The World is Not Enough. Is it really that bad?


I remember when I walked out of the cinema in 2002 I was furious. However, in time, I’ve learned to enjoy DAD. For the most part. Its first hour is perfect. If they had decided to go with plastic surgery instead of face mutation, skip the para surfing scene, VR shooting range, get rid of that silly looking Graves’ armour (save the glove), the film would’ve been much, much better. I’d be okay with Jinx, satellite and invisible car (especially with invisible car). There are many great moments in DAD: the PTS, Cuba, fancing duel. And Toby Stephens gives a really solid performance. Shame. A wasted potential.
Having said that, right now I can easily enjoy watching the movie. I suppose that’s something.


We’re getting off topic as this thread is supposed to be about The World Is Not enough, so I created a thread for Die Another Day.