What are you listening to?


Listening to “Only Myself To Blame” - Scott Walker (R.I.P. )


I am listening to the excellent, and quite Bondian “Romantic” by Hooverphonic, from 2018.


I’m currently listening to “Vauxhall Bridge” - Thomas Newman “SPECTRE”

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Right now I’ve got “Stairs and Rooftops” - Lorne Balfe “Mission Impossible: Fallout” playing on my iPhone. Man, I am SO impressed with his score that I’d be happy to champion him for the Bond 25 score, if David Arnold is NOT asked back.


Pink Floyd - One of These Days


I’ve been rewatching all of the Mission Impossible films in order (I hadn’t seen the first 3 in years). I’ve also been listening to all 3 soundtracks and it’s amazing how much the quality of the films have improved with Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation, and Fallout. I played the main theme from MI2 and wanted to vomit.

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Paul McCartney - Despite Repeated Warnings (2018)

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Agreed, Spectre… It’s a shame about the MI2 theme because I normally love Hans Zimmer’s work, but this one was just way too much overkill. That’s definitely my least favorite film of the series. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


La La La - Naughty Boy and Sam Smith


I’m currently listening to “Somebody Wants To Kill You” - David Arnold “Quantum of Solace” soundtrack.


Listening to “The Island Speaks” from the Dr. No soundtrack.


The Bondian sounding “On my way to Heaven” by Above and Beyond


Meteora - Linkin Park. One of my favorite albums ever and one that is much more tragic since Chester Bennington’s death. RIP


"In Chains" by The War on Drugs


La Villa Strangiato - Rush


Aretha Franklin “Think”.



The last two MI scores, Rogue Nation and Fallout, were impeccable. Ghost Protocol wasn’t too bad either. Danny Elfman’s score for the first was admirably different, but Zimmer’s MI2 sticks out like a sore thumb.


I won’t lie, I am not a Hans Zimmer fan. I think the only score of his that I truly like is The Dark Knight. Everything else he does really just sounds like he is falling asleep at his organ.


Currently listening to "The Same Deep Water As You - The Cure


Listening to “Pegasus’ Stable” - John Barry " A View To A Kill"