic :partying_face:

Glad to see Zimmer has been working with Eilish already. The intergration of the title theme is something I’ve really missed.

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