No Time to Die theme song

I like both versions, but that has a more up tempo energy.

That is a pretty good cover. Probably the best one yet.

Each cover makes me appreciate the original a little more :sunglasses:

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I`m sorry if I have offended you by disliking something that they slapped on the new entry of my favorite franchise…

Didn´t realise that you were the new taste police here. I will of course ask you the next time before I post something.

Saucer of milk anyone?


Tense times.

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You must not have been a fan very long, then. I’ve had that sentiment about three times.

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raises eyebrow

Thanks, we appreciate that.


The obvious observation in a discussion about some piece of music is that not all will agree. How many times one absolutely needs to voice one’s dissent is debatable - I’ve heard of people doing nothing but, simply because their minds have never been on speaking terms with the concept of ‘enough’. Hard to say how much the hundredth time of ‘this is SO awful’ is really contributing to discussion.


I suppose it’s understandable if you have the short term memory loss from Memento…

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There are songs that are hot for more than 6 months. Some of the songs in the UK chart have been there for a year.

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” has been in the UK Top 100 since late 2017.

It’s just as likely that Billie will be back at No. 1 in November when the movie is released.

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Fair enough, although the “fool me once, fool me twice” hook, I believe, is very similar to “how do I live, how do I breathe” from Sam Smith’s “Writings on the Wall”.


It’s all about tone to me. Others may feel different but Smith’s delivery of those lyrics isn’t to my tastes, and I find it awkward to listen to. NTTD with Eilish has a sleek darkness that builds into a satisfying release. Check out @antovolk’s new fan trailer - the song works amazingly well.


i think just thematically there is a big problem with a James Bond theme song, ostensibly written from the POV of the James Bond character saying “How do I live, how do i breathe, when you’re not here I’m suffocating” - which is not something the character has ever felt nor something that is expressed in the film either… vs. Eilish’s song which is more about being betrayed - That’s always been my issue with WOTW - NTTD whether you like the instrumentation or singing is perfectly in keeping with the character etc…


Fair enough.

Good point.

Spot on. :+1:

Turns out not all covers improve on the original. But first, here’s a good one with an arrangement that adds a bit more Barry guitar licks than the original song:

This one, however, is a bit of a disappointment. The group, Our Last Night, released an amazing cover of Skyfall back in '12, and I was happy to see that they did a cover of NTTD. Unfortunately, they went the shouty route with their version, not my cup of tea:

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