The Ultimate James Bond Misquote Conversation

Thought we could reboot the grape James Bond misquote conversation, one of my favorite threads from the old forums.

“The name’s Bond, Jimmy ‘card sense’ Bond.”

“You abuse me, Mr. Bond.”

“My orders are to troll you.”

“If M was so sure I was bent, she would’ve sent a noob.”

" According to Villiers you’re the worst player in the service…"

“He was drunk, you know.”

" You usually drink Corsican beer…"

“I would have expected a Smirnoff Ice.”

“Shaken or salted?”

" Choose your next cocktail carefully, Mr. Bond…It may taste horrible! "

“Well, anyone seeing you in that outfit, Moneypenny, would most certainly be discouraged.”

“What’s that smell?”
“My tailor. Savile Roe.”

" You smell worse already! "

“The bullet went through him.”
“Through his back and ended up there?”
“No no, though his neck. I take it out of my thigh before the police arrive.”

“That explains the bleeding.”

" One 16 ounce rib eye steak, sir… Cooked rare like you said, not medium…"