Rank your favourite Bond films


Absolutely, I was just poking fun at John Steed not even including John Steed in a Bond film on this list.

Obvious humour, I apologize.

By the way… no GOLDFINGER?


You must be talking about my kin, Sir Godfrey…A frequent mistake, you’re forgiven. :wink:

Goldfinger…Ouch ! I think my umbrella will be useful :smile:
Sean Connery is perfect (except when Tilly is kill by Oddjob. Sean as George, wasn’t good for emotional scenes) but Bond is absolutely passive ! He doesn’t save the situation. What would have happened if Pussy (by the way, she reminds me a good friend of mine:smirk:) hadn’t succumbed to Bond ? She deceives Goldfinger with an utmost facility don’t you think ? The substitution of so many containers, in such short notice and without calling attention is unbelievable. In fact it’s a chance for Bond: Auric’s private pilot could have been a man…
If Goldfinger would have been described as a banker who accepting transactions only with gold for SPECTRE (a sort of Le Chiffre) with golf addiction , Pussy Galore a Secret Service agent undercover (CIA isn’t legally involved) I think this film would have been more than a demonstration of aestheticism.

  1.  Casino Royale
  2.  Skyfall
  3.  On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  4.   Licence to Kill
  5.   Spectre
  6.   The World Is Not Enough
  7.   From Russia With Love
  8.   The Living Daylights
  9.   Octopussy
  10.  For Your Eyes Only
  11. The Spy Who Loved Me
  12. You Only Live Twice
  13. Quantum of Solace
  14. Tomorrow Never Dies
  15. Goldfinger
  16. Dr No
  17. Moonraker
  18. Die Another Day
  19. Thunderball
  20. Goldeneye
  21. The Man With the Golden Gun
  22. Live and Let Die
  23. A View to a Kill
  24. Diamonds Are Forever


Excuse me I just see this interesting post. May I say about Spectre my biggest disappointment is the performance of Mr Waltz. Blofeld by Fleming is a real threat…I found nothing about Ernst Stavro Blofeld in him. Lea Sedoux is a miscast. For the rest, I think Spectre is a good opus, no more…

  1. From Russia with Love
  2. OHMSS
  3. Casino Royale
  4. Goldfinger
  5. The Spy Who Loved Me
  6. Dr. No
  7. Thunderball
  8. Goldeneye
  9. Licence to Kill
  10. For Your Eyes Only
  11. Skyfall
  12. You Only Live Twice
  13. The Living Daylights
  14. Octopussy
  15. Live and Let Die
  16. Moonraker
  17. Diamonds Are Forever
  18. Quantum of Solace
  19. Tomorrow Never Dies
  20. The World is Not Enough
  21. Spectre
  22. The Man with the Golden Gun
  23. A View to a Kill
  24. Die Another Day

I omitted NSNA because I haven’t seen the movie in many years (and the DVD copy was stolen). I would most likely stick it somewhere in the bottom ten.


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (10/10)
Licence to Kill (9.5/10)
Octopussy (9.5/10)
From Russia with Love (9.5/10)
Moonraker (9/10)
Live & Let Die (9/10)
The Living Daylights (9/10)
You Only Live Twice (8.5/10)
Thunderball (8.5/10)
Tomorrow Never Dies (8.5/10)
Skyfall (8.5/10)
For Your Eyes Only (8/10)
Casino Royale (8/10)
The Spy Who Loved Me (7.5/10)
Die Another Day (7.5/10 - need to re-watch)
Dr No (7.5/10)
A View to a Kill (7/10 - a guilty pleasure)
Goldfinger (7/10)
Goldeneye (7/10)
Diamonds Are Forever (6.5/10)
The World Is Not Enough (6.5/10)
Spectre (6/10)
The Man with the Golden Gun (6/10)
Quantum of Solace (6/10)


Mine shift constantly but here would be my list today:

