Tomorrow Never Dies


The Dr. Kaufman scene is creepy enough to be described as Flemingesque. The first half of the movie is nearly perfect.


I’d agree,but…

Is the Paris Carver bedroom scene in the first half? That’s perhaps the worst scene in the Bond franchise.


Lest we forget


He did say nearly…


Promise to never mention it again :zipper_mouth_face:


Hey, I like Teri Hatcher. :heart_eyes:


I like Teri Hatcher too. Best Lois Lone in my opinion.


It’s a great fight. It has a really good balance of humour and violence that makes Bond Bond.

And the BMW 750iL is the trademark Brosnan car in my opinion.


[quote=“Gobi-1, post:27, topic:648, full:true”]
I like Teri Hatcher too. Best Lois Lone in my opinion.
[/quote]She was incredible as Lous Lane! Her comic timing was spot on and she nailed the ridiculousness of the script. I’ll never forget her reaction when she met HG Wells in a lift!:joy::joy::joy: Sadly she went down the Melrose Place route in TND and the results were far from super! :confounded:


I love the part in Hamburg where Gupta has just told 2 assistants to be careful with the satellite because it’s so expensive, and 2 minutes later, Bond pushes it over and breaks it!