What are you listening to?

Meteora - Linkin Park. One of my favorite albums ever and one that is much more tragic since Chester Bennington’s death. RIP

"In Chains" by The War on Drugs

La Villa Strangiato - Rush


Aretha Franklin “Think”.


The last two MI scores, Rogue Nation and Fallout, were impeccable. Ghost Protocol wasn’t too bad either. Danny Elfman’s score for the first was admirably different, but Zimmer’s MI2 sticks out like a sore thumb.


I won’t lie, I am not a Hans Zimmer fan. I think the only score of his that I truly like is The Dark Knight. Everything else he does really just sounds like he is falling asleep at his organ.

Currently listening to "The Same Deep Water As You - The Cure

Listening to “Pegasus’ Stable” - John Barry " A View To A Kill"

I’ve been enjoying me some Steve Hackett solo work of late–The Night Siren, At the Edge of Light, Please Don’t Touch, and Spectral Mornings, as they’ve had some 5.1 remasters remixed by Steven Wilson, formerly of Porcupine Tree. He’s got some atmospheric instrumentals and features different vocalists. Sometimes it’s reminiscent of his work with Genesis, but at other times it’s almost like a film score.


In a fit of nostalgia I bought a vinyl copy of Dummy by Portishead. I haven’t heard it fully in 15 years. It has been a majestic listen just beautiful


Seminal album that massively informed my first forays into filmmaking at uni, when it was first released. Bet it sounds amazing on vinyl!

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It does ! I wore out the tape when it first came out


Indeed; Dummy and Basic Instinct are now probably rare items on tape :wink:

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Very probable

Me too, and also listened to Hackett’s contribution to the new Alan Parson’s album “The Secret”.

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Currently listening to “Nothing Sinister” - David Arnold “Casino Royale”

I am listening to Ride - “Leave it all behind” from 1992.

I am going to see them live later this year.

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The Avengers theme. I’m on a high having just returned from watching Avengers: Endgame.

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The unusual and very catchy “C’est la” by David Hopkins

Eurovision - you know you’re pretentious when you know the composer Madonna ripped off.

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