1 From Russia With Love
2 Goldfinger
3 Skyfall
4 Casino Royale
5 The Living Daylights
6 Dr. No
7 GoldenEye
8 For Your Eyes Only
11 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
12 Live and Let Die
13 You Only Live Twice
14 Quantum of Solace
15 License to Kill (was once my favourite!)
16 The Man With the Golden Gun
17 Diamonds Are Forever
18 Octopussy
19 Tomorrow Never Dies
20 DIe Another Day
21 The World is Not Enough
22 A View to a Kill
23 The Spy Who Loved Me
24 Moonraker

  1. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  2. Skyfall
  3. Live and Let Die
  4. Casino Royale
  5. From Russia With Love
  6. Licence To Kill
  7. Octopussy
  8. The Living Daylights
  9. Diamonds Are Forever
  10. Spectre
  11. The Spy Who Loved Me
  12. Goldeneye
  13. Quantum of Solace
  14. Doctor No
  15. Moonraker
  16. For Your Eyes Only
  17. You Only Live Twice
  18. The Man with The Golden Gun
  19. A View To A Kill
  20. The World Is Not Enough
  21. Never Say Never Again
  22. Tomorrow Never Dies
  23. Die Another Day

  1. Goldfinger
  2. The Spy Who Loved Me
  3. For Your Eyes Only
  4. You Only Live Twice
  5. Thunderball
  6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  7. Live and Let Die
  8. From Russia with Love
  9. Diamonds Are Forever
  10. Skyfall
  11. The Living Daylights
  12. GoldenEye
  13. Moonraker
  14. Dr. No
  15. The Man with the Golden Gun
  16. Octopussy
  17. Casino Royale
  18. The World Is Not Enough
  19. A View to a Kill
  20. Die Another Day
  21. Spectre
  22. Tomorrow Never Dies
  23. Licence to Kill
  24. Quantum of Solace

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me
  2. Casino Royale
  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  4. Skyfall
  5. Thunderball
  6. From Russia With Love
  7. Dr. No
  8. Licence to Kill
  9. Goldfinger
  10. Octopussy
  11. For Your Eyes Only
  12. You Only Live Twice
  13. Live and Let Die
  14. Tomorrow Never Dies
  15. Goldeneye
  16. The Living Daylights
  17. Quantum of Solace
  18. Spectre
  19. The Man with the Golden Gun
  20. Diamonds Are Forever
  21. A View to a Kill
  22. The World Is Not Enough
  23. Moonraker
  24. Die Another Day


From Russia With Love
Casino Royale
Doctor No
The Spy Who Loved Me
The Living Daylights
You Only Live Twice
For Your Eyes Only
Live and Let Die
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World is not Enough
Quantum of Solace
Licence to Kill
Diamonds are Forever
A View to a Kill
Die Another Day
The Man with the Golden Gun


Hmm, I might have to redo my ranking once I finish my current Bond marathon. I hadn’t seen many of the films in a few years, opinions have changed.


Adding to this , have been watching the movies sporadically with my boys 12 and 7, they have their top 5s…
12 year old
The Living Daylights
Licence to Kill
Quantum of Solace
For Your Eyes Only

7 year old

Die Another Day
Live and Let Die


7 year old

Die Another Day
Live and Let Die

Sounds about right.


New ranking following rewatches of all the films.

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me
    Still my number one. A great OTT adventure. Roger Moore is in top form. Barbara Bach plays a great character in Anya Amasova. This incarnation of Jaws is one of the series’ 3 best henchmen. The theme song is an all-time classic. The cast is mostly excellent (Bach is kind of wooden and Stromberg is a fairly bland villain). It has maybe the series’ most iconic stunt in the parachuting ski jump and then there’s the Lotus Esprit…

  2. Casino Royale
    Revived 007 after Die Another Day. Casino Royale is every bit as good today as it was 12 years ago (has it really been 12 years?). Craig gives a haunting and violent take on 007. Eva Green is maybe the best Bond girl in the franchise. Mads Mikkelson is deliciously evil as Le Chiffre. It may take too long to get to the card game, but the entire Montenegro sequence is worth it. And that ending…

  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    Lazenby’s one and only outing that is almost perfect. Lazenby, himself, and one grand canyon sized plot hole keep this film from being maybe the franchise’s best. Credit Lazenby for trying his damndest, but he just didn’t have the experience, though his acting in the film’s final scene is just perfect. The locations are excellent (Piz Gloria is my favorite Bond villain lair), the cast is wonderful (Telly Savalas is the best Blofeld and Diana Rigg is one of the series’ best Bond girls). It would be perfect if not for the giant plot hole of Blofeld not recognizing the undercover Bond.

