The World is Not Enough. Is it really that bad?


I remember when I walked out of the cinema in 2002 I was furious. However, in time, I’ve learned to enjoy DAD. For the most part. Its first hour is perfect. If they had decided to go with plastic surgery instead of face mutation, skip the para surfing scene, VR shooting range, get rid of that silly looking Graves’ armour (save the glove), the film would’ve been much, much better. I’d be okay with Jinx, satellite and invisible car (especially with invisible car). There are many great moments in DAD: the PTS, Cuba, fancing duel. And Toby Stephens gives a really solid performance. Shame. A wasted potential.
Having said that, right now I can easily enjoy watching the movie. I suppose that’s something.


We’re getting off topic as this thread is supposed to be about The World Is Not enough, so I created a thread for Die Another Day.


Pierce gives his best performance from all his bond films.

I find it a good film and the plot is good.

The problem is the ski chase, it would have been better to replace that scene with Bond having dinner with Electra at her mansion and talking about family motto’s.

Also get rid of the Christmas Jones character, there was no need for her or to have another bond girl.

The movie should have ended once bond shoots Electra with Renard being arrested to make it different.

It had so much potential to be a classic and I think the producers learned from that mistake with Skyfall.


Yes there is a lot of good potential in TWINE but some of Brozza’s acting is just awful: where Reynard grabs his shoulder in the bunker being particularly cringe! I absolutely loved Sophie Marceau as the villainess though and am excited for these Bond 25 female villain rumours!


I feel that like Goldeneye, the N64 game was better than the movie. The two N64 games introduced me to James Bond. This was my first 007 movie I ever saw. While there are flaws, I enjoyed it because I’m a bit biased for that reason. I noticed Dynamite Comics’ Hammerhead arguably owes some debt to The World is Not Enough. I feel that comic storyline is this movie done right! With Daniel Craig as well!


Possibly why you think it’s better than the film…not a criticism, Casino Royale is mine due to a cast I’ve loved in other things as well as the film itself, it prominently featured two hobbies (parkour and poker) and a line I find FAR more relatable than I should.


I hope it’s “Do I look like a give a damn?” and not “your mistake will be short-lived” or “The bitch is dead.”



“Don’t worry, you’re not my type”


Oh, how wrong he was…