Reboot? Remake? Retro? Which direction should the series take next?

I don’t want to get political, but with what just happened, EON (and IFP) might be thinking of possible story lines.

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Nope - Bond looks ahead, not (at that point) 5 years back…


It’s a fact that the existence of a character like James Bond’s origins from a political conflict (read: cold war), but I think that – unlike Fleming did on certain occasions – the movie franchise has done right in staying away from politics (and especially current politics – nothing makes a movie age worse than that, except in period pieces) as much as they could. Of course, there’s always been a certain undercurrent, but that’s unavoidable. Apart from that, we did have a fair share of crooked leaders (claiming they’re not a crook) in other movies as well as in Bond movies, so there’s not really anything new to draw from that.

Besides, I fear that what’s actually going to happen is…


Agreed. Bond should always look ahead, which is also why EON should never make a period piece film. Also, there’s zero chance that they’d touch this news story anyway. They’re about making money, this would alienate enough people to cause a significant decline in their box office.


This would sit comfortably on a number of threads - not least the 2024 Deathmatch Sideswipes - but I feel Higson’s thoughts make the best case here where Bonds future is concerned.


Absolutely agreeing with Higson, especially with the " Bond has to remain an outrageous fantasy, no sense grounding him in reality " bit…


A few viewpoints on James Bond literary and cinematic, past, present and future.

They are great Bond adventures. Quite a few of the continuation novel authors are active on social media. Raymond Benson, Jeffery Deaver Anthony Horowitz and Kim Sherwood are just a few who have liked and interacted with fans. There are also several Bond alumni in general who have liked my social media posts. I recommend the Dynamite Comics run. The authors also interact with Bond fans. Hang in there fans, the memories are always there, and more of the people are lovely. For future Literary Bond adventures, I was thinking of Charles Cumming and Charlotte Philby. Both are thriller writers, with a bit of spy influence. Fleming wrote Bond as a modern day character, IFP should stick to that for now. A modern day spinoff I would like to see are for certain villains: Blofeld and Irma Bunt, Goldfinger and Oddjob, Alec Trevelyan and Francisco Scaramanga. They could all have interesting backstories set in the modern day BEFORE they meet James Bond.

The only 2 negative things that I will say about EON’s future with Bond is that Purvis and Wade should be done writing. Great ideas men, but it’s simply time for a change. Even Richard Maibaum took breaks! And sadly bashed 2 of the 3 movies he didn’t work on. Also, no actor should ever again get the amount of creative control that Craig had. He was like a spoiled brat at times. It always seemed Barbara Broccoli bowed down to him, (and never to Brosnan). If her dad could have given Connery even half of that, he might have played Bond longer.

On the positive side, Gregg Wilson (MGW’s son) has become more active in producing. He could take over his dad’s job one day, with his aunt. Plus, if Amazon is helping with the budgets, more movies could be made more quickly. They want a return on their MGM investment, Bond will surely help with that!

I’m very grateful to the James Bond fandom. However, we need to keep ourselves in check. We can disagree while being respectful to each other. That’s one thing that Bond fandom has over other fandoms. I’m always interested in listening to others’ James Bond opinions. Let’s always be kind. We are one of the luckiest fandoms in the world. Let’s always be appreciative of each other. Most franchises burn out. Bond hasn’t, and probably never will at this point. It’s because of respectful fans that this has happened. Please respect each other, it is shown. We are truly lucky.


Thanks M. We all needed that, just like Bond needed:

“Now that Blofeld is dead, the least we can expect from you now is a little plain, solid work.”


I wholeheartedly agree with these 2 points. That’s actually been my position also for years.

P&W, I fear, are not adequate for our current times and we need new plots. Please keep away from trust/reliability/psychosis issues that we’ve had since DAD! I’m really sick of it and I think its time for a good thrilling adventure that doesn’t pose as artsy gritty introspection…

Craig did very well with CR and QOS, but then his ego clearly took over and he thought he was larger than the character he portrayed. He wasn’t serving Bond, he merely wanted Bond to be a vehicle to show how powerful he was. Quite ludicrous, really. This turned the films into a Craig-show; not much to enjoy there.


I also would love to see P&W replaced (What?!).

Just to experience the outrage when the next story is again about going rogue, with the final realization that those ideas came from someone else.


Some might say a decade earlier…


P&W write what they’re told to write. And what they write is re-written by someone else. And if you do get another writer to take over, it does not guarantee a good situation. It could just be the next John Hodge.



Maybe not Bond laughing in the back seat of a BMW, but something with a grand adventure feeling. I’m thinking along the lines of The Living Daylights. They still get the serious introspection stuff, which I’m sure isn’t going away, but balanced out with more fun elements. I’m holding out hope one day this year there’s a surprise announcement about casting, but fully prepared for nothing as usual.

When a new Bond film is being made it’s a great time to be alive. You feel the weight of the character’s legacy, knowing another chapter is being written in a long history. I think that plays a big part in how we conduct ourselves. We like some movies more than others, but respect the overall journey that got us here.




“more movies…more quickly”

Yes, please.


If we could go back in time, would we have preferred Connery to end his tenure with You Only Live Twice? History wouldn’t have played out like it did, but things would have been a lot cleaner. You Only Live Twice’s promotional material proclaimed ‘Sean Connery IS James Bond’ even if the star himself was over it. If the option to kill Bond presented itself at the time, would have Sean taken it? I know he joked about it.

I’m after something a little different now as a counterpoint, but I still have a lot of time for Craig. A new actor isn’t going to change that. While I disliked the long gaps between his films, I don’t think he disrespected the role, and when the cameras where rolling he gave energy and commitment. I have him third after Sean and Roger.

NTTD is one of my favourites and I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes. No matter how that film ended there was going to be a period of transition, and I don’t think it’s a long term threat to the franchise. Die Another Day could have been, but wasn’t. Especially decades later. It provided a launchpad for a different take, and NTTD can do the same.


I think SPECTRE is what broke Craig’s interest and caused EON to bend to his wishes. After SKYFALL he was tired out, probably due to the world wide marketing obligations and the ensuing craze to repeat that billion dollar business.

Everything went bad after that: the waiting for Mendes who also was tired out, the Sony scandal, the knee injury, the script having to be revised, the budget being slashed… It’s a wonder that the film still came out as well as it did, without being a total disaster.

I give Craig credit for attempting to get a better last film made, but I still don’t think his desire to kill off Bond (expressed after CR already) was a good idea. And the whole Bond being a father-arc with Madeleine is the other problem which keeps NTTD from succeeding plotwise. It’s all a huge mess, an overcomplicated contrivance to arrive at that tragic ending.


NTTD is the best film in the franchise. OHMSS second. You’ll come around.


I actually have come around, after initial irritation, then enjoyment through self-hypnosis (this is the last new film we’re stuck with for a too long time, so damnit, love it, NOW!), and then… with time I realized I did not like it that much. The Cuba Sequence is still fun. And maybe that’s what I need from Bond most: fun.

It´s not fun to see him end like that. Or think that if he had not sacrificed himself he would have quit the service… again… to be hubby and daddy? Nah. We all know already that he would ruin that. So why bother alluding at the possibility?

But please, all the NTTD lovers, love it and cherish it!

I´m just a miserable nostalgist anyway.