  4. Licence to Kill
    One of the most underrated and under-appreciated films in the canon. Dalton owns the role. Robert Davi plays the best villain until Silva. Q has a greatly expanded role. The locations are gorgeous. If this film released in 2010, it would’ve been an instant classic. As it stands, it has finally started getting the appreciation it deserves. Though, it did kickstart the ‘this time its personal’ theme that EON seems to shoe-horn in to every single subsequent film.

  5. Skyfall
    An instant classic, Skyfall more than lived up to the hype. Bond faces off against one of the series’ best villains. The story is personal and all the best for it. Roger Deakins should have won an award for cinematography as well. Skyfall is the most beautiful film in the canon. Throw in a timeless classic in Adele’s theme and the only thing this film is missing is some connection to Fleming. Even the title sounds like something Fleming would have come up with.

  6. From Russia With Love
    Connery’s second go is his best. The villains are great, with Red Grant still being emulated every few films. The film is the best pure, spy adventure in the franchise. Kerim Bey is the best Bond ally of the series. Istanbul looks great. Tatiana Romanova is one of the best Bond girls. The train sequence still stands out as one of the best in the whole series. The only real downside is the final scene of Bond throwing away the sex tape and then waving to it. But really, that is just nitpicking.

  7. Goldfinger
    The film that launched Bond into the stratosphere. Auric Goldfinger is still, to this day, the series’ best villain. Oddjob is a top 3 Bond henchmen (with Red Grant and TSWLM version of Jaws). The locations are kind of lame (who wants to see Bond in rural Kentucky?). Not to mention, Bond spends half the movie as Goldfinger’s prisoner and doesn’t even save the day (he was probably about to set the bomb off, instead of disarming it). Pussy Galore is an all-time great Bond lady, though it is tough watching Bond all but rape her. Though its better than him blackmailing Patricia Fearing into sex in Thunderball. Connery’s Bond really was a mysoginistic pig. However, this film started the trend of excellent Bond themes with Shirley Bassey’s legendary Goldfinger. The iconic DB5 made its debut and the rest is history.

  8. Octopussy
    Yes, to me, Octopussy is the second best Moore film. It tells a great and very realistic story. Moore doesn’t look too old yet and he and Maud Adams actually make a very believable couple. The tension ramps up the entire film right until the climax at the circus. That is actually one of my favorite scenes of the whole series. We actually feel Bond’s desperation as, dressed as a clown, he tries to convince Octopussy and an American general that there is a nuclear bomb in the cannon, while no one believes him. Just a great scene. Kamal and Orlov are excellent villains. Louis Jourdan gets the snobbish and likable villainy down perfectly. Despite its weak theme song, it easily bests 1983’s other Bond film.

  9. Live and Let Die
    Moore’s first outing is one of the most fun films in the franchise. It is oddly the only time we’ve ever seen Bond in New York. New Orleans and the bayou are used well. The soundtrack is great. Jane Seymour is one of the most beautiful Bond girls. Yaphet Kotto plays a great villain who really deserved a better death (he has easily the worst death in the series). Yes, the boat chase goes on too long, but that’s really because of the Sheriff Pepper stuff. Cut 90% of that and it feels much faster. As it is, the other chases are excellent (the bus and the hilarious plane sequence). Throw in a timeless theme song and you have an instant classic.

