What do you think about the NTTD release date?

It has started:


And whether you’re right, or SecretAgent fan, the fact that it was uttered on a Zoom call speaks otherwise in both cases.

Just for the sheer silliness:

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…was this tabloid mad-libs?

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And their masks were just fabulous!


Meghan’s backless mask turned heads.

As if there is going to be a big, star-studded premiere.

You’re American so I have an immediate reference point; The Sun is for British news what Fox and Friends is for US news - Horrendously detached from reality.

Watching the current development, I wonder if there’s going to be any Premiere at all…

I guess they will plan for it, just to be on the, um, safe side.

But neither the US nor the UK will offer the kind of environment people will enjoy gathering in. Especially those who usually distance themselves in their McMansions.

It´s really irritating, to me at least, that nobody just wants to speak the truth: no premiere, no cinema release - we have to either hold the film until fall 2021 or longer. Or we´ll have a Zoom premiere with VOD release.

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BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR SHAREHOLDERS!!! They really hate it when we’re honest!

The reason that WB and Disney won’t say they’re delaying their summer releases indefinitely…just keep kicking that can down the road…

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My thoughts exactly. The premiere is something that seems to get ever further out of reach each day. It’s exactly the kind of big event that would allow a single case to spread into dozens of homes and once more across borders and continents. You could imagine an enormously elaborate and expensive scheme to test all and sundry beforehand and keep them in their individual private booths - but who would actually want such an event? Or putting them all in hazmat gear for hours?


Quarantine for Bond!

Win a ticket to the glitzy premiere, with just two weeks of isolation before and after - and we´ll throw in two COVID-19 tests for free as well.

Of course, the gift bag is stuffed with disinfectants and the cool new facemask with 007 logo. Collector´s item: masks with NO TIME TO DIE engraved in gold!

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Might be worth it to get the disinfectant. Can’t find that stuff anywhere, but then that’s probably because I’m not a millionaire who is deserving of such a truly essential product.

They really should do the No Time To Die facemask. Both a perfectly apt and yet at the same time completely tone deaf statement to put on a piece of PPE.


On a related note, I really don’t get why the SIS doesn’t open a merchandise and fan shop on its premises. You could make millions with mugs and T-shirts and hats with the SIS crest and the motto: Make Intelligence Secret Again! Just wait till the final COVID-19 bill arrives, then they’ll need every penny…


…I want that.


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No idea if these are official, but we had five of them in a raffle of the German Fan Club (didn’t win one, though).

As for desinfectant: a bit overrated. In daily life, washing your hands thoroughly with soap (at least 20 seconds, hum “Happy Birthday” twice while your doing it) is sufficient in most cases. Soap destroys the grease film around the virus that it needs to survive. And keep your hands away from your face.


Satire these days is always too late. :rofl:

And yes, washing hands with soap is the biggest and most effective weapon against this virus we know of so far. (If one gets tired of singing “Happy Birthday”, by the way, and is a “Star Trek” fan one can also recite “Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds . To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!”)

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Okay, this may be the subject of its own thread, but if NTTD goes streaming which service would carry it? Watching the extended cut on HBO Max makes me thing they would carry it. Thoughts?