What do you think about the NTTD release date?

Amazon Prime - MGM already have a relationship with them.


Ah, rgr!!! Was not aware of that relationship. That would be great for me, already a Prime member!

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It would definitely boost the Prime program.

It’s so obvious that a VOD release needs to happen that Eon and MGM are looking increasingly deluded in expecting anything else.

Unfortunately, such corporations are predicated hugely on shares, which is basically another word for confidence. They could do it, but they would have to sound really confident themselves in order to inspire it in others.

Agreed. If they’re holding out for full theatres and a worldwide release, they’re dreaming. Which is probably not a bad bet, because if NTTD’s development is any indication, they spend most of their time fast asleep.

There is a grim irony that all the right wing Bond fans have awful right wing leadership to thank for their precious movie being delayed indefinitely. Whoops! Instead of getting all pent up about a black woman in the lead, maybe should have dedicated some energy to not electing leaders with worms in their brains!

You mean like the states which are still not closing restaurants and bars even as they experience record numbers of cases?

Broadway will not open until next spring. The first opening is scheduled for March 15th.

And that sums it up: the idea that companies exist solely to maximize benefit for their shareholders and not their workforce or their communities. Neo-liberalism and its economics are not looking too good right about now (think Hugo Drax expelled sans spacesuit).


Amazon would probably be a big part of a VOD rollout. They’ve been charging something like $20 for some of the smaller films that have been released there instead of their theatrical releases. A product like Bond would probably require a larger fee than something like The Invisible Man or the new Kevin Bacon film that’s been released recently.

I would also think that Comcast’s VOD service on their cable packages would carry it as well, seeing as how they own Universal.


It’s not my field of expertise, but I would reckon HBO Max would be out of the question in the initial phase as it’s not yet available worldwide.


I wouldn’t think that it would be available on the individual platforms like HBO Max or Disney+ or other such streaming platforms, as those are set up where you can watch whatever you want on the platform just by paying the monthly fee. This wouldn’t make much financial sense for MGM, EON, or Universal. Platforms like Amazon, where you would have to pay a fee to view the movie on top of the standard membership fee, are the direction that they would go. Apple would probably get in on it as well.

Comcast would also almost certainly carry it on their VOD platform that is available to their cable subscribers, as they own Universal. There are a lot of avenues that they could use to get the film out, but the subscription-based services like HBO Max and Disney+ and the like almost certainly won’t be the method of delivery.

Only if HBO Max, Disney+ would be willing to pay a mad amount of money for the rights to have it…given these two services studio affiliations it’s not gonna happen however I could see Apple being willing to pay a good sum for this for Apple TV+. Netflix and Amazon? They’re using that cash (debt) to finance their own movies…unlike Apple which isn’t really in that game just yet - to the same extent as those established SVOD film market leaders. A move to SVOD for this film wouldn’t be about relationships but who’s gonna be the highest bidder, to recoup that $200m budget for MGM/EON and any potential profit from box office that would have been gained from a traditional theatrical release. The most expensive acquisitions for a completed film remain only in the $70-75m range - Greyhound starring Tom Hanks (was meant to be out last month from Sony in cinemas, Apple TV+ picked it up and is releasing it later this month) and the live recording of the Hamilton musical (picked up by Disney for theatrical release next year, now dropping on Disney+ this weekend).

But what Universal’s really been pioneering here during this pandemic is the premium VOD thing with the $20 for 48-hour rental. If No Time To Die opts for a day-and-date theatrical/home release or a straight-to-home drop, that’s the way they’ll do it. You guys have mentioned Amazon having these premium rentals - Apple has them too with iTunes, and so do all the major digital platforms.

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Apple is already in the game, producing and needing content for Apple tv +

And they were rumored to negotiate rights to the Bond films.

Yeah but as I said not to the same extent as the others with films specifically, the new Scorsese is the first film they’re actually producing and - along with that Tom Hanks Greyhound film they acquired completed from Sony - the highest profile title they currently have incoming.

Not to be nerdy here - but Apple has a huge production slate, with their own content already on their platform. They want to be in the game, they need to be and they are.

Landing NTTD would be exactly what they are striving for.

I know but as I said, not for films specifically. Apple’s got a very packed and varied slate of shows.

And yeah I agree they definitely do want to be in the game, that’s why they went for the Scorsese, that’s why they jumped on the Hanks Sony film. If it comes to it with EON and MGM taking NTTD to streaming if imagine they’ll be front of the queue.


It´ll all depend on who blinks first.

Everything is in flux, so fast that opinions and strategies change almost daily.

Last week I heard distributors maintaining that they will count on cinemas opening to full capacity again.

This week this seems in doubt, despite the containment in Europe working rather well.

With the virus in the US now totally out of control and Fauci expecting 100.000 new cases EVERY DAY, cinemas will stay closed for weeks if not months.

Does it make sense financially to open NTTD only in selected markets? Not really, due to piracy concerns.

But postponing the release to 2021 is not a viable solution either since nobody can predict when cinemas can open again in a capacity that will allow movies to garner the needed grosses.

It´s a horrible situation for MGM and UNIVERSAL. And for EON as well. It appeared they were very happy and proud of NTTD. Now they face the possibility that they will lose money on this film. Not to mention the excitement of a mass audience. “No time to die”? What an ironic title, it seems now.

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Speaking of Apple…they just went and got this for $120m -


“The film will premiere in theaters and then around the world on Apple TV +”

Yeah, well… at least the last part of that sentence rings true.

It doesn’t even start production until 2021 so I would hope by the time it’s ready to be released theaters would be in a different place…

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I think we all need to remember we’re talking about an industry that is notoriously bad with change. It was only a few short years ago when they were actively fighting against streaming an online distribution, they’re not going to suddenly have a robust plan to get the big releases out there.
It’s one thing for the smaller releases but not the blockbuster where potential billion dollar movies are at steak. Plus there’s no date on a situation like this so no studio is going to want to be first.

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But billions are at stake no matter what. And if this industry does one thing well, it‘s earning money.

If the cinema chains did not have a mafia-like grip on studios we already were reviewing NTTD from our home video experience.