What Bond movie do you feel like watching?

Shared some of these with my best friend. Regarding Liparus/Atlantis, he replied: Imagine those guys isolate themselves and say, “We won! We can now start our own everlasting society!” Someone else chimes in, “There are women here, right?” Everyone freezes and shifts their eyes.

Henchmen letters to home needs its own thread in fan fiction. Could turn into its own blog.

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A couple more and I promise I’m done:

“I was reprimanded today for letting a prisoner escape. I still don’t know how I let that idiot Eric convince me we needed to wear parachutes for a ride in a jeep, but it’s the last time I’ll listen to him.”

“More bad news: the insurance company rejected my claim today, as my policy does not cover getting hit by a car while scuba diving.”

“Glad I finished the community college course on computer operations, as the ‘henchman’ gig was decidedly high-risk. Feeling much safer here in the control room, which has recently been certified ‘impregnable.’”


„So, I went to space with this megalomaniac - and it really made me think: I can do this, too, and much better. First I invent a store the whole world can have access to, kind of electronically, and then, for my daily lunchmoney I let somebody build me a rocket. Might take a few years but my career goals are what they are.“


Hey bro,

It was great seeing you in Morocco. You may have flunked out of West Point, but it seems like this may be a better fit anyway! Warmer weather and loads of women? But what was with that weirdo Russian general? He seems like a sleaze ball and I don’t get why that sweet Cellist is with him? That’s love I guess.

Anyway, I’m back here in San Francisco. Big day today, the boss is coming to check out our work in the mine. I’m so nervous, this is could be it. How did I ever get so lucky as to work for Max Zorin? And Jenny is gonna be there too. Man, every time I’m around her I feel my heart skip a beat. Seriously, I think she might be the one. I’m going to ask her out after meeting the boss. I can feel it. It’s going to be a great day. We’ve come a long way from North Dakota. See you soon,



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Dear Mr. Bond,

We regret to inform you that your claim for property damage at Skyfall estate, Scottish highlands, has been denied. We find it spurious your statement of a helicopter crash into the housing structure at Skyfall. Further, we have found remnants of fragments of two exploded propane tanks, which is in and of itself, evidence of arson and insurance fraud.

Further, we deny the claim of automobile insurance for one 1964 Aston Martin DB5, which was deemed to be totaled. While the damage sustained to the aforementioned vehicle appears to be legitimate, we have found no insurance policy for said vehicle since 1964, nor a file of non-operation for the vehicle, since its last registration to a Mr. Demitrios in the Bahamas on or around July of 2006.

Therefore, we absolve our company of any fiduciary responsibility of further remuneration for the costs incurred by Q-Branch for the repairs of said vehicle.

We thank you for your loyal patronage these past 60 years. Unfortunately, your loyal customer discount has been disallowed due to excessive claims adjustments. Should you have further questions, please contact our claims department.


2 people are dead after a Psychopath drove a BMW 750iL off the top floor of the Atlantic Hotel car park and directly into an Avis rental agency. Further investigation of the car park found rampant destruction and several more fatalities. Authorities believe the suspect to have been under the influence as an entire mini-bar was discovered in the vehicle. The car was registered to a British national, James Bond. Mr. Bond is also a suspect in the double murder of Paris Carver, wife of media mogul Elliot Carver, and an as yet unidentifiable male found in his hotel room at the Atlantic Hotel. If you see this man, please do not approach him. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you have any information, please contact the Hamburg police department immediately.


Back to a serious note for a minute, I rewatched Quantum of Solace after a few Youtube videos rediscovering its merits. It’s a film that does address the human collateral damage. Mitchell shoots an innocent by stander at the Palio to distract the public while attempting to escape Bond. Later in the film, there’s a whole sequence on the Bolivian villagers thirsting for water once we discover that Greene’s evil plot is to create a drought. From what I understand, the reality of the Bolivian water rights issue is actually worse than what Quantum was charging Medrano.


Going for my 3rd viewing of No Time To Die this afternoon… :sunglasses:


I’m jealous. I loved that movie!!!

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Its definitely in my Top 10 somewhere… I should have my definite ranking after seeing it again later today…

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Did my 005th today

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5, that’s good going! I’m thinking I need to see it once more before it leaves cinemas… that will the 004th.

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Agree regards Hiddleston, seems to me he has a “slight inferiority complex” ( thanks Sir Sean ) which comes through in all his performances (IMHO)

Sorry wrong thread!

I just watched “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Yes, I know: it’s in the middle of the night, but it’s also still my summervacation, so who cares?
This is still one of the great Bondmovies with Roger and it’s always a lot of fun watching this one!
It’s also for me personally: one of the big three (TSWLM, MR and FYEO), my three favorite Bondmovies, which made me a Bondfan for life.
And now off to bed!


Last night I watched Moonraker again. It’s my favorite Bond film, which I can keep re-watching. When the credits are up, I actually feel like watching it again right after. (The latter also applies to a slightly lesser extent to Goldfinger and DAF.)
I think Roger Moore is at his best as Bond in this movie, no matter what absurd things are going on around him, he always keeps his dignity.
I also think he looks at his best as Bond in Moonraker. He is a bit older, but still not too old and shows that he can handle any situation.
And finally, I think Moonraker is the most spectacular Bond film in the entire series, with incredibly beautiful locations and beautifully shot. I really love this movie!


Such a refined aesthetic experience, which I have experienced as well.

Exactly. MOONRAKER is a star vehicle for Sir Roger, and he commands from start to finish.

Add Ken Adam being extravagant, John Barry being symphonic, Jean Tournier providing cohesive imagery, John Glen editing with aplomb, and Michel Lonsdale playing our #1 villain, and you have Bond at his best.


I‘d even go so far and declare MOONRAKER as the biggest height of the series, being the top earner at the time, having reached the longest successful series of films at that time, being the most famous and popular franchise at that time - it was the pinnacle of this whole endeavor.

After that the series knew it could not get bigger and returned to earth in many ways.



For me, MR is the apotheosis of the Classic Bond era, the ultimate expression of the “Nothing Succeeds Like Excess” ethos that made the series such a gloriously indulgent delight to experience. MR is one last wild, drunken bender, tearing through town and blowing all of Dad’s money with reckless abandon…but alas after it comes the dawn and the hangover. Sobriety brings a more conservative approach and a tighter grip on the purse strings. The films get smaller, less spectacular, less “foolish,” and soon enough we’ve devolved into pretentious, facile stabs at “relevance” and “depth” and constant hand-wringing over whether Bond is “still relevant.”

It’s easy to forget that once upon a time, Bond films were the most stunning, extravagant spectacles on screen, and they had exactly one mission: to entertain as many people as possible to as great a degree as possible. MR, for me, is the ultimate expression of that, and I mean “ultimate” both ways: the biggest and the last.