Villain Deathmatch - Round 1 Match 9

  • Emilio Largo
  • Elektra King

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The World, it is said, is not enough and, bored by lockdown, it appears that villainous in-fighting has broken out to such an extent that things have to be settled between the Bond villains.

Accordingly, fate brings forth a series of 12 deathmatches, villain v villain – and you determine who wins, simply by voting for your favourite.

Winner goes through to the next round, loser receives a small funeral service with only pirhanas and a few tearful jumpsuited goons in attendance.

Picking the first round of matches at random from names drawn from the Covid-19 face-covering Mrs Jim has ordered for me (a bucket), there are some interesting encounters and some potential first round giantkillings and clashes of titans (and Titans! Will! Clash!, apparently).

Yes, I know some are tag-teams (eg Whitaker & Koskov) but this is only for giggles, they are fictional and – ultimately – are two heads better than one?

Will cast my eye over the bloodstrewn battlefields in a week from now. Any ties will be administered a coup-de-grace, also known as a flip of a coin. I know that’s unfair but consider who we’re dealing with here, and cope.

Going against the grain here with Elektra King since Largo can’t resist the temptation of her antique furniture - while his ice bucket just turns into stale water.

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Largo, for me one of the classic Bond villains. That is … if we’re talking about Adolfo Celi, not Brandauer.

Largo didn’t have to play the courageous victim to win Bond’s sympathy in order to put him off his guard.
“…He is Bond, and as an enemy of SPECTRE should be killed!”
Good enough for me.


Largo, just because he says Meeeeeester Bond better than Electra.


Sophie Marceau saves that movie. It’s a Hitchcock worthy gaslighting of Bond, which could’ve so easily been limp in a lessor actors hands.

Just as well she’s great, since the writers left Renard as a fi4st draft, apparently forgetting that they’d established the character as being impervious to pain, save for a daft hot rock in the hand scene… :pensive:



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Elektra King. She saves an otherwise rather pedestrian film. Her death, while simple, is still one of the coldest and most raw in the series. Also, she’s one of the few to truly get under Bond’s skin.

Emilio Largo over Elektra King scientifically and slowly, very very slowly.

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