What are you listening to?

Steven Wilson - Permanating.

Looking forward to seeing him live in a few weeks time.

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(Obviously with it being Global James Bond Day, I’ve got the Bond soundtracks in heavy rotation today…:grin:)

Currently listening to…“Airship To Silicon Valley” - John Barry “A View To A Kill”

Wilson really is great in a live setting! I’ve seen him 3 times with Porcupine Tree and all 3 were stellar. Seeing him solo in December.

Going to see Goblin on Halloween night in a few weeks.

Excellent! I bet Goblin will be an experience.

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Interesting. Never heard that rumor but given Stevie’s past relationship with Don Henley, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that this was the case.

Listening to the amazing album “AM Waves” by Young Gun Silver Fox.

Brilliant 2018 mixture of Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates and Earth Wind and Fire.

Amazing stuff!

Goldeneye - Tina Turner

I’ve been listening to nothing but Goblin ever since seeing them live Halloween night!

How were they?

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They were amazing! So incredibly tight! They screened a version of “Suspiria” on a big screen behind the band with the musical score stripped out (but dialog and sound effects included) and played the score for the entire movie live on stage as it transpired for the duration of the movie. Then they played a full additional hour set of select material from their soundtrack repertoire, including Dawn of the Dead, Tenebrae, Phenomena, and more. It was especially cool to experience this on Halloween night!

Sounds fantastic!

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Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top :sunglasses:

Simulation Theory - Muse
It’s a brilliant album, very diverse in its style.

Still think they’d do a brilliant Bond theme (2012’s Supremacy Bondesque sound was definitely intentional)


Steven Wilson - Song of I

  • just saw him performing live here in Sydney and when he played this song, he had Bond-eque girls dancing on the screen behind making the second half of the song even more Bondian.
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Circus, Circus - John Barry “Diamonds Are Forever”

Ten Fe - “Single, No Return”

I definitely want to listen to this…


The Die Another Day one was fantastic, and I preferred TWINE’s score. Pre-ordering now!


“The Shape Hunts Allyson” - John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies

Great news for Bond music fans. I’m definitely interested. I’ve actually been paying closer attention to Arnold’s Bond scores recently, particularly TWINE. So an expanded score is very much welcomed. Of the more recent soundtracks, Goldeneye would be my number one pick for an expansion.

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