Renewed appreciation for Spectre


I think he means immediately after, as in the foot race and fight on the helicopter. And I would agree: the copter fight is more complex, choreographed and technically accomplished than its predecessor in FYEO, but at the same time considerably less interesting or entertaining.

The other night I was watching CR on Netflix and was surprised at how awesome much of the action is. I have to say, for all my reservations about the Craig era’s focus on gritty solemnity, the real reason I’ve stayed largely disengaged has been the lackluster action. So it was surprising to watch CR again and see how engaged i still am with that one.


Ah yes, you’re right. Sorry for the misunderstanding SAF! The little chase after the building collapse is okay in my book because it allows a better look at the carnival and the costumes.

Ha, just rewatched the scene and he actually did that. Forgot all about it.

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For me what really makes it work is that the ‘gag’ isn’t unlabored - there’s no pithy, unnecessary line patronising the audience. We get it and move on.

I wish they’d shown such restraint and faith in the audience in SF’s ejector seat gag. Irritated by M, Bond flips the top of the gear stick to reveal the ejector seat button. M sees it, we see it… it’s funny. But showing zero faith in the audience they add M’s line, “Go on then, eject me, see if i care!”.

It’s diminishing returns once we see the red button and with M’s line the moment instantly goes from wit to cheese. What a shame.


The worst part is he didn’t push the button and end the movie there. Could’ve saved a lot of gas money – and the car itself – and achieved the same results: dead M.


Skyfall and Spectre have such incredibly dull action scenes. There’s no sense of urgency or danger at all. Spectre is particularly guilty of this. I find every bit of action in that film yawn inducing.


But at least in SF they look amazing, thanks to Deakins.

Imo Campbell’s strong suit is direction of the action - I’d be amazed if he let 2nd unit do anything without him micromanaging.

He was one of the best action directors out there, turning very mediocre scripts into something the studios could sell as a potential blockbusters simply by virtue of what Campbell could do with the action.

Btw, I say was because the chap’s getting on a bit now and deserves to rest on his laurels. But I wouldn’t put it past him to knock out a few more nail biting action set pieces before he retires.

What I find really pleasing though is that he also nailed the drama in CR perfectly; that handheld stuff in the hotel bathroom with Craig post fight is brilliantly directed.


You should listen to commentary for The Mask Of Zorro - the depth of thought he puts into every decision is incredible. My particular favourite tidbit is how when Hopkins or Wilson are in charge of a scene, it is shot to resemble an Errol Flynn swashbuckler, but when Banderas or Letscher are controlling the scene, it more closely resembles blockbusters of the period.


Campbell really does deserve a fellowship at the Baftas!


Unfortunately the sequel was quite terrible


Yes. Yes it was.


Outside of Bond, Martin Campbell’s portfolio isn’t terribly great, IMO. Green Lantern anyone?


Every person who worked on that film has a MUCH better CV than that film would suggest.

If there is any film that more says “too many cooks”


That’s probably a fair assessment. Green Lantern was a train wreck through and through, with PS2-level CGI.


Ya. There is a great sci-fi epic in the comics concept. That film definitely did not live up to the potential.


And every great director has made subpar films for a myriad reasons.


That’s an argument for a director’s life of stoicism…

…otherwise known as “dude, just role with it”


Even Sam Mendes has made a few subpar films.

Two of them were Bond flicks.


One of them…


There appears to be some confusion: the purpose of this thread is ‘Renewed appreciation for Spectre’.


Thank You!