Renewed appreciation for Spectre


It’s less a chase and more a phone call. Gotta say though, I do enjoy the weapons not being loaded idea, along with the flamethrower and ejector seat usage. I think the old man being rammed is fun, especially considering the Craig era gets criticised for being too serious at times.


Indeed, the Craig era can’t win. First it’s too dark and serious, then it’s just ‘silly’ (see sofa bit and ‘car chase’ in Spectre).

I for one loved the sofa bit in Spectre. It reminded me of the bit in CR when Bond burst through the wall during the construction site chase- it’s the last thing you expect. I love Craig’s reaction to landing on it too, and the ornament thing he tosses aside. Very Bondian.

Everything about Spectre is very good in my eyes, apart from three things.

  1. The title song

  2. The stupid chase in the alps when Bond is in the plane pursuing Madeleine. A beautiful location which could have had a cracking ski chase- wasted. Bond somehow steering the plane around despite it being busted and smashing into the cars was just unsatisfying.

  3. The third act- breaking out of Blofeld’s lair with such ease and shooting the helicopter down.

Those things aside, the pre-titles in Mexico, Bond’s chemistry with M, and insulting C, murdering Sciarra’s assassins, the clinic scene, train fight, torture scene- great stuff.


I think he means immediately after, as in the foot race and fight on the helicopter. And I would agree: the copter fight is more complex, choreographed and technically accomplished than its predecessor in FYEO, but at the same time considerably less interesting or entertaining.

The other night I was watching CR on Netflix and was surprised at how awesome much of the action is. I have to say, for all my reservations about the Craig era’s focus on gritty solemnity, the real reason I’ve stayed largely disengaged has been the lackluster action. So it was surprising to watch CR again and see how engaged i still am with that one.


Ah yes, you’re right. Sorry for the misunderstanding SAF! The little chase after the building collapse is okay in my book because it allows a better look at the carnival and the costumes.

Ha, just rewatched the scene and he actually did that. Forgot all about it.


For me what really makes it work is that the ‘gag’ isn’t unlabored - there’s no pithy, unnecessary line patronising the audience. We get it and move on.

I wish they’d shown such restraint and faith in the audience in SF’s ejector seat gag. Irritated by M, Bond flips the top of the gear stick to reveal the ejector seat button. M sees it, we see it… it’s funny. But showing zero faith in the audience they add M’s line, “Go on then, eject me, see if i care!”.

It’s diminishing returns once we see the red button and with M’s line the moment instantly goes from wit to cheese. What a shame.


The worst part is he didn’t push the button and end the movie there. Could’ve saved a lot of gas money – and the car itself – and achieved the same results: dead M.