On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Placed my Amazon order on April 25th, and today, I get an update that delivery will be between May 24th and June 3rd. Are they kidding me???
Cancelled and ordered at Waterstones, hope it’ll arrive some time next week. Can’t be that difficult to ship a simple book across the Channel…

Thanks all for your initial reviews. I’ll find a way to order it and get it quickly.
I must say, though, that the cover is ridiculously lame. So uninspired…

I preordered from Waterstones (I live in the US). Not only did it arrive early but it was also signed by Charlie! That was a terrific surprise. About halfway through at this point. This is by far the most relatable the Bond character has ever been for me in all the years of my fandom. This is a terrific bit of work. I really hope they let him have the gig and let him continue with this iteration of the character.


I am a bit surprised (and disappointed) how tricky this apparently is to find in Australia. None of the big retailers have it even listed online and the Amazon Au store has what may be it listed as “Bond 007: Secret Service” by Herman J Adams. I can’t even see a listing on the various Kindle stores.

As of now it’s a UK only release

Ah. Interesting, and perplexing considering Bond is not only a global brand, but being a celebration in sorts of the coronation, it’s also a coronation of the monarch and head of state of Commonwealth countries.

I have a signed copy coming from the UK but was hoping to find a non-signed physical or digital version to read (as it is I think I may have found it in the Kindle store).

All up, can’t say I’ve been too impressed so far with Bond being back “home” at IFP.

Talking about the cover art not being great, it not being a world-wide release, etc…

OHMSS2 really feels like it was a last minute idea that they really didn’t have a ton of time to pull off. Higson said today that it was intended to be a short story and he essentially went “long” while writing it.

I just get the feeling that this was never intended on being traditionally published and when they pivoted that way they had to rush to get it out in time.

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It was easy enough to just order from Waterstones to the US. I receieved my copy early and shipping cost was reasonable enough.

Just finished the novel and overall it’s top-notch. I tend to prefer the Fleming timeline novels but this one leaves me hankering for another modern Bond by Higson.


That will have been a glitch which, had patience been a virtue, would have resolved itself… Had a few of those types of messages which have no impact on delivery times.

MI6 review

Telegraph review

‘Charlie Higson on returning to Bond – and if more novels are planned’ - RadioTimes

Some reviews. Warning: the MI6 and RadioTimes reviews have spoilers. Looks more positive than negative.

For those in the US - Amazon US does have it available through 3rd party sellers at about 1/2 the cost of buying it from the UK. Ordered mine about a week ago and it’s out for delivery today.


To all Bond readers,

Chapter One of “SilverFin” begins with the following line: ‘The smell and noise and confusion of a hallway full of schoolboys can be quite awful at twenty past seven in the morning.’

My first Young Bond novel was published in 2005 and my final Young Bond story, ‘A Hard Man to Kill’ was released in 2009. That seemed to be the end of that particular era of my writing.

Until now.

It’s always an easy headline to say, ‘Bond is back’, so instead let’s boldly and modestly state ‘Higson has returned’.

It’s been 14 years and much has changed with the world, with publishing, with popular culture and literature. But Bond hasn’t changed. And people still want to read Bond books. Including me.

The time is always right for a James Bond adventure. Whether all is right with the world or all is wrong with the world, it is always a pleasure to relax at home with a cocktail, a cigarette and wearing a perfectly tailored suit (just me?) and become lost in the stories of Ian Fleming’s creation.

The timing was particularly apt this year when in February 2023 I got the call from Ian Fleming Publications inviting me to write an original story for charity to time with the Coronation of King Charles III. A chance to dive back into the world of 007 – and produce a story in three weeks.

How could I refuse?

The day before I got the call, I had no notion of a new Bond adventure. It was not on my mind. And yet just a day or two after the call, the idea leapt almost fully formed – it shot out with the clarity and decisiveness of a poisoned blade hidden in the sole of a Smersh shoe. My story is set two days before the Coronation and finds Bond reflecting on his recent mission – to ‘neutralise’ a threat to King Charles III in the form of the self-styled Æthelstan of Wessex who sees himself as the true heir to the throne. The mission takes Bond to Croatia, Hungary and an ancient castle where Bond must take on Æthelstan and his army. Some things go as planned. Others do not.

That is the case with this whole experience. And that’s okay. Myself and Ian Fleming Publications had not planned a new James Bond book for this year and yet here we are. With nothing but lots of encouragement, early morning scrambled eggs and late night coffee, we managed to create and deliver “On His Majesty’s Secret Service” in time for the historic occasion this May.

All royalties from the book are going to support the National Literacy Trust so please support their cause by buying a copy. It is available in hardcover (with some signed copies floating around), eBook and audiobook, read by me. So please, when you have finished watching the Coronation, sit back and lose yourself in Bond once again, as I have so enjoyed doing these last few months.

See you in another 14 years or so,

Charlie Higson


One thing I didn’t realize until today when I saw Higson speaking about it - OHMSS was also released on May 4th.


Finished it. Loved it. I really hope they let him do more. I wouldn’t even care if they were as short as this one is. Charlie gets it.


Any returning surprise characters that you could share? I’m in America, I don’t know when we’ll get our physical copies. Private message me if interested.

I know the wait is hard but it’s best to avoid spoilers of any kind for this. It’s a small book and you want to get the most out of it when you do get your hands on it (I also live in the US so I’m sure you will). Trust me, once you get it you won’t be able to put it down, and you’ll be glad you went into it cold. :relaxed:


Just ordered a copy from Amazon. Should be here May 23, so this will be a long wait… and crucifiing to stay spolier-free

About 40% into my Kindle edition, liking it so far! And I feel with Bond re: meetings and Power Point briefings . :wink:

Although having said that, I now have a late delivery note and nothing has as yet arrived. Oh well.


Charlie Higson, Kim Sherwood and Corinne Turner (Managing Director (aka ‘M’) at Ian Fleming Publications Ltd) will be there as well. More announcements on the way? Let’s hope so!