Redo Quantum of Solace


The finale has some good things going for it, but mostly I agree with your comment. The line about the fuel cells sounding unstable has got to be the laziest convenience in Bond lair history. It’s broadcasting to the audience ‘this place is going to explode’.


My opinion of the Gregory Beem character is similiar to that of Elvis in the same film - he’s so bad and terrible, he’s good. There is no way that either of these characters were meant to be taken seriously, either by Forster/ Haggis/Purvis & Wade or by us, the viewer.
That mustache, man.


Well said, dtuba. The character of Gregory Beam was exaggerated perhaps also because they tried (and surprisingly succeeded!) to show some basic mechanisms of international politics. One of the things I really like about Quantum of Solace.


Only thing I’d change - make Mitchell at the start of the film Villiers (Tobias Menzies) from Casino Royale, really play into the idea that they have people everywhere. Also ignored ignorant morons who didn’t understand the title and left the organisation nameless.


I’ve been saying this for a while as well. M’s tenseness a couple scenes later would have made so much more sense, and it would have done a great job at driving home to the audience exactly how far-reaching the organization was. Also, it would have paved the way quite nicely for Tanner’s appearance-- making him essentially Villiers’ replacement.


I definitely like that idea. I also wish they would’ve continued the Quantum storyline for one more movie. Instead of Spectre, have Bond finally track down the head of Quantum and defeat them. Feeling confident that he defeated the big terror organization he settles in to life as an agent waiting for the next mission. In Craig’s final movie, he’s sent on a new seemingly standalone mission…only to find that Quantum was only a smaller part of a larger organization - Spectre - or we see Spectre rise from the ashes of Quantum and we have a new organization to battle with a new Bond.

This would have tied the Craig era together better and made QOS seem less like an outlier and more like a part of the storyline.


There’s a lot of issues I have with Quantum Of Solace but unveiling Quantum as this big, bad, evil organization and then just totally dropping it for the next two movies is really bad. Almost unforgivable. The ideas about Quantum being a smaller part of a bigger SPECTRE organization or even saying in SPECTRE that Blofeld had re-named Quantum as SPECTRE would make so much more sense. Or as was previously said, leave the organization nameless–at least for one film. Have Bond learn it the next time around. Keep it even more mysterious and sinister than it already was.

Of course, when the filmmakers came up with Quantum, at the time they didn’t have the rights to Blofeld and SPECTRE (or at least weren’t confident enough legally to attempt to use them). Little did they know that they would officially and fully get the rights to both within six years. But dropping the Quantum organization entirely leaves a gaping hole.

Obviously, the Blofeld foster brother thing was complete idiocy and should never have come anywhere near the production. That’s bad TV writing. It would have been far better to have dropped that idea completely and just have him and Bond cross each others’ paths on their various missions and become arch-nemeses as they were in the novels. As Blofeld said, Bond messed with his world by interfering in the Casino Royale business, so he destroyed 007’s regarding Vesper with similar scenarios happening on each succeeding encounter.


To be honest, QoS has aged pretty well due to the circumstances the movie itself faced. I for one wouldn’t change it. Maybe less shaky cam but that would be it. It’s held up decently and It’s good to see the film getting more respect.


I actually tried to address that. My take is that Quantum was crippled after the Tiera Project and Bond created an opening for Blofeld to take over


First post!
Watched QoS last night and it’s right up there with Casino Royale as Daniel Craig’s best.

Looks amazing (albeit with a little shaky cam) and has probably my favourite car chase in any Bond film.

Payoff of the water plot isn’t great, but it’s nowhere near as silly as Silva’s plot in Skyfall and give me a hotel bursting into flames over Home Alone any day


I haven’t watched this one in awhile, but I still feel its vastly underrated. The terrible theme song notwithstanding, it has a fantastic soundtrack with the Tosca scene as its highlight. I also love the music during the hotel fight. Also, it shows how Bond and M come to trust each other and had some pretty good action to boot. However, it was deeply hurt by the writer’s strike. The script definitely needed polish. I still to this day think an extra 15-20 minutes of run time would’ve greatly helped it and it did perpetuated the trend of the under used Bond girl that the Craig era is so fond of (Caterina Murino, Gemma Arterton, Berenice Marlowe, and Monica Belucci).