  10. Thunderball
    This one has the biggest drop for me, tied with Spectre. The film feels long and is one of the uglier films. Connery was starting to lose interest at this point. The continuity errors are distracting. However, those are the biggest detriments. This film has maybe the most beautiful woman to ever play a Bond girl in Claudine Auger. The Bahamas are shown off perfectly. The soundtrack is the best of the Connery run. Largo is an excellent villain and Spectre has never been scarier than in this film. Fiona is the first femme fatale and wasn’t topped until Xenya…30 years later.

  11. Moonraker
    The one film that I’ve most changed my opinion on. Moonraker is deliciously OTT and dares to do something that other films wouldn’t, go to space. The story itself is actually very tight. Moving from each location and none overstaying their welcome. Drax is a great villain with some of the best lines of the series. My personal favorite is “Mr. Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.” Corinne’s death is one of the most brutal of the series and would be brutal for the Dalton era, let alone a Moore film. That said, the film’s detriments keep it out of the top 10 for me: the bad theme song, double-taking pigeon, the bondola, ruining Jaws, Lois Chiles’s horribly wooden performance, and the fact that the film feels very long.

  12. Tomorrow Never Dies
    I may have a soft spot for this film, with it being my first, but I still think it’s Brosnan’s best outing. It is easily the most watchable film in the series (though TSWLM, CR, and OP give it a run for its money). The film is fun throughout, starting with Brosnan’s best PTS. The stunts are excellent, the locales are beautiful, even if Hamburg isn’t used well. The story is strangely relevant in 2018 and Jonathan Pryce plays an excellent villain (at least in my opinion). Yes, Teri Hatcher isn’t great. I think that whole sequence would have been better and more believable had it been Kara Milovy instead of a new character, just as AVTAK’s Pola Ivanova really should’ve Anya Amasova again. That said, Wai Lin, like Melina is a top 5 Bond girl and the end track is maybe my favorite song of the whole series. Shame it wasn’t the main song.

  13. Dr. No
    It feels strange to rank this one so low as it is the template for all the films to follow. However, every film above this one just did everything…better. That said, Dr. No is a classic that basically created the modern action movie. Connery’s introduction is still the series’ best. The villain is excellent even if the yellow-face feels out of place in today’s world. Honey Ryder set the bar for the Bond ladies. Then there’s Dent’s death. Still one of the coldest and the best.

  14. For Your Eyes Only
    An attempt to reground the films after the increasing absurdity of Moonraker and TSWLM, FYEO mostly succeeds. The locations of Greece and Cortina are gorgeous. The allies are excellent. Melina is a top 5 Bond girl and Columbo is one of the best allies. However, the film’s villains are incredibly weak. Julian Glover deserved a better role. Locque and Kriegler are more generic henchmen, though Locque’s death is arguably the best of the Moore era, so ruthless, so cold. Then there’s Bibi. Why is she even in this film? If she weren’t there, I would rank this one much higher.

  15. Goldeneye
    Brosnan’s first tells one of the tightest stories. Trevelyan is an all-time great villain. Xenya and Natalya are two of the best leading ladies. Judi Dench’s introduction as M is great. The film was the first to actually film in Russia. The set pieces are big. Overall, a great introduction for Brosnan, though I still think he did one better.

  16. You Only Live Twice
    Connery gives such a lazy performance that it brings the entire film down a peg. As it stands, the film has some uncomfortable racism when watched through a modern lens. The entire Bond goes Japanese segment has not aged well. Especially when the idea is totally dropped before the films’ final act. Outside of that, the film is actually a lot of fun. The Japanese setting is unique. The film was the first to really go OTT. The volcano lair is iconic to the series as the Lotus Esprit. A fun film, but one that hasn’t aged as well as others.

  17. The Living Daylights
    A great theme song and a great performance first performance from Dalton was definitely needed after the tired AVTAK. The story is a great, Cold War thriller, at least until the Afghanistan set finale. It’s strange to see Bond teaming up with the precursors to the taliban. Kara is a boring leading lady and the villains are some of the series’ lamest. Neither Koskov nor Whittaker are remotely charismatic and Necros is yet another in a long line of Red Grant rip-offs. The highlights of the film are the Austrian set car chase, the sniper sequence filmed nearly verbatim from Fleming’s short story, and the Bond/Puskin scenes.

