What do you think about the NTTD release date?

Oh, for sure.

The real zinger is how they actually waste lines around the notion of there being a premiere at all. The most likely theatre to host that currently sits at the foot of Olympus Mons, Mars…



This one seems on the money…


There’s not going to be a big premiere for the film, if there is one at all, so this is pretty much false from the get go, I would think.

Also, would you really want to antagonize both one of the stars of your film as well as a very talented director who, possibly, you might want to one day helm one of your films? Doubtful.

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Ring, ring…

DC: I forbid you from attending my premiere!
BA: What premiere?
DC: You know, um, my new Bond film.
BA: And it´s premiering where?
DC: Uh, at a cinema. I guess.
BA: Which cinema?
DC: Well, every cinema. Around the world.
BA: When?
DC: In November.
BA: Which year?
DC: This year!
BA: Good one…
DC: Yeah, well - it´s not like we have to sit in the cinema during the film.
BA: What do you mean: we?
DC: In case you come anyway.
BA: Who else is coming?
DC: I don´t know. Ana, maybe.
BA: During a pandemic? Are you crazy? Is Rachel coming?
DC: Well, as I said - it´s not like we have to sit in the cinema during the film.
BA: So you’re just walking the red carpet?
DC: Probably. I don’t know - MGM does not want me to wear a mask, though. Although EON has made me a special NO TIME TO DIE one.
BA: You could wear it in the cinema.
DC: For almost three hours? I’d rather slash my… um…
BA: I have a full beard which recently got mistaken for a face mask anyway - so Ana and I could walk the red carpet, if you insist.
DC: No, that’s what I’m telling you, man - don’t even come!
BA: But Ana wants me to.
DC: Hey, who starred in two films with her?
BA: Who?
DC: Ben, dammit…
BA: So, this premiere - when is it again?
DC: I don’t know. Maybe 2021.
BA: And you’re asking me now… why?
DC: (sighs)
BA: Oh, by the way, Ana says hi.
DC: Hello…
BA: And that she does not think there will be a premiere this year. Due to this, you know, deadly virus going around. She also says you shouldn’t go either.
DC: But it´s my last Bond film!
BA: Not if you stay safely at home.
DC: You mean…
BA: C´mon - if I had acted reasonably I would still be Batman.
DC: But I don’t want to be Batman.
BA: No, you want to be Bond, Daniel.
DC: Do I?
BA: Why else would you want to go to the premiere?
DC: I actually don’t, Ben.
BA: Hmm. Should I go instead of you?
DC: Do you want to be Bond, too?
BA: Right now, why not?
DC: You’re an American, idiot.
BA: So? Tom Holland plays Spider-man.
DC: Maybe I could play Spider-man, too, then…
BA: I could hook you up with Marvel.
DC: You mean DC.
BA: Nobody takes my calls at DC anymore.
DC: Because you did not go to a premiere?
BA: I went to every premiere they had. Although the UK one was canceled.
DC: Because you wanted to go with Ana?
BA: I wasn’t with Ana back then.
DC: Why not? She’s great. (RW, in the background: Who´s great?) Nobody, dear. - (RW: Who you’re talking to?) Affleck. - RW: Oh, let me…
RW: Hi, Ben.
BA: Rachel, my lovely…
DC (in the background): What did he say??!!
RW: Hey, Ben, did Danny tell you about this premiere of his little Bond film which is constantly getting pushed back?
BA: Yeah, well…
RW: Why don’t you come with Ana?
BA: That’s a great idea.
RW: Isn’t it, Danny?
DC (in the background): Um…
BA: Otherwise she will be flirting with Danny again, and they could also end up acting together - and WE ALREADY HAD THAT CONVERSATION, RIGHT, DANIEL?
DC (in the background): Yes, my love.
RW: So, it´s settled then. Ben is coming to the premiere.
DC (in the background): There might be none.
RW: Eventually, they will be.
DC (in the background): At that time, Ana will probably have moved on from Ben anyway.
BA: What did he say???!!!
RW: Nothing. See you, Ben! And… hey, why don’t you bring Matt along, too? He’s so attractive in his Bourne movies.
DC (in the background): Where´s my razor?


…what exactly could Craig do? He’s already left!

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This sounds way more accurate than the daily mail rubbish.

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She’ll be too old for him by the time it comes out.


Hahahaha! Realy funny, secretagentfan. I can imagine it could have happened like this.

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Didn’t Ricky Gervais make that joke about Leo DiCaprio’s date at the Golden Globes? “She’ll be too old for him by the end of the evening.”

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That I don’t know. The only way I’m watching an awards show is if drinking heavily, and if drinking heavily I don’t remember the jokes.

He did make that joke. Well done, Mr. Gervais.

The joke works better with Affleck given how quickly he turns over girlfriends/wives

However, DiCaprio’s last reported girlfriend is younger than De Armas (who looks far younger than she actually is)

I raise you one Lothar Matthäus…

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Yet again, Foiled by my total ignorance of football!

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It gets more and more interesting. Looking forward to watching NTTD in the comfort of my living room on my home theater relatively soon (relative being open to interpretation).

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You beat me to it.

CNN: ‘Mulan’ is finally heading to Disney+… for $30.


Black Widow by Thanksgiving if this goes well, then hopefully NTTD for Christmas?


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“We’re looking at ‘Mulan’ as a one-off, as opposed to saying there’s some new business windowing model that we’re looking at,” he said.

My new standard for the category of “Whistling past the graveyard.”


Is this just to be released on Disney+ in the US? Or Disney+ everywhere?

If NTTD were to be streamed, on what media platform would that happen? Universal doesn’t have a Disney equivalent so am guessing it would be dependent on an Amazon Prime type to licence it??