The Brosnan Fights - Filthy Habit

  • Bond vs Onatop sauna (GE)
  • Bond vs Onatop helicopter (GE)
  • Bond vs Trevelyan (GE)
  • Bond vs thugs sound booth (TND)
  • Bond vs. Kaufman (TND)
  • Wai Lin vs. 4 Chang’s Thugs (TND)
  • Bond vs. Stamper (TND)
  • Bond vs. Renard (TWINE)
  • Bond vs. Moon on hovercraft (DAD)
  • Bond vs. Zao in clinic (DAD)
  • Bond vs. Graves sword fight (DAD)
  • Bond vs. Kil (DAD)
  • Jinx vs. Miranda sword fight (DAD)
  • Bond vs. Graves on plane (DAD)

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Note: with DAD Marie Kondo’s razor lost its edge, obviously

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I’ll go with Bond vs. Trevelyan (G/E) although Bond vs. Graves sword fight (DAD) is really good too.

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I’m going with Trevelyan in GE just because it’s more of an unreserved throwdown than I expected from Brosnan at the time, and what the movie had been building up to for most of its run time. Overall, though, while I appreciate his willingness to put his all into fight scenes, very few of Pierce’s fights left a lasting impression on me one way or the other.

Normally this is where I’d do my shameless Tomorrow Never Dies plug. Howeverrrrrrr, I’m going with the sword fight in Die Another Day. I mean, DAD has to win something outside of being zencat’s favorite movie.


Picking the sword fight here. Bondian in the tradition of being a travelling fight, and Brosnanesque in that it ends with a handshake. Similar to David_M, Brosnan fights do not linger in my memory.


I realy like the fight in the sound booth from TND, it’s cool, it’s tough and it’s fun to watch.

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I feel exactly the same way.

TND is my favourite Brosnan film, and I like how he’s portrayed as a trickster.

Feigning defeat in the sound booth, and moving his head at the last moment so the thug punches his accomplice.

Leading Kaufman to electrocute himself with the phone, reminiscent of Grant using the briefcase.

Outside the bike shop: pretending to pat himself down for a cigarette in front of the thug, surprising him with empty hands and then knocking him out.


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The winner with 9 votes: Bond vs Trevelyan. Second place is the sword fight Bond vs Graves with 4 votes.