  18. The World Is Not Enough
    An underrated film, but one that tries too hard to be something it’s not. Elektra makes for a great villain, but the rest of the supporting cast isn’t that great. Unlike most, I don’t have a problem with Denise Richards and I don’t feel that she is any less credible in the role than most of Bond’s leading ladies. Renard is a lame villain and the locations are boring. Though, it does feature one of the best kills in the series when Bond coldly kills Elektra.

  19. Quantum of Solace
    This film should’ve released in 2009. The script needed polish before filming. As it is, Craig does his best with what is given, but can’t save this film. The fight over water is rather tame compared with Bond’s other baddies. Camille is a good Bond girl and one of the few that has a satisfying arc. Fields is criminally under used. Greene is maybe the worst villain in the series, which is a shame as Mathieu Amalric could’ve been so great. Elvis is the worst henchmen, it’s not even close. The film also boasts the worst title song in the series. The bizarre artsy shots and the shaky cam just solidify the horrid production this film had. Someone other than Marc Forster could’ve still delivered a better film.

  20. The Man with the Golden Gun
    Moore’s second outing features a great villain, a timeless (and butchered) stunt, and…not much else. The film is the last to release a year after the previous and it shows. The script is plodding and weak. The locations are great, but aren’t really in service of the story. Christopher Lee is excellent as is Herve Villachaise. I can’t say the same for Britt Ekland. Mary Goodnight is incredibly dumb and annoying and only beats Stacey Sutton for not being the worst Bond girl IMO. The soundtrack is arguably John Barry’s weakest. Fun fact: James Bond only kills one person in the entire movie, Scaramanga himself.

  21. Diamonds are Forever
    I also want to like this film. It has a great setting and adapts one of the better books. However, the execution is just weak. There aren’t any great set pieces. Tiffany Case is one of the worst Bond girls. Charles Gray is the worst Blofeld. Tracy isn’t mentioned anywhere. The film is just a mess and very difficult to get through. At least Connery gives a slightly better performance than in YOLT.

  22. A View to a Kill
    AVTAK has many good things about it. The villains are excellent, especially Christopher Walken. Max Zorin is a classic Bond villain in every sense, even if his plan is just Goldfinger’s all over again. However, this is one of the most paint-by-the-numbers Bond films. It never feels like it wants to be anything more than just…another one. That said, it has a great soundtrack and one of the best title songs. Unfortunately, Moore needed to go. He was too old and makes everything less believable because of it. Then there’s Stacey Sutton. She is the worse Bond girl in the series. Yes, worse than Christmas Jones. Yeah, I said it. Sue me.

  23. Spectre
    Bloated, with a convoluted plot and a dumb pay-off. This film should’ve been directed by someone other than Sam Mendes. Maybe then we wouldn’t have gotten the Austin Powers villain reveal. Lea Seydoux is lovely, but her character is just so uninteresting. Just a mess of a film. SPECTRE deserved better.

  24. Die Another Day
    Not as bad as the first time I saw it, but still bottom of the list. Dodgy CGI, invisible cars, Jinx, Michael Madsen. Its a remake of the already weak, Diamonds Are Forever. Too many things were working against this film. It’s a shame, as there is the potential for a great movie underneath it all.

Unranked: Never Say Never Again (it would rank around 20)
The film is a poor remake of Thunderball. It does have some redeeming qualities: Felix Leiter is better than half of the official Leiters, Fatima Blush, a better Shrublands sequence. However, that’s about it. Maximillian Largo is a lamer version of Emilio Largo. The new Domino is boring and annoying on the level of some of the worst official Bond girls. Happily, this did not kick off rival Bond franchise.


Embarrassing question to ask: I ranked the films once before, right after SPECTRE came out, on the old forum, but can’t find my list anywhere.

Are there any existing archives of the old forum?