What about an EON/IFP Agreement


With the bungled reporting about Benson’s HTTK being the next film, it again got me thinking about the continuation novels.

Gardner, Benson et al , have great material, plot, story, characters, elements as we all know. Fleming is the touchstone of course, but has been picked almost down to the bone.

I’ve wanted to see them brought to the screen, but (legalities aside) they should be done. Everybody would win.


Wasn’t it Never Dream of Dying? Anyway I’d love to see some of continuation novels on screen - at least some of Gardner’s or Benson’s ideas could work well. High Time To Kill for an example could be something really fresh (the mountain expedition).
Since Eon officially used Amis’ Colonel Sun in SPECTRE, maybe we’ll get to see some more in the future. Adaptations of Never Dream of Dying, Icebreaker, No Deals Mr. Bond (one of my favourites), Win, Lose or Die or even The Man With the Red Tatoo could work in my opinion.


I’m all for adapting Scorpius; Win, Lose or Die; and High Time to Kill.

Many of the continuation novels have some good ideas.


I think while they theoretically could use any continuation chances are slim we’ll see more than elements of them used for Eon’s series, like maybe Spectre taken over by a heir of Blofeld or some other player. Eon’s writers have been thinking of something like that at least since TSWLM and SPECTRE at least hinted Blofeld’s outfit evolved out of Quantum.

I’m not sure about the plots themselves, at least not after NLF. But Eon would probably change and rework any book they adapted, simply because their films demand certain concessions. The only element I could imagine which just might attract Eon enough to give it a go is ROH’s idea that Spectre might hire Bond. That would be a quite unexpected turn for Bond.


Of the Gardner books, the first three are magic IMO. License Renewed would be great for Bond 26 and the introduction to Bond #7.

FSS and IB have so many great elements. FSS opening with the attempted hijacking is the stuff pre-title sequences are made of. IB’s duel on the roads “Silver vs. Yellow” and one of the more brutal tortures sequences along with the reveals and double crosses is great when combined with the sense of isolation in the Artic.

Just lots of good stuff to be mined for sure, but why not just go for the whole package?