What are you listening to?


CR soundtrack. Always enjoyable.


Kate Bush - The Man with the Child in his Eyes


Backfire - Thomas Newman “SPECTRE”


I listened to the same thing yesterday.

Now listening to Eric Clapton’s brand new one - “For love on Christmas Day”


Skyfall - Adele (I’ll NEVER get tired of this gorgeous tune…:sunglasses:)


Same for me, and I really loved it when I saw her sing it live in Sydney.

I am listening to Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody


I just ordered this 2CD score from LaLa Land Records. I already have a 1CD expanded score, but was impressed with the mixing on their Die Another Day 2CD set.


It’s summer here so I am listening to Tim Wheeler - Feels Like Summer


Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper


Two Hearts - Phil Collins


Thunderstruck - AC/DC


Dire Straits - Money for Nothing


Holding Back The Years - Simply Red


Johnny Marr - Hi Hello


The complete Innuendo album of Queen :heart_eyes:


When they finally get round to rebooting Highlander (long in the works) there’s plenty of tracks on Innuendo that would work very well and wouldn’t feel like a rehash of the original. In fact many of them feel like tracks originally written for Highlander that didn’t make it at that time, so the lyrics were tweaked slightly so they could work on the non-Highlander Innuendo album.


Squeeze - This Summer

Fantastic summer song from 1995, but not many people know it.


“The Name’s Bond…James Bond” - David Arnold “Casino Royale”


Nice one, Dove.

I am listening to “Skyfall” - Adele


(Good choice, DaveBond! :wink:)

Currently I’m listening to Don’t Stand So Close To Me '86 - The Police