Trying to find a series of Bond film reviews from around 2009-2012 on YouTube

I can’t remember the YouTubers name, pretty sure it was a small channel. The videos were around 5-10 min each, using actual clips from the film. I remember in the TWINE video he referred to Elektra as “the most gorgeous girl of the Brosnan era, and her character the most interesting and alluring”.

He also made a video reviewing The Dark Knight, criticizing Nolan as a poor director, and using Casino Royale as an example of better camera placement in a car scene.

I’d love to see these videos again, as they wrre some of the forst things a saw relating to good and bad filmmaking and I’d like to revisit some of his points.

For all I know they were all deleted years ago, but if anyone can help me find them I’d highly appreciate it :slight_smile: